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Best premium rug pad for kilim

Best premium rug pad for kilim

I recently bought a Kilim area rugs and buying it was worth every penny, but the problem was that it almost killed my daughter.

I have laminate floors in my house, it extremely slippery… so my dad suggested that I get a rug pad that will help keep my kilim rug from slipping.

After searching and searching for a rug pad, I finally found what I personally believe is by far the best rug pad for kilim area rugs.

This rug pad is called Mohawk non slip rug pad and it does the job very well, on top of that it makes my kilim rug a bit more comfy.

So if you have a kilim rug and looking for a high quality rug pad than I highly recommend Mohawk non slip rug pad simple because it is what I use and it hasn’t given me any issues.

This rug pad is non slip, it keeps rug in place, it doesn’t leave marks on my floor, it doesn’t add to much height on my kilim rug plus it kind of makes my rug look a lot more stylish.

My rug look way more expensive since I started using this rug pad, it comfy and my dogs can’t get enough of it.

My German shepherd dog sleep whole day, he loves taking a nap on the rug because this rug pad makes the kilim rug feel a lot more like a bed.

There are quite a lot of different rug pads to choose from these days available on amazon, the reason I bought this rug pad was because of the customer reviews.

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first about buying this rug pad because of the price, but immediately bought it after reading the reviews since a lot of people were also highly recommending it.

CLICK HERE TO CHECK THE CUSTOMER REVIEWS and see what are other people are saying about this rug pad especially people who have kids and pets.

You are going to be amazed by the reviews how people love this pad rug and highly recommending it as one of the best and you are going to love to have it as well.

What are the Pros and cons of using this rug pad on a kilim?


  • It makes my kilim area rugs look a lot more stylish
  • It makes my rugs a lot more comfy
  • It doesn’t add too much height on the rug
  • It doesn’t leave mark on my laminate floors
  • It keeps the rugs from slipping
  • It easy to cut, you can resize it using scissors… you won’t need any special tools to cut it
  • It super high quality, it doesn’t which means it also good on high traffic areas since it doesn’t wear or tear easily


  • It big and heavy, you won’t be able to put it on a washing machine… you will need to spot clean it by hand.

How much does it cost?

You really don’t have to worry yourself about the price this rug pad is worth the price and the high quality goes with the value of the price.

The only thing I can promise you is that you will not have a single regret from buying this rug pad and you are really going to love it trust me!

What are the things that Love about this rug pad?

  • This is the a nice quality pad easy to cut down if needed and the most amazing thing it can fit any hardwood and the other carpet floors as well, this pad keeps the rug in place from moving or sliding. I highly recommend it and it is exactly what is stated.
  • This rug pad has helped my rug dell much softer to work on and it holds everything in place much better and the pad too helps to absorbs water from going under floor especially my kids they are very careless when they drinking juice or tea and they will pour it on the floor.
  • This rug pad really helps to make the rug more comfortable and soft and it non slippery you just put it once and it won’t move.
  • My kids love to play on this rug because of the comfy and my dogs loves to lies on it because of it softness and I recommend this rug pad to people who have kids and pets as well and having the rug and the pad really helps.
  • What I love about this rug pad it had a rubber that is non slip and the other side is soft and it softness makes the kilim rug to be more comfortable and warm and it can fit any floor because you can pick any color you want.
  • I love the design on the kilim rug with the beautiful colors and patterns on it adds a little decoration in the room and I bought a bright color for my dining room and it has brightens the room and look more decorative with that expensive look on it.
  • This rug feels so good to my bare feet with this pad underneath and I bought another piece for the kitchen when am cooking in the kitchen I like to stand on this rug and so warm and comfortable.
  • I love the thickness of the pad and it is right for my wool rug and it starches perfect becouse the pad has to be smaller than the rug.
  • This rug pad offers the most cushioning underfoot and I have tried different rug pad and this one is one of the best and it a good choice for high traffic areas because it doesn’t slide or move and it thickness holds the rug perfect.
  • The rug pad helps to stay put and it protects without leaving residues on the floor and the pad extends the life of the rug and this rug works on wood ,tile and other hardwood floors

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