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Are Ruggables safe for vinyl plank flooring?

Are Ruggables safe for vinyl plank flooring?

Hey vinyl floor lovers… hope you are doing good.

Well, my wife recently bought a Ruggable and it great, I love it.

This Ruggable definitely match the décor of our dining room, it just looks amazing, plus it brings color to the room.

We have vinyl plank floors in the dining room and this Ruggable matches our light vinyl floors extremely well.

The reason my wife bought a Ruggable is because it easy to wash, you can just wash it using a washing machine plus it also easy to vacuum.

But, the only thing that I do not like about our Ruggables is that it slippery on our vinyl floors.

So, are Ruggables safe on vinyl flooring?

Yes, they are safe but they tend to be slippery, you are going to need to get a non staining vinyl floor rug pad because Ruggables do not come with any backing.

What is the best rug pad that will work well with a Ruggables and also safe to use on vinyl floors?

The rug pad that I recommend for Ruggables and for vinyl floors is the Mohawk Non Slip Rug Pad because it what we use under our dining room Ruggable and it works like magic.

Ruggables slide quite easily on vinyl floors, but if you are going to put your Ruggables underneath some furniture than you don’t have anything to worry about.

What are the things that I love about our Ruggable when using it on vinyl floors?

Well, to be honest, I really love the Ruggable rug that my wife bought, but I will try to list a few things that I really like about this Ruggable.

I’ll tell you straight up that there are pros and cons to Ruggable rugs…

Please note: I’m going to only list the things that I personally like about our Ruggable, not the things that you will find on most Ruggable rug website.

List of the things that I love about our Ruggable

The number one thing that I love about Ruggables

They are machine washable, (I can confirm this myself) within 3 days of putting it on our dining room, my cat pooped on the rug and we had to wash it.

After we washed it using a washing machine, my daughters dog puke on it as well, so we had to wash it again lol… we also washed it using the machine the second time and the stains came out all the way.

When it got dirty, we just threw it in the washing machine and it got cleaned up pretty well, we didn’t even use any stain remover… that what got me excited about this Ruggable.

So, I can personally confirm that, Ruggables are machine washable, so if you are a lazy person like me than Ruggables are better than traditional rugs when it comes to easy maintenance.

The second thing that I really love about our Ruggable

it has an interchangeable design, so, what do I mean by interchangeable design? You buy the design itself and then you buy the mat underneath the rug, the top cart is the one that you wash and the bottom part stays the same.

If you get tired of the design, you can just switch it out in the future.

The third thing that I love about Ruggables

They are extremely easy to vacuum, what more can you really ask for?

The biggest question that I wondered about Ruggables was that *are they easy to vacuum*, well they are but don’t vacuum them too much because a lot of people have said that the edges frayed over time because of excessive vacuuming.

What are the things that I do not like about our Ruggable?

The only thing that I do not like about Ruggables

They tend to slide especially on vinyl flooring, so you are kinda forced to get a rug pad in order to keep the Ruggable in place.

Please note: not all rug pads are safe to use on vinyl plank flooring, so make sure to get a rug pad that was designed for vinyl floors and make sure the rug pad also works well with Ruggables.

The rug pad that I recommend for vinyl floors that also work well with Ruggables is the Mohawk Non Slip Rug Pad.

The reason I recommend this rug pad is because it is what I also use on our Ruggable dining room rug and it keeps the Ruggable in place even when our two German shepherd dogs jump on top of the rug.

Because of this rug pad, our Ruggable don’t slide even when the dogs try to slide it.

Another reason that I recommend this rug pad is that, it was made and designed to keep rugs from slipping on sensitive floors such as vinyl, laminate, bamboo and engineered hardwood floors.

This rug pad grips our vinyl floors extremely well, and it also won’t discolor the vinyl planks over time…

So, obviously, there is a bunch of things to love about Ruggables, they have their own pros and cons such as everything else.

Do I recommend Ruggables to people who have vinyl plank flooring?

Hell yes, I highly recommend Ruggables to anyone who have vinyl floors, just make sure to put a rug pad underneath to keep it from sliding.

Rug pads wont just keep your Ruggables in place, but rug pads also add cushioning to make your Ruggables soft and comfy.

My two dogs love to take a nap on the dining room Ruggable simple because it comfy and soft because of the rug pad. That is how one of my dogs ended up puking on the rug.

So, if you have a pet that loves to take a nap on the floor, I’m 100% sure it will enjoy sleeping on your Ruggable if it has a rug pad underneath.

I hope this article was helpful to anyone wondering whether to buy a Ruggable or not…

So, to anyone wondering whether Ruggables are safe or not on vinyl floors, the simple answer to that is hell yes, but make sue to put a rug pad underneath to keep your Ruggable in place… good luck.

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