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Best vinyl floor scratch remover

Best vinyl floor scratch remover

After installing vinyl plank flooring in my new house, I didn’t know that I needed to protect my expensive luxury vinyl floor from furniture such as a refrigerator.

Before telling you about how to get rid of scratches on your vinyl floor, please make sure to get furniture pads for vinyl floors so you can prevent the furniture from scratching your floor in the near future.

Okay, so what is the best way to hide or get rid of scratches on your vinyl flooring?

Well, the only thing that you are going to need is a vinyl floor scratch remover.

There are a lot of scratch removers that you can choose from available on the market right now but be careful when shopping for a floor scratch remover because most scratch removers are not safe or suitable to use on vinyl planks.

So what is the safe scratch remover that is suitable for vinyl plank flooring or vinyl tile flooring?

The only scratch repair that I highly recommend for vinyl floor is the WearMax Scratch Concealer simple because it what worked on my floor and it hasn’t given me any issues.

I used this scratch concealer after accidentally scratching the floor when moving the refrigerator.

The only thing that I can tell you about this scratch concealer is that, if it worked for me than it should also work for you too.

Will this scratch remover work on all types of vinyl floors?

Pretty much yes, the reason I bought this scratch concealer was because it had a lot of positive reviews and a lot of people who used it on vinyl floor were highly recommending it.

The reason I bought it was because of the customer reviews since most people gave it a 5 star rating.

I would highly advice you to CLICK HERE TO READ AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWS so you can hear what other people are saying.

What are the things that I love about this vinyl floor concealer?

Well, there are a lot of things that I love about this scratch concealer but what I loved the most was that it has never given me any issues and it works on both light and dark vinyl floor regardless of the color.


  • It works on grey vinyl floor
  • It works on brown vinyl floor
  • It works on alder vinyl floor
  • It works on pear vinyl floor
  • It works on apple vinyl floor
  • It works on majestic oak vinyl floor
  • It works on ebony walnut vinyl floor
  • It works on barrel vinyl floor
  • It works on barn wood vinyl floor
  • It works on whiskey barrel vinyl floor
  • It works on any vinyl flooring, regardless of the color…
  • It super easy to use
  • It doesn’t cost a lot of money
  • It cheap but high quality at the same time, definitely worth every penny
  • It reduces the appearance of scratches on your vinyl floor
  • It repair treatment that reseals the topcoat layer on vinyl

Can you use this scratch concealer on luxury vinyl planks?

Pretty much yes…

If it worked on my luxury vinyl planks than it should work for you as well.

Please note: this works the best on luxury vinyl planks that are finished with aluminum oxide.

Will it remove the scratch permanently?

Not really…

It will not remove the physical indentation of scratch or fill in dents or gouges…

The only thing that it does is it reduces the visibility of most abrasions by eliminating the unsightly white line and resealing the surface of the damaged finish.

How much does it cost?

Well, it cheap… You really don’t have to worry about the price.


How to get the best result when using this concealer to hide the scratches?

The only thing I can tell you is that, use as directed, make sure to follow the instruction on the bottle.

Does this product really works? Will it really hide the visible scratches?

Yes it does really work.

Your visitors won’t be able to see the scratches guaranteed unless they have UFO eyes.

The only way people will be able to see the scratches is to stand in a specific place where the light is just right… so you really don’t have anything to worry about.

What are the things that I didn’t like about this scratch concealer when I used in on my vinyl flooring?

I really don’t have anything that I didn’t like about this product simple because it did exactly what I needed.

I used it about two weeks ago and I really don’t have any regret from using it on my floors, it worked like magic. I’m very happy with my purchase.

Where to buy?


The reason I recommend buying it from amazon is because I also bought it on amazon and I’m very happy with my purchase.

My Story

We installed vinyl planks floor while the kitchen was complete empty, when moving in the furniture after installing the floor, a refrigerator scratched the floor and my wife got pissed.

My wife is a perfectionist, she got really mad at me when my friend and I accidentally scratched the floor while moving in the fridge.

But luckily, I stumbled upon this product and it worked like magic, even my wife liked it.

The only thing I can promise you about this scratch concealer is that you are not going to have a single regret from spending your money on it, you won’t regret using it on your floor.

There are quite a few different floor scratch removers available on the market right now that you can choose from, the reason I recommend the WearMax for luxury vinyl is because it what I used and it worked.

Most floor scratch removers are not meant to be used on vinyl plank flooring that is why you need to buy exactly what I recommend or else you are going to be very disappointed since most floor concealers can easily ruin your vinyl floor.

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