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Can you put a refrigerator on vinyl plank flooring

Can you put a refrigerator on vinyl plank flooring

Did you just install vinyl plank flooring in your kitchen?

But you are not sure whether to put a heavy refrigerator on your newly installed floors?

Well, in this article I’m going to answer that question.

First of all, why should you listen to me?

My name is Durbany and I used to work for my dad, we were installing laminate floor, vinyl floor and engineered hardwood floor.

So, I have at least 2 years of experience when it comes to vinyl plank flooring.

So, is it okay to put heavy appliances on vinyl floors such as a refrigerator?

Well, yes it safe.

Vinyl floor look puny and weak to the eye, but it is extremely strong, it can take any heavy home appliance, including a heavy refrigerator.

But, to be on a safe side, you will need to put Square Rubber Furniture Caster Cups on your refrigerator legs in order to prevent the fridge from denting your expensive floors.

Vinyl floors can take a fridge that weighs about 500 pounds with no issues.

Even though vinyl flooring is strong, it still very sensitive to scratches…

That is why you will need furniture caster cups to keep the fridge from denting or leaving marks on your floor.

Please note: there are two types of vinyl floors, there is click lock vinyl floor and there is glue down vinyl floor.

It is safe to put a refrigerator on a glue down vinyl plank flooring?

Yes, it is, because the planks wont contract and expand with temperature changes, so it very safe.

It is safe to put a refrigerator on a click lock vinyl plank flooring?

Yes, it is also safe, as long as your refrigerator doesn’t weigh more than 500 pounds.

But whether you have click lock or glue down vinyl floors, you are going to need to use Square Rubber Furniture Caster Cups in other to prevent the fridge from denting or scratching your floor.

Why do I recommend putting caster cups on your refrigerator feet?

  • Caster cups will help prevent your fridge from denting your floor
  • They will keep the fridge from leaving marks on your floor
  • These cups will make your floors last longer
  • They definitely increase the life span of your vinyl floors since they keep any home appliances from denting your expensive floors
  • They won’t discolor your floor over time
  • They do not leave residue on the floor
  • They are easy to apply you just put them under your refrigerator legs and you are done… you won’t need any special skills or tools
  • These caster cups are cheap but also high quality at the same time, they will probably last you for quite some time
  • They will keep your fridge from marring or scarring your expensive vinyl plank floors
  • They work on all types of floors, laminate, hardwood, bamboo, vinyl or engineered hardwood flooring
  • They are made of high-quality rubber material to make sure that they do not leave scuff marks over time
  • These caster cups are by far the most durable cups I have ever used under heavy appliances in my house

What are the disadvantages of using caster cups on a refrigerator?

For now, I honestly do not have anything that I do not like about these caster cups simple because they protect my vinyl floors from my kitchen appliances…

I have been using these caster cups for quite some time now and they haven’t given me any issues so far…

I’m definitely going to keep using these, just because they keep super heavy home appliances from denting my vinyl floors.

How much do these caster cups cost though?

Well, you are going to be shocked, these are strong but cheap at the same time.

The reason I recommend checking the price on amazon is because amazon kinda changes their prices quite often…. So, I’m really not about the current price since I bought them a few months ago.

But you really don’t have to worry about the price, these are very affordable.

Vinyl plank flooring is extremely strong, but it is very sensitive to scratches.

Even though your vinyl floors wont crack because of your heavy fridge, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get scratched easily.

Chairs, table, bed frames and most home appliances can easily leave marks on vinyl planks that is why you need to protect your floor as soon as possible.

So, what is the best way to keep chairs or tables from leaving marks or scratching your expensive floors?

Easy, you only need high-quality Furniture pads for vinyl plank flooring

But not all furniture pads are safe to use on vinyl floors… most furniture pads will ruin your floors over time… some furniture pads can also leave scuff marks on the floor.

The only furniture pads that I personally recommend are the X-PROTECTOR NON SLIP FURNITURE PADS.

Why do I recommend these X protector pads?

I’m recommending these pads because I have been using them for over 3 years now and they work like magic when it comes to protecting my vinyl floors from furniture.

What are the things that I love about these furniture pads?

  • These pads are just awesome, they stick to furniture legs, they won’t come off even when lifting the furniture while cleaning, sweeping or mopping.
  • They are great on chairs that keep on scratching or leaving marks on your floor
  • If you have a table that also keeps on scratching your vinyl floor, then these pads will help a lot
  • They have a high-quality backing to help keep the furniture in place
  • They are very strong
  • They do not wear or tea easily
  • They last for a long time
  • They are cheap
  • They are easy to use, but make sure that the legs of the furniture don’t have any dust or sand in order for the pads to stick properly
  • They are felt, they do not leave scuff marks or residue on the floor
  • They are ¼ inch thick, which means they won’t add too much height on your furniture
  • They won’t leave sticky residue on your furniture legs when peeling them off

What make these pads different from other furniture pads available on the market right now?

Well, there are over hundreds if not thousands of different furniture pads that you can choose from.

But, what makes these pads different is that they have some type of tenacious adhesive that will not allow them to come off easily from furniture legs especially chairs and they hold for quite a long time.

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