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Alternative to felt pads for chairs

Alternative to felt pads for chairs

Are you looking for an alternative to felt pads to keep your chairs from leaving marks or scratching your floor? Then this article is exactly for you.

After searching and searching for the best alternative to felt pads to use on my kitchen chairs, I have finally found chair pads that really does work when it comes to protecting my vinyl floor from chair legs.

So, what type of chair pads do I recommend?

The one and only chair pads that I highly recommend to people who don’t want to use felt pads are the Silicone Furniture Chair Legs Caps simple because these does work.

After searching and searching, I finally stumbled upon these caps on Alibaba than I went to amazon to first read the customer reviews just to hear what other people were saying.

Well, I was very amazed by the reviews since these silicone chair pads had a lot of positive reviews…

I bought them after reading the reviews and I’m very happy with my purchase simple because they work.

What are the things that I like about using these silicone chair caps?

Well, there are a lot of things that I love about these silicone chair pads, they keep my chairs from sliding and also keep the chairs from making noise.

The list of the things that I love about these silicone chair pads:

  • It is the best alternative for felt pads
  • It works on chairs
  • It works on tables
  • It works on kitchen chairs
  • It works on dining room chairs
  • It works on patio chairs
  • It works on metal bistro chairs
  • It works on bar stool
  • It works on desk chairs
  • It is no toxic
  • Your pet hair won’t stick to these caps
  • It keeps chairs from leaving scuff marks on the floor
  • It keeps tables from scratching the floor
  • These are extremely easy to use
  • Easy to take off
  • Your children won’t be able to take them off
  • They stick to the furniture feet, they don’t come off when picking up the chair while cleaning
  • It will make your floors last longer since they keep table legs or chair legs from damaging your floor
  • It works on vinyl floor
  • It works on laminate floor
  • It works on bamboo floor
  • It works on tile floor
  • It works on marble floor
  • It works on hardwood floor
  • It works on engineered hardwood floor
  • These will keep the table from moving
  • These also keep the chairs from slipping
  • Doesn’t cost a lot of money
  • These also help keep the chairs from making noise
  • You just stick them to the chair leg, you don’t have to cut them or resize them
  • They have a transparent design, your visitors won’t be able to notice them
  • They are 32 of these caps in a box, that should be enough for all the chairs at your house
  • They work on a rectangle chair legs too since they are very flexible and stretchy

How much does these pads cost?

What are the pros and cons of using these chair caps?


  • They are flexible, they fit almost any chair legs
  • They stick to the leg of the chair, they won’t come off if you pick up the chair while mopping, vacuuming or sweeping the floor
  • They look very good on the chair legs, they kind of stylish as they match any décor of the room
  • Very cheap
  • The material is silicone
  • Very easy to install, you just stretch and put them over any furniture feet, but they are great on chairs and tables, I don’t recommend using them on super heavy furniture
  • They protect the floor
  • These are great for a many chair leg sizes


  • These don’t last that long
  • I think they were made from china
  • They don’t work on a chair legs that are less than 1 inch
  • They fall off if the leg is too small
  • Silicone is great but it not that strong
  • They will last only a week if you use them on graveled concrete floor
  • They tear easily when using them on textured floor
  • Only work on smooth floors
  • Not good for heavy duty furniture such as heavy tables

Things that you need to know before buying these pads:

  • I don’t know if you can return them if they do not work, which means you may lose your money if they don’t work for you, but I don’t see the harm since these are cheap anyways
  • They do not work on chair legs that are less than an inch

What are the things that I do not like about using these silicone chair caps?

  • Well, these don’t work very well on cement, they won’t last you a week when using them on graveled cement because they are not even plastic, but they are silicone
  • These don’t last as long as the felt chair pads
  • These are great only on smooth, fine hard surfaces such as vinyl floor, laminate floor, tile floor, marble floor, hardwood floor, bamboo floor or engineered hardwood floors

Please note: these don’t work very well on graveled floors, you can’t even use them on textured vinyl floor or textured laminate floor because they tend to wear or tear easily.

We all know that there is no such as a perfect product, these silicone chair pads are also not perfect but they are a great alternative for those people who doesn’t want to use felt pads.

I personally think that felt pads a better because they tend to work even on cement or textured floors.

Do I recommend these silicone chair pads?

Well, yes simple because they do work… they protect your floors from chairs legs and also prevent the chairs from leaving scuff marks on your floors.

Please CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS FROM AMAZON so you can hear what other people are saying who are also using these silicone chair pads.

Well, you are going to be amazed by the reviews since a lot of people are also highly recommending them which means they do really protect your floor from chair legs plus they also keep chairs from sliding.

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