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Best recycled rug pad

Best recycled rug pad

There are a lot of rug pads to choose from these days but only about %1 of rug pads are recycled.

It took me about 2 weeks to find a high quality recycled rug pad after searching for a whole 2 weeks with no luck, and shockingly I found it on amazon.com.

Please note: there are a few recycled rug pad that you can get from amazon but most are just pure garbage.

I tried about 4 different recycled rug pads and most were just rubbish. The only high quality recycled rug pad that I only recommend is the ENDURANCE 100-Percent Recycled Felt Rug Pad simple because I’ve had it for a few weeks now and it does the job very well.

There are a lot of things that I love about this rug pad but what I love the most is that, it is eco-friendly and it doesn’t have any chemical smells like the other rug pads I’ve tried.

This rug pad is by far the best recycled rug pad that I can think off simple because it has never given me any issues plus it makes my area rugs a lot more comfy.

I’m pretty sure that this rug pad is not perfect, well, we all know that there is no such thing as a perfect product but buying this rug pad was worth every penny just because it keeps my area rug in place and it keeps my dining room area rug from tripping and bunching.

Based on my personal experience, this rug pad is 10 times better than the other 3

recycled rug pad I tried a few weeks ago.

Please CLICK HERE TO READ AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWS just so you can hear what other people are saying about this rug pad.

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about buying this rug pad at first, what made me buy it was because of the customer reviews since a lot of people were also highly recommending it.

Things I love about this rug pad

  • This rug pad is 100 percent recycle felt and provides extra s0ft backing, it adds a nice softness and comfy to your hardwoods floors.it has natural hypo-allergenic, mold, mildew and moth resistant. This rug pad can be easy to trim it with sharp scissor to match the exact size and shape of your gud.it comes ready for all your daily activity, extra cushion, tapered edges to prevent tripping and curling and tamping down noise, it has a soft substantial piece which does not flake or stain in your floors.
  • This rug pad is the best because I have used t for a year now in my house and my vinyl floors look great and this rug pad protect them from getting damage and scratched. It adds ½ of soft cushion for an extra plush feel. It safe for floors with no latex rubber backing, no bunching and wrinkles. This rug pad does not discolor your floors but helps in keeping them protected.
  • It non slippery and more comfortable, it plush and easy to move it also has a thick wool and softness in it .this rug pad is not adhesive or sticky, is does not slide or shift but it stays in it position under the rug.it have a perfect amount of cushion which is great for people who love walking in barefoot. This rug pad does not leave any dark marks or stains on your floors, it does not leave steaks or residues.
  • This rug pad is absolute the best because it does a great job  in maintaining the life and the rug area and the furniture does not move .it has a high quality and does not have any chemical smell since some people are highly allergic to chemical smells. This rug pad also helps absorb water form going underneath your floor and also protect your floors from being scratched by the furniture.
  • This rug pad can be used in any types of floors like vinyl floors, bamboo floors laminate floors, tiles and concrete floors.it easy to install it and trim it to fit your rug area.it does not slip or slide, it good for pet and children especially babies that are starting to learn how to walk.
  • Ever since I started using this rug pad my life has been easy and helps me maintaining my floor.it adds that comfy and nice feel in your house and feels good under the feets.my family is also using thing rug pad and they say it the best and their pet love sleeping in it because it has that nice comfy and the cushion it great .it does not move a bit and keeps the floors in good shape.it can be easly cleaned with a vacuum because it can’t fit on a washing machine. this rug pad is great for keeping the house clean and holds it securely to the floors without any slipping around and it substantial enough that it does not bunch at all.
  • This rug pad is wonderful and works great in every types of floor and does a good job maintaining your life and rug area. Buying this rug pad you won’t experience any issues and you won’t regret spending your money buying it because it does a fantastic job and your floors will keep looking great all the time .this pad does not stick on your floors or leave any dark marks or stains it does not leave steaks or residues to your floors but it helps keeping them clean and protects them from being scratched or damaged by the furniture.
  • What I love about this rug pad is that you can use it in your bedroom, dining room or in traffic areas like passages or in front door. I highly recommend this product for everyone who want maintain the life and the area rug and who want to keep they floors in good shape for a long time. This rug does a perfect job keeping the rug in place and it feels more comfortable and soft.it also good for people who love doing workout at home this rug it perfect for them because it has enough cushion and it does slip so they fall while working out and doing stretches  on the rug pad.
  • This rug pad is good for every family because it have any chemicals smells and it good for pets and children, it helps keeps your house feels warm and cleaned all the time.it protect your floors from being damaged or stained, this rug pad does it job as expected and helps the rug area and the furniture does not move and prevent tripping and curling. This rug pad is the best and I don’t regret buying it because it works wonderful.

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