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Best door mat suitable for bamboo flooring

Best door mat suitable for bamboo flooring

There are a lot of hardwood floor door mats to choose from available on the market right now.

But today I’m going to share what I strongly believe is by far the best door mat for bamboo flooring.

I have bamboo floors in my house and I have wasted a lot of money trying different door mats that were just garbage.

You need to be very careful when shopping for a door mat these days simple because most entrance mats available on amazon are just trash.

The only door mat that I recommend to people who have bamboo floors is the Hudson Fiber Entrance Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mat.

Why do I recommend the this mat?

Because I have been using it for almost 4 months and it does exactly what I needed and it traps dirt better than any other door mat I have ever used.

This mat is great for high traffic entrances because it has a rubber backing that keeps it from moving or sliding.

What are the things that I love about this mat?

  • It is long enough to take 2 to 3 steps before reaching the actual floor
  • It is extremely stylish
  • It goes with any décor
  • It great for both outdoor and indoors
  • You can put it outside the door or put it inside your front door
  • You can use it as a kitchen entrance, living room entrance or dining room entrance, it really doesn’t matter
  • It is extremely strong
  • It is water hog and super high quality
  • It doesn’t cost a lot of money like most of the mat I have tried
  • It was made and specially designed for hardwood floors
  • It great for bamboo floors
  • It great for laminate floors
  • It great for vinyl floors
  • It great for engineered floors
  • It easy to use
  • It easy to wash
  • It is durable
  • It absorbs water extremely well
  • It catches dirt
  • It catches mud
  • It catches small rocks stuck underneath the shoes
  • It dries quickly
  • It great for people who are living in areas that has snow
  • It is also great for people who lives in areas that rains a lot since it dries extremely quickly
  • Its unique ridge construction effectively stores dirt and moisture beneath shoe level
  • Is has an exclusive water dam border to keep dirt and water in the amt and off the floor
  • It has a friendly green rubber backing that has 20% recycled rubber content
  • The rubber backing prevent pile from crushing in high traffic areas
  • It is safe, clean and also comfortable

Is this mat really safe on bamboo floors?

Yes, I have recommended it to two of my work colleagues who have hardwood floors and they both told me that they loved it.

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Does water seep through this door mat?

No, no and no…

Me and my family have been abusing this door mat for over 4 months now and there is no seepage because the backing on the mat is made out of thick rubber.

if you worried about water reaching your bamboo floors than you don’t have nothing to worry about because no water will sleep thru this door mat.

What is the best way to clean this door mat?

I personally vacuum it once a week…

You can also take it outside and hose it down than place it in the sun to dry.

How much does this mat cost?


What are the things that I don’t like about this door mat?

The only thing that I don’t like about this door mat is that you cannot wash it using a washing machine…

It is just too stiff to go in a washing machine, so it best just to vacuum it.

Will this door mat absorb moisture off your shoes?

That really depends on how wet your shoes are… but based on my experience, this is by far the best door mat I have ever used when it comes to absorbing moisture off my shoes.

If you are talking about small amounts of water than this mat is freaking awesome.

Does this mat work for people who are living in areas that have a lot of snow?

Yes… you will need to stomp your shoes for few minutes so the mat can get rid of all the moisture.

The only thing I can tell you is that, this mat works like magic, it absorbs moisture of my shoe’s way better than all the previous mats I have used.

Is the rubber backing on this door mat safe on bamboo flooring?

The rubber backing on this mat is very safe for all types of hardwood floors.

It has a universal gripper backing that doesn’t have any toxins or chemicals that could discolor your bamboo floors.

Will the rubber backing scratch your hardwood floors?

No… the rubber backing was made and specially designed for hardwood floors… it is very soft and smooth.

Where to buy?

Hudson Fiber Entrance Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mat

Hudson Fiber Entrance Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mat


Please note: make sure to only buy it online from amazon so you can get it for a much reasonable price.

Caution: do not buy it offline because it is ridiculously expensive when buying it locally.

I also bought it from amazon and I got it for a much cheaper price plus it was also delivered on time… I’m very happy with my purchase.

Does this door mat ship outside of the United States when buying it from amazon.com?

To be honestly, I really don’t know… just go to amazon and check if they ship outside the U.S

Is this mat only an entrance mat?

It was made as door mat but you can also use it on your office or any other room as well…

Does this door mat trap burrs?

To be honest I haven’t encountered that situation, I have not had burrs on my mat but I personally think that this door mat doesn’t seem to be furry enough to hold burrs.

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