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Best throw pillow for brown leather couch

Best throw pillow for brown leather couch

Brown is one my favorite because you could pair or complement it with different colors, a Brown sofa truly is an investment and is very practical. It hides imperfections, dirt’s & stains. It perfect if you have kids.

Brown is a popular color for living room furniture, especially sofas because a brown leather couch can make a living room look a lot more luxurious on top of that brown is a forgiving color when it comes to spills and stains… but how do you style a brown leather couch? Well the first thing that you are going to need are stylish throw pillows to help bring color to your living room.

So, today I’m going to share my top 4 best throw pillows that will look good on any brown leather couch, these throw pillows are stylish but also high quality at the same time…

All the throw pillows that I’m going to share will help make your living room look a little bit more luxurious, these throw pillows will also bring color to the room, just make sure to choose the pillows that will also match the décor of the room.

There are hundreds if not thousands of throw pillows that you can choose from available on the market right now, but most throw pillows are not that stylish and some don’t look good on a brown couch.

Me and my wife bought two brown leather couches a few weeks back, we had a really tough time styling the couches, so my wife decided to get some throw pillows, we bought about 10 different throw pillows and 4 were awesome and 6 were pure garbage.

I’m only going to list the 4 throw pillow that we liked out of the 10 we bought so you won’t have to scratch your head about which ones to get.

There are a large pool of throw pillow designs available on amazon right now and choosing just one can be really hard, but relax I’ve got you covered, I will list only 4 that are stylish and also match any brown leather couch.

Before we dive in, it is important to know how many throw pillows your couch or sofa can accommodate, don’t go overboard, you don’t have to buy all the 4.

4 different throw pillows that will look good on a Brown leather couch

Please note: These companies sell the pillow inserts and covers separately.

  1. EFOLKI Boho Throw Pillow Covers These are simply gorgeous, our couches are brown, our living room walls are cream beige-ish and the area rug is pink curtains are more of a taupey brown lighter than the couch and these really made a huge difference when it comes to brightening the room, out of all the 5 pillows I recommended, these are got to be the best.

    I'm a guy and I love decorating our house and keep it well organized. I usually buy my furniture, beds, curtains, beddings, pillows and canvass painting, and many more from amazon.

    And I personally believe that these are by far the best couch pillows available on Amazon right now. There is no such thing as a perfect throw pillow but based on my own personal experience, these are perfect, they make my living room look like a 5-star hotel, and these pillows made our living room look like a million-dollar home... I highly recommend these to anyone who is looking for throw pillows that will help bring color and style to their living room.
  2. Anickal Pillow Covers I really love the design of these pillows. They definitely add more comfort and style to your sofa and make it personalize. These pillows gave our ouch a classic style with a chic look that works for me and my partner. They are also very comfortable on my back on top of that they make the space feel more alive & vibrant.

    But what matters for me is the comfort. These pillows are very comfy, you are not going to feel any discomfort, A leather brown sofa is a gem. Others may feel like its old school and it's lifeless, but you can always decorate it with bright colors. These pillows will bring color to your couch and also make your living room look a lot more stylish.
  3. LHKIS Throw Pillow Covers I'm a big fan of these throw pillows, they really make our living room stands out, and my kids also love these as well, these throw pillows are the first thing that most people recognize when they enter our living room. These pillows made my house feel like a home...

    I love changing the pillows each season, it a relatively inexpensive way to have variety. These pillows are beautiful, you are definitely not going to regret getting these for your brown couch.

    What amazed me about these throw pillows is that they are simple but look extremely luxurious, but they are not that comfortable, when I have people over I almost always have to say “please feel free to put the pillows on the floor if you are not comfortable”. Sometimes there is very little space to sit... they are great for decorating but not good if you are looking for something comfy.
  4. Uhomy Luxury Soft Faux Fur Throw Pillow Covers These are super soft and very stylish but I would only recommend these to women, I personally don’t think these will look good on a man’s place, if you are a guy and living with your girlfriend than these may work but if you are a guy who is living alone, these will make you look like a beta male, I wouldn’t recommend these to guys who are alpha males because it going to make you look weak.

    If you are a women and you have a brown leather couch, I honestly believe that these will help enhance your living room, these are soft faux fur, and these pillows will make your living room look like a million dollar hotel that is why most YouTube influencers have these on their living room. If you search for cute pillows on Pinterest.com, these throw pillows will show up on the top 5 because they are super popular around the United State.

