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Best glue for felt furniture pads

Best glue for felt furniture pads

We recently installed hardwood floor, so my wife suggested that we get felt furniture pads for our kitchen chairs to prevent the chair legs from scratching our expensive floor.

So, I immediately went to amazon to get the pads… I first checked the customer reviews just to hear what other people were saying and I was amazed by the reviews since a lot of people were also highly recommending them.

After reading the reviews, I immediately bought the pads, but guess what? They came off within the first few days.

I was kinda angry because they kept sliding off the chairs. So, I tried using a glue and it also didn’t work.

The only problem with the pads is that, the adhesive on the pads was not strong enough to keep the felt pads from sliding off.

So, is there a glue that can help keep your felt furniture pads in place?

Not really, there is no glue that can keep your felt pads from sliding off, I’ve tried almost all types of glues that I could get my hands on but none seemed to do the trick.

So, after searching and searching for a glue that could work, I accidentally stumbled upon some felt pads that had small nails to keep the pads from sliding off when moving the chair.

The only solution to this problem is to use different felt pads that can be mounted onto the bottom chair legs.

I would highly recommend that you buy the ones that I also bought because they haven’t come off and also haven’t given me any issues.

The name of these felt pads are Heavy Nail-on Furniture Felt Pad by Alimitopia and they do the trick very well, these can be mounted easily onto the bottom of the chair legs.

Caution: these pads only work on wooden furniture legs, that is the only downfall of these pads.

But if your furniture has wooden legs than you definitely should get these pads, they don’t slide off, they don’t fall off and also don’t come off easily.

This will probably sound too good to be true but these are by far the best felt furniture pads I have ever used… I highly recommend them to anyone who have furniture with wooden feet.

CLICK HERE TO READ AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWS so you can hear what other people are saying about these pads.

These have a lot of positive reviews and also have quite a lot of 5-star ratings, which means, these does do the job.

The only thing that I can promise you about these pads is that, you are not going to have a single regret from trying them out… they are cheap, so, you really don’t have anything to lose


3 things that you are going to love about these felt pads?

  1. They do not come off even if you have kids or dogs that keep pushing the chairs
  2. They do not come off when lifting up the chairs while sweeping, mopping or just doing some cleaning
  3. They don’t slide off at all even if you move the chair while sitting on it, what more can you really ask for?

Please note: Make sure to pre drill a small hole for the nails before mounting the pads on the bottom of the chair…

What are the things that I love about these nail-on pads?

  • They work even on chair legs that end at an angle
  • They are easy to use, all the pads come already put together, the felt are inside the little plastic cups and the nails come out the top…
  • They work on all types of floors, from hardwood to carpet floors… best for all types of homes, it doesn’t matter what type of flooring you have, these will work.
  • They help keep the chair in place but they don’t prevent the chair from sliding, they slide with little resistance
  • They are not just for indoors, they are also great for outside applications
  • They do not add too much height on your chairs, they add just a very small amount of height, I honestly doubt that anyone could notice the different in height…

How to know what size do you need for your chair legs?

That is easy, just make sure to measure the diameter of the bottom of your chair legs and then buy a slightly small size.

How much do these nails on pads cost?

What makes these pads different from other nail-on felt pads?

  • They have super high-quality strong material carbon steel nails, the nails wont bend or break when mounting them using a hammer
  • the pads are durable, strong and high density, the felt also glide nicely on hardwood without damaging or ruining your floors
  • they are kinda anti slip, I’ve had these pads on my kitchen chair legs for quite some time now and they really prevent the chairs from scratching the floor and also will reduce friction vibration or noise while moving the chair
  • they definitely help in terms of making your floors last longer, these kinda increase the life span of my hardwood floors since the chairs cannot leave marks on the floor
  • you can easily mount them onto the bottom of any wooden furniture chairs by just hammering plus the nails are very thin they won’t break the chair legs in half

The reason I recommend these pads is simple because there is no glue that can keep your felt pads from sliding off, these are your best solution.

I’m using these on my kitchen chairs and they work like magic, they are not the best but they do the job way better than all the felt pads I’ve tried.

There are quite a lot of high-quality glues that you can try but I’ve tried quite a few from amazon and none worked, so please don’t waste your time by trying different glues because you are going to be very disappointed.

CLICK HERE TO BUY THE NAIL-ON FELT PADS FROM AMAZON and thank me later, good luck…

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