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Bathroom rugs for hardwood floors

Bathroom rugs for hardwood floors

If you have hardwood floor in your bathroom, there are a lot of bathroom rugs to choose from available on the market right now.

But, today I’m going to share what I personally believe is by far the best bathroom rug I have ever spent my money on.

The bathroom rug that I’m going to recommend is called ITSOFT Non Slip Soft Bathroom Rug, I highly recommend it to people who have hardwood floors.

I have hardwood flooring all over my house and I have tried quite a lot of bathroom rugs from amazon but none worked for me until I stumble upon an article that recommended the ITSOFT Bathroom Rug.

I bought this bathroom rug from amazon after reading that article on website.

I honestly didn’t buy this bathroom rug just because it was recommended on that website, I only bought it after reading the customer reviews from amazon since a lot of people were highly recommending it.

Based on my personal experience, this rug is by far the best rug I have ever bought from amazon… it is exactly what I needed on my bathroom.

If you have hardwood floor and need A BATHROOM RUG then the ITSOFT Bathroom Rug is what I only recommended simple because I have been using it for over 6 months now and it awesome.

There are a lot of things that I love about this rug but what I love the most is that it is non-slip, it has a rubber backing to keep it in place and prevent it from sliding or slipping.

A bathroom that has hardwood floor can make a rug slippery, but this rug doesn’t slide at all because of the rubber backing.

Things that I love about this bathroom rug:

  • it great for people who have hardwood floors
  • it great for people who have unfinished wood floor
  • it best for people who have laminate wood floor
  • it best for people who have vinyl wood floor
  • I feel like this rug was designed for people who have hardwood floors because of the rubber backing
  • It is extremely soft and very comfy
  • It is super stylish, it’s kind of makes my bathroom look like a million-dollar bathroom that we usually see on tv
  • It is super high quality, this rug is by far the strongest bathroom rug I have ever used
  • It doesn’t cost a lot of money
  • It is easy to cut, you can cut it using scissors to resize it to the size you desire
  • It comes in 14 different colors that you can choose from to match the décor of your bathroom
  • It is easy to clean, what I love the most is that you can also wash it using a washing machine
  • it is amazingly soft
  • it protects your feet from cold bathroom hardwood floor
  • it was constructed with microfiber to offer an extra softness to people who have sensitive feet
  • it is anti-slip, this rug stays in one place
  • they made it skid resistance by adding a high-quality rubber backing
  • this rug won’t discolor your floors
  • it won’t leave residue
  • it keeps you safe since it non-slip
  • it absorbs water very quickly
  • it also has a super strong water absorbent ability because of the microfiber shags to keep your hardwood bathroom floors dry and clean at all time

Is this rug easy to take care of?

Taking care of this rug is super easy since it is super easy to wash

CLICK HERE TO READ AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWS so you can hear what other people are saying.

You are going to be amazed by the reviews since a lot of people who have hardwood floors are also highly recommending it.

The reason I’m recommending this bathroom rug is because is has never given me any issues since the day I bought it, buying it was worth every penny.

What is the best way to clean this bathroom rug?

You can wash it by hand if you want since it is made out of microfiber as it is extremely soft.

Or you can wash it using a washing machine, but make sure that the washing machine's load is more than 6kg.

is it okay to wash this bathroom rug with hot water?

Noh make sure to only wash it with cold water and hang to dry.

The reason I’m not recommending washing it with hot water is because hot water will ruin the rubber backing and hot water will also make the super soft material to shrink or turn rough after wash.

Is this rug good for people who have sensitive feet?

Yes, it is extremely soft…

I also have very sensitive feet and this rug is amazingly awesome, I honestly do not see myself switching to a different bathroom rug anytime soon since it does exactly what I needed from a bathroom rug.

What are the thing that I don’t like about this bathroom rug?

I honestly do not have a single regret from spending my money on this rug…

This may sound too good to be true but this rug is kind of perfect…

The ITSOFT Bathroom Rug is exactly what I needed…

How much does it cost?


I bought this rug about 6 months ago from amazon so I’m really not sure about the current PRICE because amazon kind of changes their PRICEs quite often.


The reason I recommend buying it from amazon is because it is way cheaper than buying it offline.

Do not buy it locally because it cost twice the PRICE when buying it offline.

I bought it online from amazon and I’m very happy with my purchase plus it was delivered on time.

The only thing I can promise you about this bathroom rug is that you are not going to have a single regret from spending your money on it.

Its high quality, it soft, it easy to clean and it great for people who have hardwood floors.

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