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Best decorative rugs for vinyl plank flooring

Best decorative rugs for vinyl plank flooring

There are over hundreds if not thousands of area rugs to choose from these days, so choosing the right area rug that can match your vinyl floors can be challenging.

So, in todays article, I’m going to share what I personally believe is by far the best decorative rug that can match and look good on your vinyl floors.

This area rug is great because, it can go well with any room, you are not limited to put it on your dining room, this can also look good on your bedroom, bathroom and even sometimes on a kitchen.

Good thing about this rug is that, it super decorative, it will bring color to any room and on top of that it won’t damage or ruin your vinyl floors over time.

The area rug that I’m talking about is called LEEVAN Accent Rug Modern and it freaking awesome… even my 4-year-old daughter cannot get enough of this rug… it just makes my home look a lot more expensive.

Out of all the decorative rugs that are available on the market right now, this is by far the best good looking one.

You are definitely going to love this rug… it easy to wash, it easy to clean and it super comfy that is why I highly recommend it to people who have kids that love to sleep on the floor.

How much does it cost?

What are the things that I love about this rug?

  • This area rug is amazing it has been a good investment to me because I didn’t have to waste my money by replacing my vinyl floors, it is very perfect in our home we have under the coffee table, a small dining set, in a kitchen, living room, our bedroom and kids bedroom for children play I also use it when I am doing yoga and my husband use it on his sturdy room we absolutely love this are rug because it makes our home beautiful.
  • What I love the most about this area rug is that it offers luxurious comfort and versatile finishing options style to any room or place, the design of this rug is absolutely amazing, colors and size are perfect in our home, soft on the feet and doesn’t slide around.
  • This area rug have bright colors that makes my kids and husband loves it more, its cheerful, nice to step in squishy and its sure feels better on the feet than to ruin our vinyl floors when the kids are playing soccer in the house we worry no more because of this amazing area rug, ever since we started using it we’ve been wiping our feet on the rug as we come in from the patio, and in my surprise IT DOES NOT SHOW DIRT!, I just purchased a larger one to go in front of the sink….hubby and the kids will be very happy!
  • I also bought my sisters daughter a present, the area rug that have no-shedding, non-slip mat as a gift for her birthday because its got nice colors any daughter would love at her age, the color of this one is even brighter and overall, this area rug is magnificent and I’m definitely sure that my sisters daughter is going to very happy with it.
  • The colors of this area rug pop, the pattern is amazing, it washes easily without falling apert, cushions when I stand at the sink also actually stays put on my vinyl floors, this rug is a nice soft rug that large enough for kids to play on and give a room some flair, but also small enough to fit in the washing machine if needed.
  • This rug also brightens every room you have put it, well-made, smooth, easy to clean it is very soft and the colors pop really good, I have washed it many times and its still looks new and in a great shape.
  • I would personally say that this rug is fairly sturdy because in our home we also have dog that loves taking a walk after the rain, our previous entry rug didn’t do the tricks and my vinyl floors needed mopping after every morning dew outing, ever since we got this area rug we have nothing to worry ourselves about because this rug is high quality we really love it and it is very soft.
  • Since we also use this rug on our door patio, it has lasted through storms and winds, but it still looks like new, the bright colors are still there, it stays in place and is eye catching…I’ve already recommended this area rug to my neighbor who was blown away and ready to purchase.
  • My whole family is really happy and they also love this area rug my kids loves to play on the rug in their bedroom because it’s very smooth and pretty plus my dog keeps laying on it because it’s very comfy.
  • The colors area true, breathtaking, very comfy, smooth and washable I highly recommend this area rug.

CLICK HERE TO CHECK THE CUSTOMER REVIEWS ON AMAZON, just so you can hear what other people are saying who are also using this area rug on their vinyl flooring or house.

You are going to be very amazed by the reviews since a lot of people are also highly recommend it. It safe on vinyl floors and also doesn’t slip.

Things that I didn’t love about this area rug?

  • It quite large which means it doesn’t fit on a washing machine, you will need to wash it yourself using your own hands… not good for lazy people such as myself but other than that, this is by far the best good-looking area rug I have ever bought…
  • It stylish, decorative and also looks very luxurious but not easy to wash as it doesn’t fit on a washing machine…

It has a backing to keep it from sliding, which means it safe on kids and pets.

What makes this area rug different from other rugs?

It has a backing to keep it in place, it doesn’t slide and also wont ruin your vinyl floors over time.

Where to buy?

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