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Are non slip rug pads washable

Are non slip rug pads washable

98% of non-slip rug pads available on the market right now are not washable. They are too big to even fit in a washing machine.

The only way to clean most non slip rug pads is to just spot clean them using a cloth.

Is there a non-slip rug pad that is also washable?

Yes, it called TRU Lite Non-Slip Rug Pad..

Please note: this rug pad can also fit in washing machine but I do not recommend washing it using a washing machine because it could rip.

If you want to wash it, you need to wash it by hand in warm water with dish soap.

This rug pad was designed to be non-slip, to help keep the rugs from slipping.

If you are looking for a washable non slip high quality rug pad that can keep your area rugs in place than this rug pad is exactly what you should buy.

Only about 2% of rug pads are washable, but most washable rug pads are just pure garbage.

The reason I only recommend this rug pad is because it washable, it high quality and it doesn’t cost a lot of money.

What are pros and cons of this rug pad?


  • It washable, if you encounter a spill that goes through the rug than you can easily wash this rug pad by hand and hang dry it… I recommend washing it using dish soap
  • It is non slip which means it will keep your area rugs in place, I highly recommend it for high traffic areas to help prevent the rugs from slipping
  • It works with all types of hard surfaced floors, from hardwood floor, laminate floor, inly floor, bamboo floor, tile floor, marble floor to engineered hardwood floors… this even works on concrete floors
  • It doesn’t cost a lot of money, most rug pad are super expensive, well this one is affordable, anyone can easily buy it without breaking the bank
  • It add doesn’t add to much height on the rug


  • It is super thick, it won’t add any cushioning to your rugs, it was only designed to keep rugs in place.

Why do I recommend this rug pad?

Because, it not expensive, you won’t have to use double sided carpet tapes that will end up leaving sticky residue on your floors.

This rug pad is safe, it great for sensitive floors such as hardwood because it doesn’t leave marks and also doesn’t discolor the floor over time.

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS FROM AMAZON so you can hear what other people are saying who are also using this rug pad.

You are going to love the reviews since a lot of people are also highly recommending it… it washable and it does the job when it comes to keeping rugs in place.

Things that I Love about TRU lite non slip rug pa

  • This is the best rug pad I’ve ever used before and it a good pad that keeps the rug in place and keeps the rug in a good shape unlike the other rug pads I have been using before that were slipping and sliding every time I stepped on them, with the new rug pad I am using there are no more movements.
  • This rug pad is absolutely the best non slip mat for area rug even my husband when he gets off the couch the rug does not slide from it place it is a great product and my laminate floor are protected.
  • The TRU lite non slip rug gripper is washable and very easy to clean it and it is the best material and also a good quality
  • This rug pad is easy to install and if it doesn’t fit perfect on your rug you can trim it on the corners and shape it using a scissor and it is suitable for any hardwood floor.
  • This tug pad does not leave any streaks or residues on the floor  or even scratch the floor but instead the pad protect the floors from being damaged by the furniture and adds more life on your rug
  • If you have kids and pet you need a rug pad for your area rug to prevent the rug from flinging when they are playing on the rug or running around ,they won’t fall because the rubber pad balances the rug from sliding, This rug pad is light weight and easy to hold when you are washing you just fold it and take it so you don’t have to use all your energy trying to pick it up and it need to dry before you put it on your floors so that it won’t discolor your floors
  • The pads helps to keep the rug soft and comfort and little extra padding to walk nice on the rug makes the rug durable even my kids enjoy to play on the rug or lie on it. The gripper was everything we are looking for and the dogs are happy as well they are no longer falling when they are running around.
  • This rug gripper is such a life saver there won’t be any accidents in the house and a good price though I also bought for my mom too for her hardwood flooring and she won’t be falling again I highly recommend this rug gripper it the best product and high quality, I will continue using it.
  • I take a good care of my laminate floor and the rug pad has played a good role on protecting my floors and if you care about your expensive floor you will buy this rug gripper and you will not have a single regret from spending your money buying this rug pad and the price is good and affordable

Things that I don’t love about this TRU lite non slip rug pad

  • Since this rug pad is light weight and easy to wash you have to wait for it to dry and put it back on your rug because it can damage your floors over time or discolor it but that not a negative that can stop you from buying this pad because it dries quick then you take it back on your rug.
  • If you have kids and dogs you have to stick the pad on the rug perfectly so that they won’t take it off when they are playing on the rug because the pad will give problems of falling off on the rug.

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