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Best office chair caster wheels for laminate floor

Best office chair caster wheels for laminate floor

Are you looking for high quality caster wheels for your office chair that wont ruin your laminate floors over time? If yes than this article is exactly what you have been looking for.

I also have laminate floor in my office and the caster wheels that originally came with my office chair kind of damaged and left marks on the floor after a while.

But then I luckily stumbled upon some really high-quality caster wheels that were made and suitable for laminate floors.

I have been using the wheels for quite some time now and they are exactly what I was looking for, they’ve haven’t given me any issues and also haven’t damaged my laminate floors.

These wheels are called heavy duty caster wheels by lifelong, and they work like magic, you won’t have any regret from using them.

Buying them was worth every penny that is why I highly recommend them to anyone who have laminate floors.

Great thing about these wheels is that, they were made and designed for sensitive floors such as laminate flooring, they are rubber which means they won’t leave any marks on your expensive floors.

They glide nicely, they don’t make any sound or noise when moving the chair while working.

How much do these wheels cost?

Things that I love about these caster wheels

  • These casters definitely raise the height of the chair just a little bit
  • These wheels are the same price as the mats but they offer superior protection for your floors, they are the best solution for having office chairs
  • It easy for you to move around the office without standing up from your chair, you can also roll around the office on hard wood floors without damaging the floors
  • These wheels glide across the floor like you are sitting on an ice rink, silent, smooth its surely feels like a new chair, full disclosure
  • These castors swivel and turn perfectly, they have good quality and come nicely packaged in a tailor-made box
  • They fit perfectly in the old chair set, and are great on hard surfaces, they allow you to do things without the slightest bit of drag or pull
  • They roll noiselessly on the marble, and they don’t stain or mark either carpet or marble
  • Color of these caster wheels is great, it should match any chair regardless of size a chair is, they are as quiet as advertised for sure
  • Amazing product you can’t even tell that they are not originally part of the chair
  • These wheels are manufactured from superior grade rubber, you can move across the floor without cringing or afraid you will leave behind scratches

Things that you need to know before buying the wheels

  • They do not work on any IKEA furniture and also not compatible with any IKEA chairs

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What are the pros and cons of using these caster wheels?


  • These caster wheels will save you a lot of money in the long run, from now on, you won’t have to worry about expensive floors repairs
  • No more scratches on your lovely expensive laminate floor
  • Another reason to use these wheels is that, they will make your floors last longer since they do not leave marks like the plastic wheels that came with your chair
  • They are soft polyurethane rubber but extremely strong as they were made for heavy duty, they are capable of withstanding 650lbs… what more can you really ask for?
  • They were specially made and designed for sensitive floating floors such as laminate, hardwood, vinyl or bamboo… these are your best option if you want to keep the chair from denting your expensive floors
  • They are also very good on carpet floors, good for both high pile and low pile carpet…
  • They glide nicely even on area rugs…
  • You won’t have to spend any money an office chair mat since these are rubber
  • They don’t get stuck, the wheels have super strong high quality bearings that do not pick up pet hair… best for people who have a lot of dog hair laying on the floor
  • They are easy to clean, you just wipe them with a soft wet cloth and you are good to go
  • They are also good on tile or marble flooring
  • They are not slippery even on uneven floors
  • They quite, these will provide you with quite rolling, these are extremely quite even when roughly gliding the chair
  • You won’t need to put any effort when moving the chair, you will be able to change direction of movement easily because of the precision bearing in the wheels tuning mechanism
  • By far the best reliable wheels I have ever used, cheap but high quality at the sometime


  •    They don’t come with locks, but you really don’t have anything to worry about since the bearing don’t swivel without you actually moving the chair

Where to buy?

Laminate floor is extremely sensitive to scratches that is why you need to be very careful when shopping for caster wheels to use on your chair since most wheels were not designed for sensitive floors.

The reason I highly recommend the life-long wheels is because I also have laminate floor in my home office and these wheels have never given me any issues.

These have never left marks, never scratched my floor and also never got stuck when moving the chair…

I also have recommended these caster wheels to my mom and brother in-law, they both told me that these were by far the best caster wheels they’ve ever used that is why I’m very positive that these will also work for anyone who have laminate floors.

I’ve been using these daily for quite some time now and I can positively say that, you are not going to have a single regret from spending your money on these wheels.

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