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Bona vs wet jet

Bona vs wet jet

Based on my personal experience, bona is 10 times better than wet jet simple because wet jet mop kept breaking up over and over.

9 reasons to not use wet jet

  • I was very excited to use this product till the day it leaked and I tried to fix it but it continued to leak over and over.
  • I purchased the wet jet mop from amazon because the mop I was using before finally fell apart after using it for almost 2 years, but buying the wet jet mop was a bad idea since it didn't do the job very well.
  • The new design is horrible, it gave me problems when cleaning the floor, it leaves streaks and residues and it does not clean properly as I expected
  • The actually cleaning fluid is great but using the mop is different and this mop began having troubles after about a month and the button that release the tank to refill had jammed and now the entire thing is useless to use. Am very disappointed by wet jest mop!
  • Even when I tried to fix this mop I tried to take it apart and I discovered that is was made out of cheap plastic parts inside that cannot be fixed, when I bought this wet jet mop I thought it  was going to last me for atleast a year but I was wrong.
  • From the day I installed hardwood floor in my house, I wanted a mop that will take care of my floor and clean without leaving residues and choosing the wet jet mop was the worst decision ever that is why I am very unhappy with the product.
  • When I bought this mop I had high hopes because it promised to leaves no streaks but I was wrong... I will never buy this mop ever again, the only reason I ordered it was because it was recommended by several people.
  • Another reason that made me to buy this mop is because they said it works made for hardwood floors but it did not do the job at all and I have never had so much streaks on my floor like this before.
  • Not only did the mop spray broke but the wet jet cleaner also made my floor extremely sticky and  it was  very hard for me to re clean after use and I have no idea on how am I going to return this broken mop on the store and knowing that there is no refund.

The reason I’m recommending bona is simple because it has never given me issues since I decided to use it on my floor.

Bona mop cleans very well without leaving any streaks or residues on the floor and the stick doesn’t break easily.

It is for people who have hardwood flooring and pets as well because it remove stains and sticky smell on the floor and it very easy to use without using lot of energy to clean your floors.

CLICK HERE TO READ AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWS to hear what other people are saying who are also using Bona.

You are going to be amazed by the reviews since a lot of people who have hardwood floors are also highly recommending this mop.

You really don’t have to worry about the price this mop is worth the price and it values goes with high quality and how strong the product is.

You will not have a single regret from buying this mop or cry for the money you spent but I can promise you that you going to love this mop and if you have kids and pets this is what you are looking for.

What are the things that I love about Bona?

  • Bona hardwood floor mop is very easy to use and it does not leak and it cleans my laminate floor perfectly fine without leaving streaks on the floor.
  • I love this bona mop the floor looks amazing and very clean it works really great  under and around everything am very happy I purchased it my house looks so clean and fresh.
  • When it was the first time I saw this bona mop and I thought I should give it a try because I was very skeptical to use another thing on my floors and wow I was very surprised and happy with the results.
  • What I love about the spray mop it works better than other cleaners and it makes things easier for me when am cleaning my house and my dogs loves it as well.
  • I have refilled it several times with thee bona cleaner and no problems I even bought extra pads for a change and they are easy to wash.
  • Having the spray bottle attached on the mop is a big time saver and it dries quickly when am moping the floor and this will be gift to my daughter s new water proof laminate floor and she really likes using it this  the cleaning solution is great.
  • This mop is simply designed for me and my family it simplicity makes things more easy when the cleaning and with this mop I don’t consider anything else am very happy with the product.
  • This mop is everything I expected it does a great job to cleans the dirt and it dries quickly  and if you have laminate or tile this is the mop you need to have on your house as well and your cleaning life will be much easier.

What are things that I don’t love about this Bona?

  • If you have kids and dog lovers like myself you need to be very careful when you done using it and put it where the children’s can’t reach it because they can break the stick easily and dogs love to bite thing like this mop but this is not the negative that can stop you from buying this mop.

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