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Can you use a roomba on vinyl plank flooring

Can you use a roomba on vinyl plank flooring

Well, most Roomba vacuums have rubber wheels that keeps the vacuum from scratching or damaging the floor, but not all Roomba Vacuums are safe to use on vinyl flooring.

Please note: Vinyl plank flooring is extremely sensitive to scratches, that is why you need to be very careful when shopping for a Roomba vacuum.

Caution: not all Roomba vacuums are safe to use on vinyl flooring that is why you need to be very careful.

What is the best Roomba Vacuum that is safe to use on vinyl plank flooring?

The only Roomba vacuum that I highly recommend for vinyl flooring is the iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum simple because I also use it to clean vinyl floor in my house and it works like magic.

The reason I recommend the Roomba 960 is because I have been using it for about 4 months now and it cleans my vinyl floor extremely well. Buying it was worth every penny.

It safe to use on vinyl plank flooring, it safe to use on laminate flooring, it safe to use on engineered hardwood flooring and also great on bamboo floors.

It easy to use and it cleans pet hair extremely well… this Roomba is got to be by far the best gadget I’ve bought this year.

My wife loves it, my son loves it and also my German shepherd dog seems to like it as well.

I’m very happy with my purchase simple because it hasn’t given me any issues and it works way better than I expected.

CLICK HERE TO READ AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWS so you can hear what other people are saying who are also using this Roomba vacuum on vinyl plank flooring.

This vacuum has a lot of positive reviews which means it really does work and it also safe to use on both vinyl and laminate floor.

My mom is the one who told me about this Roomba vacuum but I didn’t buy it just because my mom told me too, I only bought it after reading the customer reviews since a lot of people were also highly recommending it.

I also have recommended it to my sister in-law and my boss, they both have vinyl flooring in their homes and they both told me that this Roomba vacuum worked for them too.

If it worked for me, my sister in-law and my boss, than I’m very positive that it will also work for you too.

10 things that I love about using my Roomba 960 when vacuuming my vinyl floor:

1. It has never given me any issues

There is no such thing as a perfect Roomba, this vacuum is also not perfect but I honestly do not have anything negative to say about it simple because it does exactly what I needed.

This may sound too good to be true, but buying this vacuum is got to be by far the best thing I ever did this year.

2. It is easy to use

Using this is easy as 1.2.3 plus it was easy to setup.

But please, make sure to read directions first.

3. It doesn’t scratch or leave marks on my vinyl floor

Vinyl floor is very sensitive to scratches, what I mostly love about this Roomba vacuum is that it was specially made and designed for sensitive floors such as laminate and vinyl floors.

4. It doesn’t cost a lot of money

Roomba vacuums can cost quite a lot of money even though there are some cheaper ones that you can get from amazon.

The problem with super cheap Roomba vacuums is that, they tend to not last for a few months and some have a horrible battery life.

What I love about the Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum is that, it not cheap but it also not too expensive at the same time, almost anyone can afford it.

It super high quality but doesn’t cost a lot of money plus it really does work and on top of that, it can clean for about 60 minutes none stop.

5. It cleans pet hair extremely well

I have a German shepherd dog, there is always hair on the floor and this vacuum cleans the dog hair extremely well, I’m very impressed with it so far that is why I highly recommend this to people who have pets.

I know that, there are different pet hair types, some dogs have short hair, and some dogs have long hair and some dogs have thick long hair.

My dog have long thick hair and this Roomba 960 is excellent on my pet hair, if it works for me than I’m very positive that it should work for you too.

6. It doesn’t make annoying sound

It is not quite, but I’m very happy with it as it doesn’t make annoying sound when vacuuming.

My wife says that it loud but she also loves it, I guess it because it does the job very well.

7. It doesn’t stuck or broke easily, it extremely high quality

My dog have tried to eat it about 5 times but it still looks brand new with no single scratch on it.

I also have accidentally dropped it twice and it doesn’t have any scratches, it very high quality.

It strong but super high quality at the same time that is why I don’t see myself switching to any different Roomba anytime soon.

8. It clean vinyl floor and vacuum large area rugs at the same time

I’m lazy and this cleans my house for me while taking a nap or while working since I work from home

9. It can last for about 60 minutes

For some people this is a deal-breaker but for me, an hour of cleaning without charging is awesome, I’m very happy with it.

10. It gives me an notification when it done cleaning

This Roomba comes with an app that will give you a notification letting you know when it done doing its job.

  • You will get a notification when some type of an interruption has occurred
  • You will also get a notification when the bin is full
  • The app will also shows a map of the area that has been cleaned

Where to buy this Roomba 960?

CLICK HERE TO BUY IT ONLINE FROM AMAZON so you can get it for a much cheaper price.


  • on Friday 9th, Leon Said:

    Thanks for writing this article, this was really useful information, I just installed vinyl floors in my dining room and was wondering if I should get a Roomba.

