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Best chair glides for hardwood floors

Best chair glides for hardwood floors

if you are looking for long lasting cheap but high-quality chair glides for your hardwood floors than this article is axially what you have been looking for.

After wasting a lot of money and time trying different furniture glides that were garbage, I finally found the perfect chair glides that were made and designed for hardwood floors.

There are quite a lot of different chair glides to choose from these days, but most chair glides are pure garbage…

So which chair glides do I recommend for keeping chairs from denting OR scratching your hardwood flooring?

The one and only chair glides that I personally recommend are the Alimitopia Thickened Furniture Glides simple because they are 100 times better than all the chair glides I’ve tried.

Out of all the chair glides I have used, the Alimitopia Glides are the only glides that did exactly what I needed, they protect my hardwood flooring from the chair legs way better than the felt furniture pad I was using before.

What I mostly love about these chair glides is that, they hold tight and they do not come off easily… these will stay put even when lifting up the chairs when cleaning, sweeping or vacuuming.

Can these chair glides be used on outdoor chairs?

Well, concrete will scratch them, they are only good for hardwood, vinyl, bamboo, engineered hardwood and laminate floor.

I don’t recommend using these on outdoor chairs because they won’t last for long.

Another reason I do not recommend using these on outdoor chairs is because, the steal nails will rust.

Are these chair glides really suitable for hardwood flooring? Will these really keep the chairs from scratching your floors?

Yes, I have been using these for a few weeks now and they work like magic when it comes to keeping furniture feet from denting the floors.

I have tried different chair glides and also have tried quite a lot of different furniture pads and the Alimitopia Glides were the only glides that worked for me.

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Are these chair glides plastic or felt?

These are plastic, they are a lot better than felt…

I do not recommend using felt chair glides because they tend to accumulate and pick up pet hair over time.

What are the things that I love about these chair glides?

  • They keep the chairs from denting or scratching my hardwood floor
  • They are easy to install
  • These chair glides do not come off easily
  • Another thing that I really love about these chair glides is that, they do not pick up pet hair, I have two large dogs in my house and there is always small dog hair on the floor
  • These were specially made and designed for hardwood floors, vinyl floors, laminate floors and bamboo floors, they do not slip easily
  • These also increase the lifespan of the floor since they prevent the furniture from denting the floor
  • These are not only for chairs, you can also use them on a sofa, couch or on a table
  • They have a very strong carbon steel nail, the nails wont bend even when trying to install these on chairs that have dense strong wood legs
  • These chair glides last way longer than the furniture pads that I was using before
  • These glides are anti-skid, they keep your chairs from marring or leaving marks on your wooden floors
  • These will match any chair and also will match the décor of your home
  • They are stylish, if you care about the design than you are definitely going to love these

Will these chair glides add height on the chairs?

Not really, these won’t add any height to your chairs… they are extremely low profile.

You won’t even tell any difference in the height or appearance of the chairs plus they come in two different colors to choose from to match the chairs legs so no one can notice them on the bottom of the chair feet.

These are not too thin and also not too thick, they reduce noise on my kitchen chairs and also keep the chairs from sliding on the floor.

if you have light hardwood floors than I recommend the white ones and if you have dark hardwood floor than I recommend the brown ones to match the floors.

How much do these chair glide cost?

I don’t even have to tell you the price lol, these are cheap but high quality at the same time.

What are the things that I do not like about these chair glides?

For now, I honesty do not have anything to complain about just because these haven’t given me any issues, plus these makes mopping a lot easier since the chairs slide smoothly and don't leave marks behind.

Will these reduce noise?

Heck yes…

This will probably sound too good to be true but, these chair glides will reduce the loud scraping noises by 99%.

Will these work on large furniture?

Yes, these are not only for chairs, you can use them on a bedframe, sofa, couch, table or any furniture that has wooden legs.

These will definitely help you move your furniture smoothly and a lot easier especially when mopping your home.

If your have furniture that keeps scratching your hardwood floors than buying these chair glides is a no-brainer.

For me, buying these was a great investment because they keep my kitchen chairs from leaving dent marks on the floors, these are cheap and effective.

What the best way to install these furniture glides?

Installing these is extremely easy, you just mount them into the bottom of each wooden chair leg by gentle hammering.

Please note: if your chair legs have super strong dense wood than you need to pre-drill pilot hole to prevent the nails from bending.

How long will these last?

I’m really not sure… but these will definitely last way longer than the felt pads simple because they do not come off easily.

What makes these chair glide different from other furniture glides available on the market right now?

  • they stay put
  • These do not pick up pet hair
  • they do not add too much height on the chairs,
  • they are extremely strong,
  • they are hard plastic with low friction properties, not squishy at all
  • they do not wear easily
  • they work on heavy furniture as well

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