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Are hardwood floors bad for cats

Are hardwood floors bad for cats

I have two cats and I have hardwood floors installed all over my house and both my cats haven’t had any issues so far. The only thing you need to know is that cat nails will scratch your hardwood flooring slowly but surely.

If you have a cat as your pet. You need to make sure to trim it nails to protect your hardwood floors from scratches. The cat nail trimmer that you need to get is the Hertzko Cat Electric Nail Gentle Grinder simple because it is very safe and also very easy to use.

Most people think that hardwood floors are bad for cats which is definitely not true, in have been living in this house for more than 9 months now and both my cats have never slipped or fall.

Cat nails can be very sharp that why it is very important to buy a high-quality safe cat nail trimmer to prevent your cat from ruining or damaging your hardwood floors.

There are a lot of cat nail trimmers that you can choose from available on the market right now but the only cat nail trimmer that I recommend is the Hertzko Cat Electric Nail Gentle Grinder just because I have been trimming my cats nails using this trimmer for over 6 months now and it is by far the safest cat nail trimmer I have ever used.

I know that amazon has a lot of cat trimmers that you can buy but the reason I recommend the Hertzko is because it is safe and very easy to use plus it is also cheap. Buying it was worth every penny, I do not have a single regret from spending my money on it.

Why do I recommend the Hertzko grooming tool?

  • It is the safest nail trimmer available on the market right now
  • for me personally it is by far the best cat nail trimmer I have ever used so far
  • it is electric, which makes it easier to use even when your cat keeps moving
  • it is painless
  • it grinds, groom, trim, shaping and smoothing cat’s nails
  • it is cordless
  • it is portable
  • it is rechargeable
  • it comes with a USB wire
  • the reason this is the safest cat trimmer is because it is manufactured with diamond bit grinder to make it safer and more effective than normal nail pets clippers
  • the diamond bit grinder also reduces the risk of clipping the claws too short
  • it doesn’t make too much noise like the most electric nail trimmers I have used
  • if your cat is afraid of noise than this is exactly what you need
  • it is simple to use, even my 3-year-old daughter can use this grooming tool
  • it has 3 size port… the small and medium openings are for small cats
  • it is also very easy to clean
  • Please note: this was designed for cats and small pets but you can still use it on large dogs as well.

What makes this cat grooming tool different from most other electric nail trimmers is that it safe and it has a SUPER MUTE MOTOR, it was designed with low noise and low vibration just incase your cat is afraid of vibration or noise.

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS FROM AMAZON so you can hear what other cat owners are saying who have also bought this cat grooming tool.

The reason I recommend reading the customer reviews is because I personally believe that reading customer reviews is crucial when buying online so you can avoid getting ripped off since there are a lot of garbage product available on amazon right now.

After wasting a lot of money trying different cat nail trimmers that didn’t work, I stumbled upon an article that recommended the Hertzko Cat Electric Nail Gentle Grinder and bought it from amazon.

I honestly didn’t buy this cat nail trimmer because of that article, the reason I bought it was because of the customer reviews as a lot of cat owners were highly recommending it as well.

I was a bit hesitant at first because of the PRICE since it cost twice as much as my previous cat nail trimmer but I bought it anyway as it had a lot of positive reviews plus a lot of people gave it 5 out 5 stars on amazon.

I have been cutting my cat’s nails with this grooming tool for quite some time now and I really love the way it works, it makes my job a lot easier plus it kind of makes me enjoy cutting my cat’s nails.

Cutting my cat’s nails doesn’t feel like a daunting task anymore, what I also love about this cat grooming tool is that it still easy to use even when my cat keeps moving when trimming his nails.

How much does it cost?


I’m not sure about the current PRICE because I bought it a few months ago, amazon changes their PRICEs quite often that why I recommend checking the current PRICE yourself.

What are the things that I don’t like about this tool?

  • So far so good, I don’t have anything that I don’t like about this cat trimmer as it hasn’t given me or my cats any issues, I’m very happy with it so far as it does exactly what I needed.
  • To be honest with you, this cat grooming tool is definitely not perfect, every product has its own pros and cons or downfalls, but I personally haven’t had any problems with it.

Where to buy?

You can CLICK HERE TO BUY IT ONLINE FROM AMAZON so you can get it for a much cheaper PRICE.

I also bought it from amazon and I was very happy with the customer service plus it was delivered on time on top of that I saved quite a few bucks since it is way cheaper when buying it online from amazon.

Please note: this cat nail trimmer is also available locally but do not buy it from local shops because it cost twice as much when buying it offline.

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