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Are latex backed rugs safe for laminate floors

Are latex backed rugs safe for laminate floors

Not all Latex backed rugs are safe for laminate flooring that why you need to be very careful when buying a latex rug pad…

There are a lot of latex rug pads to choose from available on the market right now but I’m going to recommend what I personally believe is the best latex rug pad I have ever used.

I have laminate floors in my house and the only rug pad that I recommend is the Mohawk Home Dual Surface Felt and Latex Non Slip Rug Pad simple because I have been using it for over a year now and it freaking awesome.

I have tried a lot of different latex backed rugs on amazon but 4 of the rug pads I have used kind of damaged my laminate floors.

Laminate floors can be very sensitive that why you need to be very careful when buying a rug pad especially latex backed rug pad.

Which latex backed rug pad is best for laminate flooring?

The only high-quality rug pad that I recommend to people who have laminate flooring is the mohawk non slip rug pad because it was specially made and designed for laminate, vinyl and bamboo flooring.

Why do I recommend the mohawk rug pad?

  • it was specially made and designed for laminate floors
  • it was designed to be used with all area rug types
  • it keeps my area rugs in place
  • it prevents my carpet from moving
  • it works great even on high traffic areas
  • it is super high quality and it doesn’t cost a lot of money
  • it is highly recommended by hardwood floor installers
  • it is easy to use
  • it is easy to cut
  • it is easy to resize and you can cut it using a kitchen knife or scissors
  • it has a ¼ thickness to provide a plusher feel when walking on rug
  • it makes area rugs super comfortable
  • it comes with a high-quality brown backing to keep the rug in place
  • it won’t discolor your hardwood floors
  • it prevents area rugs, door mats or carpets from sliding or slipping
  • it helps prevent trip hazards accidentally caused by heel of shoe catching on the edge of the rug
  • it makes it easier to vacuum the area rug
  • it provides noise absorption
  • it doesn’t leave any marks
  • it doesn’t leave any residue

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS FROM AMAZON so you can hear what other people are saying who are also using this rug pad.

You are going to love the reviews because a lot of people who have laminate floors are also highly recommending it…

I have used a lot of rug pads but the mohawk non slip rug pad is got to be by far the best rug pad I have ever used, buying it was worth every penny.

What are the things that I don’t like about this rug pad?

This may sound too good to be true but I honestly do not have anything that I do not like about this rug pad simple because it does exactly what I needed from a latex backed rug pad.

There is no such thing as a perfect rug pad, this rug pad is also not perfect but I do not have a single regret from spending my money on it.

Buying this rug pad was worth every penny that why I highly recommending it especially to people who have laminate floors.

Is this rug pad easy to resize?

Yes… this rug pad is very easy to size.

You can easily trim it with scissors to match the exact size and shape of your rugs.

How to determine what size your rug pad should be?

That is simple…

The rug pad should be about one inch less than your area rug size on all four sides so it can remain hidden.

If the rug pad is slightly smaller than the rug than the edges of the rug will taper to the floor.

How much does it cost?


You really do not have anything to worry about since it doesn’t cost a lot of money.

It cheap but high quality at the same time.

Make sure to only buy it online from amazon so you can save.

Please note: Do not buy it offline because it cost twice as much when buying it locally… it is ridiculously expensive when buying it from local shops.

What makes this rug pad different from other rug pads out there?

The mohawk rug padis super high quality.

It reduces wear and tear.

It wont only secure your rugs in place but it also makes your area rugs last longer because it protects your rugs from day wear and tear while protecting your floors at the same time.

This rug pad will provide shock absorbency and comfort with a soft, supportive cushion foundation.

Where is this rug pad made?

This rug pad is made here in the United Sate of America…

  • it not toxic
  • its high quality
  • it affordable
  • it makes rug comfortable
  • and it also easy to trim

what more can you ask for? Buying this rug pad is a great investment because it increases the life span of your area rugs.

Where to buy?


I also bought it online from amazon.com, I saved a lot of money by buying it online and it was delivered straight to my door… I’m very happy with my purchase.

This rug pad is available on a lot of online stores but I personally recommend buying it from amazon.com because it much cheaper.

Things to know about this rug pad:

  • Its weighs about 20 pounds
  • It is 120 x 96 x 0.2 inches
  • The assembled height is 6 inches
  • The assembled width is 21 inches
  • The assembled length is 24 inches

Which side of this rug pad goes on the floor?

The rubber side of the pad should go on your laminate floor…

Can this rug pad be washed?

I haven’t tried to wash mine… but I honestly don’t think rug pads can be washed plus this one is kind of too big to wash lol.

If it get dirty, I usually spot clean it… other than wiping the surface I haven’t really tried to wash it.

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