1. EFOLKI Boho Throw Pillow Covers


  • The reason I highly recommend these for a brown leather couch is because they come in a set of six and the two are brown faux leather to match the color of the couch
  • They are soft and comfy, you won’t feel any discomfort even after sitting on the couch for a long period of time
  • They have a pretty good stitching
  • Absolutely stunning pillows, for me these really exceeded my expectation, I honestly have no regret from spending my money on them
  • The material feels like a duck or sail cloth, it is thicker and extremely durable
  • These pillows are very different, they have a really nice patters and I really love the diversity because they makes the space look a bit more colorful
  • Easy to wash, you can even put the pillows in the washing machine, but don’t put the faux leather ones in the washer, you’ll need to spot clean them using a wet cloth
  • Comes in different colors, these come in a set of six multi colored, these colors look extremely good on a brown couch
  • High quality, these pillows cost a little bit more but I highly belie that they are worth every penny just because they haven’t given us any issues
  • These are unique, very different from other throw pillows, the design of these is a farmhouse boho décor, it looks good on any living room
  • If you are into vintage décor than you are going to love these pillows, they are super stylish and will make your living space look a bit more luxurious.
  • These are not only for a brown couch, they are good on a bed as well…
  • Great for people who have dogs too, we have two large dogs and the hair doesn’t get stuck in the fibers
  • Another thing that I like about these pillows is that they are super easy to vacuum
  • I really liked the thickness and the fabric they used on these pillows
  • If had to rate these out of 5, I would give them a 5 out of 5 simple because we’ve had them for quite some time now and they don’t wear or tear easily
  • These are great if you pair them with nice goose feather inserts, they look stunning


  • They don’t fit a 20 x20, they only fit a 18x 18 pillow snug
  • It is recommend to only hand wash them with mild soap in order for them to last longer, you can still wash the pillows using a washing machine but it is not recommended
  • They only fit 18x 18 pillows…
  • I wouldn’t use them as outdoor pillows because they will fade easily, they are great only for outdoors
  •  This is based on my personal experience (I’m very gently with the zippers, but one of the pillows literally fell apart in my hand when I tried to close the zip) my wife had to sew it.
  • I could be wrong but the zippers are a bit defective, they are not strong enough

2. Anickal Pillow Covers

I don’t really write or leave reviews online but I left a review on amazon and also gave these pillow covers a 5-star rating simple because they really made our brown couch look 100 times better, these are awesome, great quality and on top of that they do not cost a lot of more.

I found these on amazon after browsing for hours, the color of the pillow covers was just like in the product picture on the website and the quality was a lot better than I expected, I honestly do not have anything negative to say about these, I don’t have any complains.

Good high quality thick material, doesn’t wear or tear easily and the zipper is hidden, I bought the green ones, they are perfect since they are not overly blue and the texture is a lot better than the picture reveals on the amazon website, I highly recommend these to people looking for soft and comfy pillow covers.


  • These are machine washable
  • These also come in 4 different sizes to choose from, 18 x18, 12x20, 16x16 and 20x20
  • You also have 6 colors to choose from, blue grey, black, burnt orange, cream white, light grey and marron
  • If you want to give your couch a farmhouse look than these are exactly for you
  • Extremely stylish and super luxurious, they definitely bring color to the room
  • Great for both indoors and outdoors
  • The pillow covers have a very tight strong zipper
  • Perfect for any brown couch, they look good on any room, bedroom, dining room, living room or office… as long as you have a brown sofa than these will add some style
  • Easy to put in insert, you are not going to have a hard time putting them in the inserts of your choice
  • They are very soft and also durable at the same time
  • Cheap but high quality at the same time, they look extremely expensive to the eye but they are very cheap, I was very surprised about how cheap these were
  • What makes these different from other pillow covers is the fact that they are also skin friendly, these are great for people who have sensitive skin as well, good for kids and adults… you are not going to regret spending your money on these pillow covers… they are definitely worth every penny
  • Another thing that I really like about these pillows is that they do not come with any odor, plus they do not come with any chemical smells that could harm your pets or make your kids sick
  • I hate velvet pillow covers, what I personally liked about these is that they feel more fabric and they also have teal ones and they are extremely gorgeous
  • The last thing that I love about these pillow covers is that they are nice to take a nap. My cat loves to sleep on top of them.


