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Best area rugs for light laminate floor

Best area rugs for light laminate floor

Do you have light laminate floors? But not sure which area rug to buy?

Well, if you have light laminate flooring in your home and looking for a high-quality area rug than this article is for you.

There are quite a lot of different area rugs that you can buy available on the market right now, but you need to be very careful when shopping for an area rug these days, because most rugs can easily damage your vinyl floors over time.

In this article, I’m going to recommend a safe, high quality stylish area rug that will match your light laminate floors.

What great about this area rug is that, it stylish, trendy and looks good in any room plus it matches any décor.

This rug is by far the best area rug for people with light laminate floors.

The area rug that I’m talking about is called Safavieh Adirondack Moroccan Distressed Area Rug and it makes the room look a lot more luxurious and expensive.

What are the things that I love about this area rug?

  • It looks good on light laminate floor
  • It matches any décor of the room
  • You can use it on any room that has light laminate floor, it great on dining room, sitting room bedroom or even on an office
  • It brings colors to the room
  • It looks good across the room
  • It makes the room look a lot stylish
  • It looks expensive which makes the room more luxurious
  • It has gorgeous colors
  • It has a low pile
  • It is very soft, my dog loves to take a nap of this rug, he sleeps on it almost the whole day… I think my dog loves this rug more than I do lol
  • Another great thing about this area rug is that, it works well even on high traffic areas
  • It laid flat instantly after I unboxed it
  • It doesn’t scratch or leaves marks on my light laminate floor
  • It doesn’t have any backing that could ruin your light laminate floors over time
  • It high quality but doesn’t cost a lot of money at the same time
  • It easy to maintain
  • It easy to clean plus it also light weight… you wont need power when taking it out to hand wash it
  • It has an amazing design
  • It doesn’t have curling corners, it lays flat perfectly
  • it affordable, it not cheap but also not expensive at the same time, anyone can afford buying it without breaking the bank

How much does it cost?

What are the things that I don’t like about this area rug?

Well, there is no such thing as a perfect product, this area rug is definitely not perfect but buying it was worth every penny.

There are two things that I kinda don’t like about this rug

1. it doesn’t have a backing at all, which means you will need to get a rug pad that is suitable for laminate floor, if you can’t afford a rug pad than you will need a double-sided carpet tape that is suitable for laminate floor.

2. The last thing that I don’t like about this area rug is that, it not thick enough, it has a super low pile about 0.5-inch height… I ended up putting a rug pad underneath.

To anyone looking for a beautiful area rug that goes well with light laminate floor than I highly recommend this area rug simple because it has never given me any issues.

At first, I was a bit skeptical about using it but then I bought it after reading the customer reviews since a lot of people were also recommending it.

CLICK HERE TO READ AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWS so you can hear what other people are saying.

The only thing that I can promise you about this area rug is that, you are not going to have a single regret from spending your money on it.

Great value for money, for me, buying it was worth every penny…

What are the pros and cons of using this area rug?


  • It doesn’t shed
  • It doesn’t wear or tear easily, great for people who have kids or good for people who are looking for an area rug for high traffic areas
  • It is easy to vacuum
  • It feels soft to the feet
  • It keeps the floor warm, good for people who have sensitive feet
  • If you are looking for a rug that has short pile than this rug is exactly what you have been looking for
  • It will protect your light laminate floor
  • It looks good to the eye, the first thing that people notice in my dining room is this rug
  • Perfect fit for any table. Good for dining room table or sitting room table


  • I don’t even know what to say, it hasn’t given me any issues so far, so I honestly don’t know what to say, for now I don’t have anything negative to say about it just because it makes my dining room look a lot stylish.
  • Maybe the downfall of this area rug would be that *it doesn’t have any backing*
  • Me and my wife don’t really agree when it comes to decorating to house, she told me that *buying this area rug was the best thing I Ever Did This Year* lol.

    So, if my wife liked it than I’m very positive that you are going to love it as well…

    There are quite a lot of different area rugs that you can choose from these days, but you need to be very careful when shopping for a rug to use on laminate floor because most rugs will slowly damage your floor over time.

    The reason I recommend this rug is because it doesn’t have any backing that could damage your laminate flooring.

    It safe, it soft and it looks good plus it also brings color to the room.

    Where can you buy this rug for a much cheaper price?

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