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Best caster wheels for a gaming chair

Best caster wheels for a gaming chair

My wife gave me a very expensive but super comfy gaming chair as a birthday gift but the chair had some really shitty caster wheels.

I love the chair but the original wheels that came with it are just garbage, they ruined my floor on top of that they make super annoying squeaky noise whenever I move the chair.

So, I went online to look for high quality replacement wheels that were designed for gaming chairs and I ended up buying a few that also ruined my laminate floor.

So, after two days of searching, my brother in-law told me to try caster wheels by lifelong…

After talking to my brother-law, I went to amazon to first check the customer reviews just to hear what other people were saying about the wheels.

Well, I was very amazed by the reviews since a lot of people were highly recommend these wheels.

So, after reading the reviews I immediately bought the wheels and they were delivered straight to my door within 18 hours since I have amazon Prime.

Well, I have been using these wheels for like 6 days now and they are freaking awesome, by far the best caster wheels available on the market right now simple because they glide smoothly, they don’t make annoying squeaky noise and they can withstand up to 650 pounds.

These wheels are called Heavy Duty Office Chair casters By Lifelong… you can also get them on amazon.

Great for daily use, these are by far the strongest sexy wheels I have seen, they fit nicely on my gaming chair, they are stylish… These just look great on my gaming chair.

Great thing about these wheels is that they fit almost all gaming chairs…

If you have a gaming chair and need replacement caster wheels that are sexy, strong and durable than the lifelong wheels are what you should get.

How much do these wheels cost?

Things that you are going to love about these wheels

  • These caster wheels are extremely easy to install, totally worth the money
  • The ease of changing out these wheels speaks for itself, replacing your old caster wheels with these ones is easy as 1,2,3 ...
  • What super awesome about these wheels is that, they work amazing on all types of hard floors, carpet and even on  area rugs
  • I've tested them on hardwood floor, carpet and concrete flooring, they done great. I’ve got no complains
  • they work great on my wife’s chair as well, I'll be ordering another set soon for my Herman miller chair
  • they are not too shot but also doesn’t add to much height on the chair
  • I’ve been using them for quite a long time now and they’ve never stuck when trying to glide or move the chair while I’m on the chair  
  • I’ve been using them, in fact I’ve been abusing them daily for about a few months now and they still work exactly the same as the day I got them
  • I personally feel like these casters should really come standard on any chair simple because they are 100 times better than the original wheels that came with my gaming chair
  •  Another thing that I love about these caster wheels is that, they are great on floating floors as well, great on vinyl floors, laminate floors and bamboo floors.
  •  These are not just your normal wheels, they are super stylish, they look great on almost any office chair, they look super luxurious but doesn’t cost a lot of money at the same time
  •  High quality but way cheaper than most wheels available on amazon right now
  •  They are rubber which means they do not make any annoying squeaky noise
  •   Great for oversized people, these are able to safely support up to 650lbs without any issues as they were made of superior grade steel
  •  Extremely quiet, the previous wheels I was using were kind of making noise when gliding the chair, the lifelong wheels are quite as mice.
  • These are not just replacement wheels, they will sort of upgrade your home or office chairs and transform your décor of your office by adding a cool touch of l luxury. You won’t regret spending your money on these wheels.

Things you need to know before buying these wheels

  • I do not recommend these wheels to people with thick/tall carpets
  • They are not compatible with IKEA chairs and also not suitable for IKEA furniture

CLICK HERE TO READ AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWS to hear what other people are saying who are also using these wheels on their gaming chairs.

Most gaming chairs have plastic cater wheels, well, the lifelong wheels are rubber which means they are 10 times stronger than the original plastic wheels that came with your office chair.

These wheels are polyurethane rubber, it soft but also very strong, they were made for heavy duty which means they will last you for quite a long time to come.

I love gaming, I normal spend about 8 hours a day on weekends playing FIFA, the plastic wheels that came with my gaming chair was making squeaky noise and didn’t glide smoothly whenever I was moving the chair.

The lifelong wheels move a lot easier, I don’t need to put any effort when gliding the chair on top of that these wheels do not make any noise, they are quite as a mice... what more can you really ask for?

What are the pros and cons of using these on a gaming chair?


  • They look stylish, these are kind of luxurious, they look good and they match almost any gaming chair
  • These are not just replacement wheels, these are an upgrade, they will make your gaming chair look a lot nicer, the chair will glide a lot smoother and they are super attractive
  • They are strong but cheap at the same time, these are by far the cheapest high quality rubber wheels for gaming chairs


  • Not compatible with IKEA chairs…

Where to buy?

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