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Best rug pad to prevent bunching and tripping

Best rug pad to prevent bunching and tripping

Are you looking for a high quality rug pad that will keep your area rugs from bunching or tripping? If yes than this article is exactly what you have been looking for.

Today, I’m going to review what I personally believe is by far the best rug pad when it comes to keeping area rugs from tripping and bunching.

Please note; I have been using this rug pad for a few months now and it does the job very well when it comes to keeping my area rugs in place.

This rug pad is called Mohawk Home Non Slip Rug Pad , it is by far the best rug pad I have ever used when it comes to keeping my area rugs from slipping.

What I also love about this rug pad is that, it also adds cushioning to your rugs, it makes rugs feel a bit more comfy and soft.

There are a lot of rug pads available on the market right now but this rug pad is got to be by far the best pad available right now simple because it has not given me any issues and it kind of makes my area rugs look a lot more expensive.

There is no such thing as a perfect rug pad but the only thing that I can promise you about this one is that you are not going to have a single regret from spending your money on it… it is worth every penny.

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What are the things that I love about this rug pad?

  • One thing I’ve learned is that all rugs benefit from a rug pad, my rug is less expensive but now it looks a lot more expensive it makes my home look stylish, the pad is thick and has made my less expensive rug heavenly to walk on, the pad fits perfectly under the rug! I couldn’t be happier… I highly recommend
  • High quality pad it’s a felt fabric , the thickness adds a nice cushion to the rug but not too thick that it makes the furniture wobbly or anything like that, it adds the right amount of softness to the rug, this is a great rug pad it does not slip and it provides a low height pad under the rug beautifully thick and perfect for the area rug on my new hardwood floors
  • This pad feels so plush under the rug, there is no slipping on the floor at all, and it feels like it won’t damage the hardwood floor underneath it, it is a great value and the price is very affordable, before my husband and I purchased it we compared several different rug pad alternatives and I’m glad we got this one, we are very pleased with this product, it provides good cushion, it does not shed or start to come apart like others I’ve used before… I highly recommend and would definitely buy again when the time comes
  • It very easy to cut if it too big for your area rug, it have much quality then the rubber waffle that I had before, when you cut it make sure to use regular scissors and cut it 1 inch on the corners of the rug and it adds nice amount of cushioning, definitely keeps area rug from sliding on wood floors… we are very happy we certainly made the right call buy purchasing this pad, it is exactly as advertised and was no trouble to cut to size, it was delivered on time, was well packaged, the pad rolled out easily and all packaging wrinkles smoothed out quickly, we are extremely pleased and if you’re looking for a pad that adds cushion, look no further than this product
  • It is perfect, it not only stops the area rug from sliding on my hardwood floor but it also adds a nice cushion making my cheap area rug look and feel like expensive rug, this rug pad saves the pile on the rug and life of the area rug because it’s not being crushed against a hard solid surface as you walk on it, make sure you follow the instructions and cut the rug pad at least 1 inch from the edges all round, the rug edges will flatten out after a day or so you won’t trip over it, also it easy to cut perfect for what we were looking for… this new rug pad holds my area rug like glue no more shifting and sliding!
  • This rug pad has a great quality, the price is cheap but high quality at the same time, you are not going to have a single regret from spending your money on this pad… it is worth every penny! Their service is quite good because the delivery was quick, the pad was well packaged and easy to roll out absolutely no complaints my husband and I are really happy, this rug pad has been a great pleasure to use it keeps my area rug in place and prevents bunching and sliding while children or pets are playing, it makes vacuuming easier, it also protects floor surfaces and provides extra cushioning and comfort to your area rug
  • It is thick enough to give a nice feel under foot, I am comfortable the rug is protected from excessive wear, I also like that it was cut slightly larger than the described size, for some reason many rug pads are undercut, I had no difficulty cutting this down with an ordinary scissors… this rug pad is working wonderfully well, it really great, I love it that it is adhesive free… highest recommendation!
  • Whenever my dog and toddlers are running around my rug no longer budge or keep sliding making them fall on the floor, ever since I installed this rug pad they run around like there is no tomorrow without getting injured or falling on the floor, the pad made a huge difference and comfort! It makes the rug feel much more substantial and held up well with my dog and toddlers running over it
  • There was absolutely no odor in this product, my husband is sensitive to smells and would have noticed any off gassing, this rug pad is definitely safe because there are no chemical smell that we have encountered with a few other pads, I would definitely recommend this rug pad
  • This pad is 8 to 11 inch but it can be trimmed to the size needed, I personally recommend trimming a pad at least 1 inch smaller than the rug on all sides to prevent people catching their toe on the edge of the rug, you can trim this pad with utility scissors

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