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Best Office chair wheels for carpet floor

Best Office chair wheels for carpet floor

In this article I’m going to talk about caster wheels that are great on both high pile or low pile carpet.

So, are you looking for high quality caster wheels that are safe on carpet, if yes than this article is exactly what you have been looking for.

My office also has carpet, and the original wheels that came with my office chair slowly but surely ruined my carpet floor after a while.

So, after searching and searching for the best wheels for my office chair that are safe and suitable for my carpet floors, I stumbled upon some really high-quality wheels that works like magic.

What I love about these wheels is that, they do not damage or wear my carpet, that is why I highly recommend them to anyone who have carpet floors in their office.

These wheels are called heavy duty caster wheels by lifelong … these are by far the safest office wheels for people who have carpet flooring in their offices.

What made buy these wheels was because of the customer reviews.

At first, I was a bit skeptical about buying these but after reading the reviews, I was very convinced that these were safe on carpet.

A lot of people who have carpet flooring were also highly recommending these wheels under the reviews and most people who have floating floors also gave these wheels a 5-star rating.

I have tried quite a lot of different wheels that are available on amazon but most of the wheels that I’ve tried were garbage that is why you need to be very careful when shopping for wheels these days.

I’ve had these wheels for about 2 months now and I honestly do not have a single regret from spending my money on them simple because they’ve never given me any issues and also haven’t damaged my carpet.

How much do these wheels cost?

What are the things that that I love about these wheels?

  • They roll almost easily on the carpet as they do on plastic.
  • These wheels leave no marks on the floor they are virtually silent they move pretty well with hundreds of pounds on the chair.
  • You can also roll around the office on carpet floor without damaging the floors.
  • They fit perfectly in place of the old chair set and are very great on hard surfaces, they allow you to do things without the slightest bit of drag or pull.
  • These caster wheels are a medium density rubber so when you sit on them, they deform slightly and spread the load out more than a plastic wheel.
  • The build quality on these caster wheels is quite good as well no cracking or noise at all.
  • They do not stretch the carpet, amazing product and wonderful customer service.
  • The result of the caster wheels is game changing, with basically no damage on the carpet, these are exactly what they appear to be, rollerblade wheels with an adapter attached.
  • Great wheels highly recommend if you do prefer carpet on the floor.
  • They are absolutely fast and easy to install.

What are the things that I didn’t like about the wheels?

  • They seem great despite initial skepticism over lack of bearings.

CLICK HERE TO READ AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWS just so you can hear what other people are saying.

To be honest, at was a bit skeptical at first but then bought them after reading the reviews since a lot of people were also highly recommending them.

But what really made me buy the wheels was because a lot of people who have carpet flooring gave them 5 star ratings.

Based on my personal experience, these wheels are 10 times better than the plastic wheels that came with my chair that is why I highly recommend these to anyone looking for high quality caster wheels that are suitable for both low pile and high pile carpet.

These wheels are also not perfect but I do not have a single regret from spending my money on them simple because they’ve haven’t given me any issues.

What are pros and cons of using these wheels on carpet?


  • I highly recommend them because they are suitable for carpet, you are going to absolutely love these chairs…. No doubt
  • Much better than any other wheels that are standard in most office chairs
  • They are great on all types of floors, they are not just for carpet, and you will be able to easily roll the chair from carpet to hardwood without any issues.
  • I live with my two dogs and they love to sleep in my home office, The hair that falls on the floor used to gets stuck in my old wheels but that hasn’t happened since the day I started using these ones... these doesn’t pick up pet hair like most wheels.


  • The harder the surface, the better they work, they were made for hard surfaces but also work well on a thin carpet but not that good when you have a plush carpet.
  • My office has carpet, I’ve had these wheels for quite some time now, and to be honest there's some little resistance when the wheel arms rotate but other than that I honestly do not have any issues.
  • Most wheels don’t glide very well on carpet, these ones are also not perfect but they are way better than any other wheels I’ve used so far.
  • Another thing that you should know about these wheels is that, they do not work on IKEA chairs… they don’t fit ant all, I’ve tried on two IKEA office chairs and they didn’t fit.

Where to buy?

What makes these wheels different from other wheels?

I bought these wheels because the standard wheels that originally came with my office chair kept damaging my carpet. That the really reason and I’m very happy with these wheels so far.

Not perfect but they do what I needed and most importantly, they do not damage the carpet. So what more can I really ask for?

Based on my personal experience with these wheels, I’d say that what makes these different from other wheels is that they do not make squeaky noise when rolling the chair and they also glide well across all types of floors.

I’m sure that are a lot of wheels that are much better than these ones, but I personally recommend these ones simple because they work very well for me.

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