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Best area rug for light vinyl floor

Best area rug for light vinyl floor

There are thousands of area rugs you can choose from to buy for your house, but choosing the best rug is very important especially if you have a light vinyl flooring.

Today I want to share with you what I personally believe and talking from experience too, to choose the best decorative area rug with a good quality and good looking for a light vinyl floor

This area rug is good because it not for dining room only but it can match any room in your house and I highly recommend it because it has a good quality with it softness and thickness.

In my house I have a light vinyl floor and I’ve been using other rugs and they were not good at all and I will change them now and then because they were not a good quality. Then my husband and I decided to go and look for an expensive rug that can last us months.

Then I did a researching of area rugs that are good for a vinyl floor for months and not finding the perfect one and after doing that research and reading the reviews everyone loves this rugs and everyone was buying it rug and I couldn’t wait enough to get to the store, luckily we find one and we purchased it.

This area rug is am talking about is called Moroccan geometric modern ivory area rug

what I love about this rug is that it has a good quality and very soft and it have awesome colors and gives more decoration, stylish and modern look  in the room. The designs of geometric patterns on it and different shapes adds more beautiful look. I purchased it for my dining room and bedrooms it looks more beautiful on my light vinyl floor because it adds more décor into the room and my kids loves to lie down on this rug even my dogs too and they feel the comfort on it.

Out of all the area rugs I’ve had before this is the one I recommended as the best rug right now on the market and trust me you are going to love it for your houses as well it easy to wash or vacuum and it very soft and has a good quality and you can pick any color you like that will match your floors.

This area rug brings more décor into your rooms and you can purchase it for your bedrooms as well it not made for living rooms only. That is why I highly recommend it to people who have kids or pets I didn’t have high expectations for this rug but I was wrong I am so amazed.

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13 different colors to choose from:

  • Ivory gray
  • Dark gray ivory
  • Light blue ivory
  • Light pink ivory
  • Multi beige
  • Multi fuchsia
  • Navy blue ivory
  • Orange ivory
  • Pink ivory
  • Red/white
  • Yellow ivory

What are the things that I love about this area rug?

  • Great thing about this area rug is that it comes in about 13 different colors that you can pick from to match the look of your home or the match the décor of the room…
  • First time I bought this area rug for my house I picked dark gray because I have a light vinyl floor and It was for my dining room it looks absolutely great and stylish and .
  • The way this rug make my home looks modern and amazing I purchased another two for the bedrooms and my husband purchased it for his office desk at work we’re all in love with the area rug and it affordable.
  • Another reason I chose dark color for my dining it because room my dogs will accidently peer on my rug and it doesn’t show the dirty or smells stink.
  •  It been months now I have this rug and it still have the new look of the day I purchased it the quality is very good I don’t have any regrets am happy!!!
  • My vinyl floor is protected because this rug covered the center of my dining room and there is a  furniture on the sides as well , my dogs now wont scratch the floor anymore    
  • The geometric is the perfect fit for the space in the bedrooms with it super cute patterns am very pleased with this purchase  I don’t feel sorry for my money
  • My mom is super happy I surprised her with this rug and she is a decorative person that why I picked the brighter color  that matches her laminate floor and it has more décor on her house and she wants buy more for other rooms and we have received good compliments from friends and relatives
  • Everyone is happy about this amazing rug and if you are a stylish person you should have this beautiful area rug in your house
  • My kids prefers lying on it because it warm and comfy with the softness  texture and it easy to wash and the dark gray color looks vibrant

What are the things I don’t love about this area rug?

  • Because of its softness this rug is slippery so you need to be careful but for me it not a big issue because I have rug pads.
  • If you are a lazy person and you have small kids and pets don’t pick the brighter colors because the stains will be visible but that doesn’t stop you from buying this are rug because you can choose the dark colors that will still make you house to look beautiful

How much does it cost?

The prices is affordable and it good quality and the beautiful look on the rugs with the designs it value obviously won’t be cheap and it last for months because it a strong rug.

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