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Best rug pads for radiant heat floors

Best rug pads for radiant heat floors

Most rug pad were not designed for Radiant Floor Heating, so today I’m going to share a rug pad that works even on radiant heat floors.

Our dining room has radiant heat floors, we’ve tried about 4 different rug pads but none worked, but after searching and searching, I finally found a rug pad that works well on our dining room floors.

This rug pad is called Mohawk Ultra Premium All Surface Felt Rug Pad and it works like magic when it comes to keeping y dining room area rugs in place on top of that it makes my area rugs super comfy.

This will probably sound too good to be true but this rug pad also makes my area rugs look a lot more expensive… my area rugs look a lot more stylish because of this rug pad.

The reason I was looking for a rug pad is because all my dining room area rugs kept moving but that has not happened since I bought this rug pad.

The reason this rug pad is good for radiant heat floors is because it doesn’t have any rubber or latex backing, it is a felt rug pad on both sides, it durable and doesn’t wear or tear easily because of the heat.

How much does it cost?

What are things I love about this rug pad?

  • This rug pad is the best because I have been using it for few months now in my house and my vinyl floors look great and it protect them from getting damage and stained. This rug pad adds ½ of soft cushion for an extra plush feel, they is no latex backing, no bunching and wrinkles. It does not discolor your floors but it helps keeping then protected.
  • It great because it can be easily trimmed with scissors to match the exact size and shape of your rug. It comes ready for all your daily activities, extra cushion, tapered edges to prevent tripping and curling and tamping down noise, it a soft substantial piece which does not flake or stain your floors.
  • This rug pad has a strong quality and very thick.it helps keeps my rug in place and it does not slide or shift it stays in position under the rug area.it not adhesive or sticky to your floors and this rug pad does not scratch the wood or leave steaks but it has a warm feeling which is great when walking in bare foot.it helps maintain the life and the rug area, it doesn’t have chemical smell which is great who children and people who have a problem inhaling chemicals. This rug pad is good for pet and children especially the ones that are starting to learn how to walk.
  • It adds nice comfy and softness to your hard wood floors and leaves any residues and buildup, it does not leave any dark marks and has that luxurious fell to it. I am very satisfied with my rug pad because it add a nice layer to my rug area and does a great job in absorbing water from going underneath .it easy to clean it you can use a vacuum or soak it water. This pad is non slippery and helps the furniture from moving and scratching your hard wood floors. They are also design to protect the furniture from damaging your floors and it can be used to all types of floors like laminate floors, vinyl floors, bamboo floors, tiles and concrete floors.
  • This rug pad is wonderful It has worked for me and family and I don’t have any complains or issues. My family love using this rug pad they are old and the say it good for their feet helps keeping the warm and it no slippery.it also good for people who have pet that love rolling or sleeping to the floor this rug pad will keep them warm and comfy all the time. I am very happy and pleased with this rug pad it has made my floors look great and them from being damaged and scratched, it also this rug pad is good because it does not leave any stain or marks on your floor.
  • My friend is also using this rug pad and she doesn’t stop talking about how it helped her and her family to keep their floors clean and looking great all the time. And also helped her maintain her busy life with 4 children and 2 pets that are always running up and down this rug pad does not trip or slide.it does not stick to the floors and does not leave steaks and resides, that why I highly recommend it to everyone who have hard wood floors, tiles and concrete .this will help them in maintaining the house and the rug area.
  • This rug pad is absolute the best because it does a great job in my hard wood floors and I don’t have any regret spending my money buying this product because it has worked as expected and has not ruined my floors but instead kept them looking good and the material is not cheap which is great. It has a nice smell with no chemicals and has a good thickness and feels comfy which a warm feel to the house.
  • This rug pad is also good for people who love doing work out and stretches at home they can now do them carpet that is non slippery because it a rug pad that helps keep it in place all the time.it also easy to cut it with a sharp scissors to make your size and don’t have to worry about damaging the floors underneath pad while you do the blade cut because the blade would not go all the way through.
  • Buying this rug pad was the perfect decision for my me and family because it has helps us maintaining the house and keeping my floors protected and I will never stop using this rug pad that why I recommend it for everyone who have hard wood floors, tiles and concrete floors.

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