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Best steam mop for bamboo floors

Best steam mop for bamboo floors

There are hundreds if not thousands of different steam mops to choose from these days, but you need to be very careful when shopping for a steam mop because most steam mops available on the market right now are not suitable to use on bamboo flooring.

So, today. I’m going to share what I believe is by far the best steam mop for bamboo hardwood floor.

The reason I’m going to recommend this steam mop is because I also have bamboo floor in my house and this steam mop is what I use almost every day.

I have been using this steam mop for over 6 months now and it works like magic, buying it was the best thing I did this year simple because it does exactly what I needed from a steam mop.

The steam mop that I’m talking about is called Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Pocket Steam Mop, it works greats on bamboo floors, vinyl plank floor, engineered hardwood floor and all types of hardwood flooring.

There are hundreds of different steam mops to choose from on amazon right now but the Shark Genius Steam Mop is the only steam mop I recommend to people who have hardwood floors because it is also what I use and it freaking amazing.

After searching and searching for the best steam mop to use on my bamboo floor, I stumbled upon this mop on Yahoo than I went to amazon.com to check it out.

The only reason I bought this steam mop was because of the customer reviews since a lot of people who have hardwood floors were also highly recommending it.

CLICK HERE TO READ AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWS to hear what other people are saying who are also using this steam mop on hardwood floors.

I highly recommend reading customer reviews before buying anything online just to avoid getting ripped off…

The only thing I can promise you about this steam mop is that you are not going to have a single regret from using it on your bamboo floors… buying it was worth every penny that why I highly recommending it.

What are the things that I love about this steam mop?

  • It freaking works like magic
  • It great on bamboo floors
  • It great on laminate floors
  • It great on vinyl plank floors
  • It great on engineered hardwood floor
  • It works on all types of hardwood floors
  • It easy to use
  • It safe to use
  • It great to use even on daily basis
  • It doesn’t cost a lot of money
  • It cheap but high quality at the same time
  • It will last you for a very long time, why? Because it super strong
  • I have dropped it twice but it still doesn’t have a single scratch on it, that how strong this steam mop is
  • It not large, you won’t need a huge storage after you are done using it
  • it great for people who are lazy such as myself, why? Because it light weight… this mop is not heavy
  • it is eco friendly
  • it will not discolor your hardwood floor
  • it will not ruin your wood floor finish
  • it doesn’t waste electricity
  • it is easy to the hand
  • it best for people who have super sensitive hands, why? Because it comfortable to the hand

How much does this steam mop cost?

Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Pocket Steam Mop

Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Pocket Steam Mop


You really don’t have to worry about the price though, why? Because it is by far the best cheapest high quality steam mop available on the market right now.

If you think that this mop is expensive for you, then the only thing I can promise you is that, you are not going to have a single regret from spending your money on it… this stuff is amazing.

What I love the most about this steam mop is that, it easy to use, even my 13-year-old daughter uses it daily when moping her room…

My daughter is a clean freak, she uses this mop almost daily and her room has vinyl plank floors and she loves it, if my daughter loves it than I’m very positive that you are going to love it too.

What are the things that I don’t like about this steam mop?

This will totally sound too good to be true, but. I honestly do not have a single negative thing to say about this steam mop, why? Because I have been using it for 6 months and it has never given me any issues.

I have recommended this steam mop to two of my best friends, one has bamboo floor and my other friend has laminate floor and they both told me that this was by far the best steam mop they’ve ever used.

What are the pros and cons of using this steam mop on bamboo floors?


  • It doesn’t discolor or damage the floor over time
  • It let you achieve a clean sealed hard floors
  • It also enables you to remove 99% of common household bacteria
  • It doesn’t leave behind any chemical residue
  • It gets rid or remove super tough stains
  • It loosens debris from grout lines, crevices and corners
  • The pads that are coming with this steam mop are super absorbent
  • It swivel
  • It not only for bamboo floors, it great on vinyl plank and laminate flooring as well


  • The only thing that I kind of didn’t like about this steam mop was that, it doesn’t come with a cleaning solution… you have to buy it separately.

Where to buy?


Caution: do not buy it offline because it is ridiculously expensive when buying it locally.

Do not make the same mistake that my friend made by buying this steam mop offline because it cost twice as much when buying it locally.

Make sure to only buy it online from amazon so you can get it for a much reasonable price.

I also bought it from amazon.com and I saved a few bucks… I’m very happy with my purchase because it was delivered on time and also was packaged well…

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