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Can Simple Green be used on vinyl floors

Can Simple Green be used on vinyl floors

Simple green works fine for general cleaning, use it for cleaning a lot of stuff, it great for mud removal, plus it cleans dirt and grime very well.

Another thing that I like about simple green is that it eco-friendly, but I wouldn’t recommend using it on vinyl plank flooring.

Based on my personal experience, simple green is not good on vinyl floors because it leaves residue.

I highly recommend simple green only on small things such as cleaning pistols, tires or small spots.

But if you want something to use for cleaning your vinyl floors, you need to use a cleaner that was made and designed for vinyl floors.

My dining room has vinyl floors and I personally use Rejuvenate vinyl floor cleaner and it works like magic, it was made and designed for vinyl floors, it doesn’t leave residue and it also doesn’t leave streaks on the floor.

The reason I recommend using Rejuvenate is because I have been using it for almost 7 months now and it does the job very well, it cleans dirt, grime and tough stains easily…

There are quite a lot of different floors cleaner that were made for vinyl floors but the Rejuvenate is 10 times better than any other cleaner I have used that is why I highly recommend it.

reasons to not use simple green on your vinyl floors

  • it is not pet friendly,  is not on the list of green products that are safe for pets, I don’t recommend it for homes with pets because it not even safe for a dog to walk through on a wet floor that you mopped with the product.
  • My dog likes to lick the floor, when he licked the floor after I was don using simple green his tongue was chemically burned, so please don’t use this product too clean your floors if you have pets such as dogs or cats
  • As much as I love simple green, I was shocked when I found out that it contains hazardous ingredients according to EWG, so it not a safe house hold product based on research I gathered.
  • It leaves residue on the floor, that is why I recommend it on small spots, don’t use it to mop your whole house because it leaves streaks on the floor as it wasn’t designed to be used on vinyl floors
  • simple green claims to be non-toxic but does not list the ingredients on it label, that is why you need to be very careful on what you use on your vinyl floors if you want to make your floors last longer.
  • This product could possible discolor your floors in the long run. You need to think long term in order to increase the lifespan of your floors.
  • Please note: I don’t have anything against simple green, it is very good for cleaning small items, but it not cheap, the price adds up if you want to use it for cleaning your whole floors.
  • When I used in on my vinyl floors, it gave me a lot of problems, i was very disappointed when left a film on my dark vinyl floor after it dries. I had to wipe the floor a second time with fresh water and then hand dry that up before the floor look clean. It was just too much work for me because my dining room is quite large.

What is the best cleaner that is suitable for vinyl floors?

You need to use Rejuvenate High Performance Luxury Vinyl Floor Cleaner.

Why do I recommend Rejuvenate?

  • I use it almost daily and it has never left residue on my floors
  • It won’t leave streaks
  • It doesn’t have any toxic ingredients, this is the reason I recommend it to people who have pets
  • It safe to homes with kids because it doesn’t make the floor slippery
  • It doesn’t make the floor greasy and also won’t make the floor too glossy
  • It has a nice scent, it doesn’t have a strong smell, great for people who hate strong cleaners, or people who have sensitive smell
  • It makes the house smell good
  • It doesn’t discolor the floor over time, this cleaner will help make your floors last longer, if you want to increase the lifespan of your floors than this cleaner is exactly for you
  • It easy to use
  • It cleans all kinds of dirt, it cleans grime, dirt, food stains and a lot more
  •  It doesn’t cost a lot of money, by far the best cheapest high quality available on the market right now
  • it great for daily use, you can use it daily and your vinyl floors won’t lose color

CLICK HERE TO READ AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWS so you can hear what other people are saying who are also using this cleaner.

You are going to be amazed by the reviews since a lot of people are also highly recommending it, which means it safe and nontoxic.

I also bought this cleaner after reading the reviews and I do not have a single regret from using it… by far the best cleaner I have ever used on my vinyl floors.

What are the things that I don’t like about Rejuvenate?

  • Well, for now I honestly don’t have anything that I don’t like about it simple because my makes the vinyl floors look way better plus it has never caused any issues on my floors, it have never left residue and also don’t make the floor slippery on top of that it makes my house smell like a million dollar home
  • This will probably sound too good to be true but this is by far the best vinyl floor I have ever used, I honestly don’t see myself switching to a different cleaner anytime soon.

What makes Rejuvenate different from other vinyl floors cleaners?

Well, the main thing that makes this cleaner stands out is the fact that, it will never leave residue on your vinyl floors… that a guarantee.


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