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Best area rug for dark vinyl floor

Best area rug for dark vinyl floor

Out of all the area rugs to choose from, it can be very tricky to find the perfect rug that can match the décor of your home or a rug that can go well with your floor.

I have dark vinyl floors in my house and it took me a lot of time to finally find an area rug that looked perfectly on my floors.

The area rug that I’m talking about is called Soft nursery rug by Rainlin, and its freaking awesome, its just makes my home and my baby’s room a lot more expensive.

So, in today’s article I am going to talk about the best decorative area rug that can match and look good on your dark vinyl floors.

I’m sharing this because it is what I personally believe is by far the best decorative rug that you can use in your home and what I can promise you is that this area rug won’t ruin your floors over time it was designed for dark vinyl flooring.

This area rug is amazing because, it can go well with any room it was not only designed to be used on a dining room or on a sitting room but you can also use it on any room such as a bedroom or nursery and sometimes even on a bathroom, this works on any room as long it has dark vinyl floors it matches any décor.

Great thing about this rug is that its super decorative your home will be brighter; it will bring color to any room and on top of that it won’t damage your floors this area rug is super comfy.

My husband and I usually use it on our master bedroom and dining room since we were expecting we decided to order another one for our unborn baby nursery, this is thee softest rug I’ve ever stepped on! Literally perfect for my baby’s nursery, we’ve gotten so many compliments on it.

Out of all the decorative area rugs that are available on the market right now, this is by far the best looking one and the best to use on your dark vinyl floors.

I am very positive that you are definitely going to love this rug because it easy to wash, easy to clean it is super comfy that is why I highly recommend it to people who have dark vinyl floors and to people who have kids that loves to play or sleep on the floor.

This is the best area rug we’ve ever used in our house… even our dog cannot get enough of this rug... it just makes my home look a lot more expensive.

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13 different colors to choose from:

  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Cherry
  • Dark grey
  • Deep black
  • Khaki
  • Light grey
  • Light plum
  • Plum
  • Rainbow
  • Solid grey
  • Coffee
  • pink

What are the things that I love about this area rug?

  • This area rug comes in a lot of different colors that you can choose from in order to match the décor of your home or the color of your floors.
  • I absolutely love this rug for my house it fit perfectly fine in the dining room and my unborn baby nursery, it looks so pretty with more expensive high look on it and can fit any room, I highly recommend it as the best.
  • In my house we have dark vinyl floor so at first, I was worried to buy a rug because I wasn’t so sure if it won’t ruin nor damage my floors, likely soft nursery rug is a high quality with an expensive look on it.
  • I’ve also bought it for my mom because she loves decorative things, this rug fitted perfectly on her dining room absolutely beautiful with bright colors and it vibrant and comfortable even if you lie on it… my mom is very happy she even ordered another one for her bedroom.
  • This rug will fit perfectly in your dining room, bedroom, nursery or sitting room… they also fit the bill perfectly it’s so convenient to wash this area rug without loosing it shape, no slip color… it really a great pleasure to use this rug in your house.
  • This area rug is very soft and very comfy, feels good on bare feet! That what I really needed for my dark vinyl floors and my husband is very happy even my dog loves this rug because it very comfy, this is perfect! Good quality don’t hesitate to purchase.
  • This area rug is amazing it have been a good investment to me and my husband because we didn’t have to waste money fixing the floor because the other rug was leaving stretches on our floor, this rug fit perfect in our home we have it under the table and my husband has one for his study room our home looks beautiful because of this area rug.
  • What I love the most about this area rug is that it is not limited to put on your dining room only, you can also put it on your sitting room or bedroom… the designs of this area rug and colors are absolutely amazing, the size of this rug is perfect for our home and definitely soft on the feet.
  • This rug is so great! It is incredible soft and the memory foam makes it really cushiony... my neighbor’s kids really love this rug they almost come every day during weekends just to play with my dog on this rug.
  • This area rug is super fully and fuzzy and I personally could even sleep on it that how comfy they are.

How much does it cost?

You really don’t have to worry about the price though, it cheap but also high quality at the same time, you are not going to have a single regret from spending your money on this area rug…. It is worth every penny.

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