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Best furniture pads for laminate floors

Best furniture pads for laminate floors

Amazon have hundreds if not thousands of furniture pads to choose from but some furniture pads are not suitable for laminate floors.

I also made a mistake of buying furniture pads that ended up damaging my laminate floors.

So, in today’s article I’m going to recommend the one and only furniture pads that won’t discolor your laminate floors over time…

So which pads do I recommend for laminate flooring?

The only pads that I personally recommend are the X-PROTECTOR Non Slip Furniture Pads simple because these are the only pads that didn’t discolor my laminate floor.

As I’ve said before, there are quite a lot of furniture pads that you can choose from these days but you need to be very careful when shopping for furniture pads because most of the furniture pads that are available on amazon were not designed for laminate floors.

Why do I recommend these furniture pads?

  • Best these have never given me any issues
  • They have left any residue on my floor
  • They were made and designed for sensitive floors such as laminate flooring or hardwood floor
  • They are easy to use and they definitely do the job when it comes to keeping the furniture from denting the floor
  • They were made for heavy duty, which means they can withstand super heavy furniture such as Sofa and more
  • Thy also help keep the furniture in place, if you have furniture that keeps on sliding than this pads are exactly what you should get in other to prevent your furniture from sliding all over the place

After wasting my time and money trying different pads that didn’t work, I finally found the x protector pads on amazon and buying these pads really helped a lot when it comes to keeping my furniture from leaving marks on my floors.

CLICK HERE TO READ AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWS just to hear what other people are saying who are also using these furniture pads.

You are going to be amazed by the reviews since a lot of people who have laminate floors are also highly recommending these which means they are safe.

What are the things that I didn’t like about these pads?

Well, these are definitely not perfect, in fact there is no such thing as a perfect product, but for now I honestly do not have anything that I do not like about these pads.

I tried a few pads before getting the x protector pads, based on my personal experience, these are 10 times better than other pads I’ve tried.

I also have recommended these to two of my friends who have hardwood floors and they both told me that these worked for them too that is why I highly recommend these pads.

How much do these cost though?

Well, these are cheap, so you really don’t have to worry about the price, they are cheap but high quality at the same time.

The reason I recommend checking the price on amazon is because I’m really not sure about the current price as I bought them a few weeks ago, amazon changes their prices quite often.

What are the pros and cons of the X protect furniture pads?


  • They are suitable for laminate floor
  • They are also good on hardwood floor
  • They work on all types of sensitive floors such as vinyl floor, engineered hardwood floor and bamboo floors
  • They are not going to leave marks on your floors
  • Another reason I recommend these pads is because they were made for long term, they will last you for a long time and they won’t discolor your floor
  • They work on all type of furniture
  • You can use them of your chairs, table, sofa and more
  • They do not wear or tear easily, by far the most strongest furniture pads I have ever used under my furniture
  • They are non-slip which means they will also keep your furniture in place
  • They keep the furniture from denting or leaving marks on the floor
  • They are cheap, if you are looking for affordable high quality pads than these pads are what you should get
  • They do not leave residue on the floor…
  • They stick to the furniture very well, the adhesive that is on the pads will not damage your furniture in the long run
  • They do not come off when moving the furniture, unlike other pads that come off when moving the chairs
  • They come in different sizes and different shapes, they work on both round or square furniture feet
  • They are also very easy to cut, you can easily resize them using scissors if they are too big for your furniture feet
  • They are ¼ inches which means they won’t add too much height on your furniture


  • You need to make sure to wipe the furniture feet before applying these or else they won’t stick properly

Where to buy?

These pads are available on a lot of online stores, but I recommend buying them on amazon just because they are a lot cheaper on amazon plus amazon delivers on time.

I also got them on amazon and I’m very happy with my purchase, buying them was worth every penny that is why I highly recommend them to people who have laminate floors.

How long does this furniture pads last?

It really depends on the furniture, if you put them under a sofa that you don’t move often, than they will last for a very long time.

But if you put them on kitchen chairs that you frequently move then they won’t last for long.

Please note: these were designed for chairs and table, they will work on both kitchen chairs and dining room chairs.

If you are looking for furniture pads that will keep your furniture from scratching your laminate floors than the x protector pads are exactly what you are looking for, they are cheap but high quality at the same time.

I hope this article was helpful, good luck and god bless…

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