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Best rug pad for needlepoint rug

Best rug pad for needlepoint rug

If you are looking for a rug pad that will help increase the lifespan of your needlepoint rug than you came to the right place.

Needlepoint rugs don’t last for very long especially if you place it on a high traffic area such as a hallway or if you are using it as an entrance mat.

The only way to make your needlepoint rugs last longer is to put a rug pad underneath.

So which rug pad do I recommend?

You need to get the Rug Gripper Non Slip Rug Pad, it high quality and it was made and designed to protect your floor and make your rugs last longer at the same time.

What kind of amazed me about this rug pad is that, it made my needlepoint rug look a lot more expensive and bit more stylish because of the added cushioning.

We all know that needlepoint rug are not that comfy, well, a rug pad will make sure soft to the feet and extremely comfy because of the added cushioning.

Make sure to cut your rug pad about 1 inches less than your needlepoint rug size in other for it to remain hidden.

It adds cushioning but also doesn’t add to much height at the same time… no one will even notice that there is a rug pad underneath the rug.

How much does it cost?

What are the things that I love about this rug pad?

  • One thing I’ve learned is that all rugs benefit from a rug pad, I made this needlepoint rug with my own hands but now it looks a lot more expensive because of this rug pad and it makes my rug look stylish… there was absolutely no odor in this product, I’m sensitive to smells and would have noticed any off gassing, this rug pad is definitely safe because there are no chemical smell that I have encountered with the few pads… I highly recommend this
  • I’m so pleased with this rug pad, because I was afraid that my needlepoint rug won’t last long that why I decided to purchase a rug pad ever since I installed this rug pad under my rug it feels like walking on a cloud, it hasn’t budged an inch and it makes my rug a lot more comfy my kids are very happy they like to play on this rug now that they have seen how comfy it is
  • This rug pad is safe for elderly people, kids and pets because once you have installed it, it won’t move causing your family members to fall and get injured… my kids and my older dog love to play in the house running around, this one time my dog once got injured on the leg so I’m really happy with this rug pad everyone is safe
  • This rug pad is 7” to 10 “ but it can be trimmed to the size needed, I personally recommend trimming a pad at least 1 inch smaller than the rug on all sides to prevent people catching their toe on the edge of the rug, you can trim this pad with utility scissors, it very easy to cut… this pad feels so plush under the rug, there is no slipping on the floor at all, and it feels like it won’t damage the hardwood floor underneath it over time, this pad actually protect the floor because ever since I’ve installed it there are no damages that have occurred, I’m really happy with this product will definitely purchase again for my kids playroom
  • Once you have installed this rug pad your needlepoint rug wont slide, at first I was worried that it would end up marking my hardwood floors but so far there are no permanent markings on our floors plus this rug pad has a very light weight, we do pull it up every couple of months and clean under it, we just do our normal mopping and it comes up and our floors look good as new, this rug pad really protect the floor… I highly recommend it
  • Once I placed this rug pad underneath my needlepoint rug it was noticeably softer and cushioned, what I loved the most is that when my order came it was in a plastic packaged folded neatly like a towel and when I unfolded it there were no wrinkles or bubbles I just fell in love with this rug pad right away it was surely love at first site
  • The great thing about this rug pad is that it machine washable, it keeps my rug in place and prevents bunching and sliding while my kids and pets are playing, it makes vacuuming easier, it also protects my hardwood floor and it protects all different types of floor surfaces, also it provides extra cushioning and comfort to my needlepoint rug
  • This rug pad is working wonderfully well, it really great, I love it that it is not adhesive, it really amazing its machine washable but you can also wash it by using your hands it very easy since it don’t have too much weight in it, it definitely keeps your needlepoint rug in place without leaving residue or issues with the hardwood floor beneath… highest recommendation
  • This rug pad has a great high quality, the price is cheap but high quality at the same time, their service is quite good because the delivery was very quick, the pad was well folded and easy to install, absolutely no complaints I’m really happy, this rug pad has been a good investment for me and my family and a great pleasure to use in our home
  • It is perfect, it not only stops the area rug from sliding on my hardwood floors but it also adds a nice cushion making my needlepoint rug look and feel expensive and more stylish, this rug pad saves the pile on the rug and life of the rug because it’s not being crushed against a hard solid surface as you walk on it, it makes your rug to last longer… highly recommend

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