  • I do not recommend putting them on a drying machine, you need to hand dry them after you are done washing them, but they are machine washable, so you really don’t have anything to worry about

3. LHKIS Throw Pillow Covers

If you choose these pillows, please make sure to choose the navy blue or coffee, both these colors are great on a brown couch, especially the (coffee color), it looks amazing on a brown leather couch, the color coffee is kind of brown but light…

Good thing about these pillow covers is that they will give you an option when it comes to the size, they have 20x20, they have 16x16, they have 18x18 and also have a 22x22… I’m pretty sure you will find the perfect size for your couch.

If you don’t like the coffee or navy blue, then you really don’t have anything to worry about, you can still choose between green, beige, wine red and lily orange red… fret colors for both men and women.

These pillow colors are stylish and luxurious, they were made for both ganders, they look good on any room, perfect for a couch that is on a bedroom and also amazing on a couch that is on a living room, you can still use these as bed throw pillows as well, they are not only designed for a couch.


  • The first thing that differentiate these pillow colors from other throw pillows is that, they are much softer and more breathable than you’re your normal average fabric
  • They have a non-smelling pollution feature to help the air freshening of your living room
  • These are kind of unique, they have three unique buttons on the face side, the three buttons that are on these pillows is what gives them style, I salute the person who came up with this design, the bottoms make the pillows look a bit more premium and luxurious
  • They also give the room a farmhouse feeling
  • I really like the zipper, these pillow covers have the best zipper when comparing them to other pillow covers, I have used, the zipper is durable and it perfectly hides on the buttons, it completely invisible to the eye
  • The person who made these pillows is a genius, they look good anywhere, you can out them on a balcony, living room, bedroom, party, picnic or on your office… they look good almost anywhere and on top of that they also match the décor of the room
  • If you are lazy than you are going to love these, they are super easy to wash
  • They are fade resistant, they are stain resistant which makes them look brand new even after washing them
  • Affordable, they look very expensive because of how they look, the three buttons that are on the face side really gives them some style
  • The buttons have a vintage look, makes the pillow eye catching and very unique, I’m very positive that you are going to like these if you decide to get them for your brown couch.


  • Don’t put them on a washing machine
  • Don’t wash them using hot water
  • Do not bleach them or else they’ll lose the color
  • Do not tumble dry
  • If you decide to iron them, make sure the iron is at low 120c or else the iron will easily wear the color

4. Uhomy Luxury Soft Faux Fur Throw Pillow Covers

These are for people who are looking for soft faux fur throw pillow covers, by far the best-looking faux fur pillow covers available on amazon right now, I really don’t like faux fur pillows but I felt in love with these after my wife bought them on amazon.

I personally wouldn’t recommend these to men though, I fell like these were made and designed for women only.

If you are a guy and want faux fur pillows than I would highly recommend getting the gray ombre color or brown ombre…


  • Gret for a sofa, couch, bed or office
  • They are very cheap but they look more expensive than they are, they will definitely make your living room look like a million-dollar home
  • They look good even after putting them in a washing machine, super durable, you are not going to have any regret from spending your money on these
  • These are not even soft, they are super ultra-soft and very comfy
  • They fit the inserts perfectly on top of that they don’t shed, what more can you really ASK FOR? These are by far the highest quality faux fur pillows that you can get right now
  • Looking for fluffy soft throw pillows for your couch than you’ll never find softer ones other than these since they are faux fur
  • There are a lot of faux fur pillow cases available on the market right now, the reason I’m only recommending these ones simple because we also use them sometimes and they are really well made when comparing them to other faux fur pillows that are on amazon right now
  • Great quality, to be honest I was really not into faux fur pillows simple because I feel like the material and the design is only for women, but what I personally liked about these ones is he quality, I highly recommend them
  • Amazon has hundreds if not thousands of faux fur pillow covers that you can choose from but these ones do not shed, they last for a very long time even if you have pets that love to play with pillows
  • Your pets are going to love these pillow cases, my cat just can’t get enough of them, he get very angry if we use another pillow covers when it time to put these ones on a washing machine  


  • If you decide to put them on a washing machine, make sure you only wash them using cold water *delicate cycle*
  • Do not put them on a dryer, only hang dry them so they can last longer, the reason they recommend to only hand dry them is because of the fluff material of the covers
  • These are only covers, they sell the pillows separately, so make sure to only use flat pillows, do not use the thicker pillows because the covers will bust a lot sooner
  • The zippers are strong but they are plastic, they are very solid even though they are not steel, they will last a very long time unless you will have a regular pillow fight with your spouse or kids.

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