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Best mop for hardwood floors

Best mop for hardwood floors

After wasting a lot of money trying different hardwood floor mops I finally found exactly what I needed.

Getting the best hardwood floor mop can be a pain in the ass, that is why I’m going to advise you to buy exactly what I bought simple because this mop was better than any other mop I’ve tried so far and it is not expensive.

The mop that I’m going to recommend is the Rubbermaid Reveal Microfiber Spray Mop simple because I have been using it for more than 5 months and it has never given me any issues plus it works like magic.

I have tried about 4 different hardwood floor mops and all didn’t do the job for me until I stumbled an article that recommended the Rubbermaid Mop.

I’m not really good when it comes to convincing people but the only thing I can promise you about this mop is that, you are not going to have a single regret from spending your money on it, it is worth every penny.

I have told about two of my best friends to also buy this mop for their hardwood floors and they both told me that they loved it, that why I’m very positive that you are going to love it as well.

Things that I love about this mop:

  • It is super easy to assembly and once you get it together it works like magic
  • It is more lightweight than a regular mop
  • It is safe for bamboo
  • It has a vibration feature that makes the mopping efficient
  • It quick
  • The pad works great on my hardwood floors
  • It works on luxury vinyl planks
  • It also works on faux hardwood
  • It doesn’t cost a lot of money
  • It doesn’t leave any dirt or duct behind
  • It has a little vibration thing that helps with any spots
  • It is super easy to use
  • It is easy to clean
  • I have been using for about 5 months and I have not noticed any streaks
  • It cleans the floors beautifully
  • it makes keeping the floor clean and glowing a very easy task
  • it leaves my floors looking great even when my kids are around, a quick swipe with this mop makes all the doggie foot prints disappear within a blink of an eye.

Things that I don’t like about this mop

  • Once it breaks it becomes a very heavy push-broom

Where to buy?

Getting this mop from local stores is like looking for a needle in a haystack, it is very difficult to find it offline, the only way to get it is to buy it online from amazon.

I also bought it from amazon and it was delivered on time, I’m very happy with my purchase so far…

This mop is also available from other online stores like eBay but do not buy it from other online stores because it is ridiculously expensive, just make sure to buy it from amazon so you can get it for a much cheaper PRICE.

Is this mop really worth the money?

It not perfect but it is worth every penny I have spent on it…

Based on my personal experience with most hardwood floor mops I have tried, there is no such thing as a perfect hardwood floor mop, all the mops I have tried had their own pros and cons.

Yes, every hardwood floor mop has its own downfalls, yes the Rubbermaid Reveal Microfiber Spray Mop is also not perfect but I honestly do not have a single regret from spending my money on it because it has made cleaning my hardwood floors an easy task.

What made me buy this mop?

After searching and searching for the best mop for my floors I stumbled upon a blog article that recommended this mop and I immediately went to amazon to first read the customer reviews just to hear what other people were saying.

I honestly didn’t buy this mop just because it was recommended on that article, but I only bought this mop after reading the customer reviews since a lot of people were highly recommending it as well.

I honestly was amazed by the reviews as a lot of people were talking positive things about it.

You should also go to amazon and read the customer reviews yourself, it is very important to read reviews before buying anything online just to avoid getting ripped off.

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS ON AMAZON so you can hear what other people are Saying who have bought it as well…

My tips to make your hardwood floors last longer:

  • Don’t use vinegar when cleaning your floors
  • Make sure to use Bruce Hardwood floor Cleaner to make your floors last longer, this cleaner will not leave residue on your floor, it wont discolor your floor over time and it will also help make your floors last longer.
  • Buy a indoor and outdoor mat such as the Hudson Fiber Entrance Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mat
  • Don’t walk on your floors wearing high heels
  • Tell your family members to leave the shoes on the door before stepping on the floor

Thanks for reading my article on what do I think I the best hardwood floor mop, I hope this article was helpful, good luck and god bless.



I just purchased this mop after reading your article, I haven’t received my order yet but I’ll definitely come back after a week or two to tell you whether it worked for me or not, thanks for your reviews…. Great article.


I found this page when I was searching on google, I wasn’t sure whether to buy this mop but I did, it been 5 weeks and I’m very happy with it so far, it better than my old mop and it way easier to clean.

I like this mop because it is easy to use and it works very well, I also left a review on amazon and gave it 4 stars… awesome review, website like these are what makes the internet awesome.


Bought this mop after reading your article as well, great mop, it gets things done within minutes plus it is very easy to use as well, keep up the good work, I really like your website…

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