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Best Office chair wheels for tile floor

Best Office chair wheels for tile floor

In this article I’m going to talk about caster wheels that are best for tile flooring.

So, if you are looking for high quality caster wheels that are safe on tiles, if yes than this article is exactly what you have been looking for.

My office also has tiles, and the original wheels that came with my office chair were giving me a hard time, making noise and ruining my tile flooring.

So, I decided to search for the best wheels for my office chair that will be safe for my tile floor, while searching, I came across some really high-quality wheels that do wonders I’m so in love with these caster wheels.

What I love the most about these caster wheels is that, they are smooth, quit, great quality, solid wheels, easy to install, well-built casters and they move beautiful with no tracks left on tile flooring.

These wheels are called heavy duty caster wheels by lifelong, these are the best wheels for people who have tile flooring in their office.

Since I have tile flooring in my office I wanted something that will be more gentle than the plastic wheels that came with my office chair and I got these amazing caster wheels from amazon.

These wheels have been a great upgrade to my office chair that why I recommend each and everyone who have tile flooring to try it out, it is worth every cent trust me.

What are the things that I love about these caster wheels?

  • These wheels glide across the floor like you are sitting on an ice rink, silent, smooth it surely feels like a new chair! Full disclosure.
  • They roll noiselessly on the tile, and they don’t stain or mark either tile or carpet.
  • These wheels are manufactured from superior grade rubber, you can move across the floor without cringing or afraid you will leave behind scratches.
  • They glide effortlessly across any kind of flat floor because the load spread out much more the dint cause any issues when rolling over the thinner part of a tile floor planks.
  • The build quality on these caster wheels is quite good as well no cracking or noise at all.
  • They are essentially like rollerblade wheels with caster posts on them, the bearings are super quit and smooth, they are soft compared to the rigid hard plastic ones that comes with the chair.
  • They rotate in their own 360 degrees orbit perfectly; they are definitely a little heavier as the hardware of these casters are metal and not plastic like most standard casters come with.
  • They add a little extra height, they roll nicely on the tile floor, quit and responsive.
  • They do not damage nor scratch the tile flooring.
  • They are very well made, well packaged as advertised, these wheels currently working great.
  • They not only look great but they protect the tile floors, glide like, glide like you are floating and are completely silent.

How much do these wheels cost?

What are the things that I didn’t like about the caster wheels?

  • I’ve heard from someone that they do not age well and become loose at the top. maybe it true,maybe it false, i guess i have to find it out myself.

I was a bit skeptical at first, I stumbled upon these wheels on amazon after reading a lot of reviews on different wheels.

What made me get these wheels out of all the wheels available on amazon was because it had really positive reviews and most people who have tile flooring were also highly recommending them that is why I’m very positive that these will also work for you.

CLICK HERE TO READ AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWS just so you can hear what other people are saying.

Most wheels will leave scuff marks on tiles that is why you need to be careful when shopping for wheels these days.

These are rubber, they don’t dent or leave marks on the floor, you are definitely going to love these wheels no doubt.

What are pros and cons of using these wheels on tile floors?


  • The tile in my office has a large grout lines and they work perfectly, they do not get stuck at all, they glide extremely well across my tile floors… I’m 100 percent sure that you are going to love these wheel
  • They do not get stuck, they do not pick up dirt and also do not leave marks behind, what more can you really ask for? These are cheap but high quality at the same time.
  • By far the most durable wheels available on the market right now, high quality soft rubber but strong at the same time.
  • You won’t need to spend any money on a chair mat as these won’t leave scuff marks on the floor


  • This may sound too good to be true but I honestly do not have anything negative to say just because these does a lot better than I expected.
  • The most importing to know about these wheels is that, they do not work well with IKEA furniture, they don’t fit IKEA chairs, even the manufacture of these wheels have said these are not compatible with IKEA office chairs.
  • Maybe a con would be that they do not have any locks, but that really shouldn’t matter since they do not slide easily unless you move the chair yourself, other than that I don’t have anything bad to say.

Where to buy?

What makes these wheels different from other wheels?

They do not leave scuff marks on tiles, they glide well even on tiles with large grout lines.

Most wheels make noise when rolling the chair on tile flooring, but guess what, these are super quite, and they roll and glide quietly. If you are looking for quite wheels than these are for you.

There are a lot of rubber wheels to choose from, the reason you should buy these ones is because they are soft rubber, and they do not leave marks even when you roughly slide the chair.

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