    Update: I’ve had this Roomba for about 2 weeks now and it does the job way better than I expected lol.

    This website is very helpful, thanks to durbany for helping us make our vinyl floors last longer.

    I purchased this vacuum about 2 weeks ago after reading your article and I’m very pleased with my purchase.

    What I mostly love bout this Roomba vacuum Is that it cleans pet hair as well… great post, keep up the good work, your website Is what makes the internet awesome.

  • on Monday 12th, Santrel said:

    I got this Roomba 960 as you recommended, my wife thought buying it was a dumb idea but she seems to like it, it doesn’t make super loud noise when cleaning and it not too expensive too.

    To anyone who has vinyl floors and thinking about getting a Roomba than the Roomba 960 is what you should get.

    I’m not really good when it comes to convincing people but the only thing that i can promise about this Roomba vacuum is that, its wont scratch your luxury vinyl flooring.

    • on Friday 3th, Tesla said:

      At first, I thought this 960 Roomba was just too expensive but my daughter kinda convinced me to buy it.

      I’ve been using it to clean my office floors for about 4 days now and it great, my office has vinyl floors and this vacuum has not yet left any marks or scratches.

      There are a lot of Roomba vacuums that are way cheaper than the 960 but buying it was worth it, I don’t have any regret from spending my money on it even though it cost a lot more than what I was planning to spend on a Roomba vacuum.

  • on Sundal 6th, Ronn said:

    After searching and searching for a perfect Roomba vacuum to buy for my newly installed luxury vinyl planks, I stumbled upon this article.

    I got iRobot 960 as you recommended since you have a lot of experience with vinyl flooring, but what made me really buy this Roomba was the customer reviews as a lot of people who have vinyl floors were also recommending it on amazon.

    I only bought it because it has a lot of positive reviews and most people gave it 5 stars on amazon, I highly recommend it as well to anyone looking for a high quality roomba vacuum for their home.

  • on Friday 17th, Greg said:

    I like the fact that you recommended this roomba after using it for 4 months but I just checked the price and it a lot expensive than I thought. I’d like to buy it but I still have to talk to my wife first, nice blog post, thanks cheers.

    • on Wednesday 3th, Ray said:

      My wife is very lazy so I got this roomba lol, we’ve had it for about a week now and it does the job very well, it not loud and it cleans pet hair too, what more can you really ask for?

  • on Friday 7th, Jerry said:

    Dude, you just saved me from spending about 1k, I almost bought a roomba that cost twice as much as the 960, thanks for saving me a few bucks lol.


    Been cleaning my home with this roomba for over a month now and it cleans vinyl plank flooring pretty well, great technology.

    I like the fact that it gives you a notification once it done cleaning, it runs smooth even on shaw vinyl planks, amazing product.

    I have two dogs in my house and this stuff is amazing when it comes to cleaning pet hair.

  • on Thursday 2th, Kevin said:

    I was looking for a roomba vacuum that can clean vinyl floor and carpet, the roomba 960 does exactly what I needed.

    Things that I personally liked about it:

    • It good on pet hair
    • It good on carpet
    • It good on luxury planks
    • It doesn’t scratch the floor
    • It not too expensive
    • It works with alexa, great for people with smart homes
    • It has wifi
    • It doesn’t get stuck easily
    • It can clean my house for up to 60 minutes, that a good deal... the battery life is decent
    • If it runs out of battery, it will automatically recharge and then continue cleaning until the job is done

    • on Saturday 22th, Mike said:
      I live alone and cleaning is something that I really don’t like, so I bought this roomba to do the job for me while I’m playing video games, this vacuum Is like a wife that doesn’t get tired of vacuuming your house.

  • on Friday 10th, Matt said:

    It not cheap but it does the job and it doesn’t scratch my vinyl flooring, I’ve got no complains, it good with cleaning all kinds of dirt including per hair.


    Even though it cleans my cat hair, the navigation system will stop working if my cat sits on it, so I still need to figure out a way to prevent my cat from sitting on it while it cleaning. It going to be a tough challenge since my cat thinks this roomba is a toy but other than that, I’ve got no complains.

  • on Tuesday 19th, Justin said:

    Thanks to durbany for recommending this roomba vacuum, it great with pet hair but not good with long haired pets.

    To anyone wondering whether this is a good choice for homes with pet, well it pets friendly since it cleans pet hair but it not that good when it comes to cleaning long pet hair.

    Do I regret buying it? Not really, I really like it, I don’t have any regret from buying it but I wish it was able to clean long pet hair.

    This roomba works as good as the roomba 980 but less expensive that is why I don’t have any plans of returning it.

    It works exactly as advertised, it cleans carpet, vinyl, hardwood and laminate floors plus it short enough to go under the couch and sofa.

    • on Monday 18th, Wayne said:
      Great product, There are a few things that I like about this roomba, but what I like the most is that, you can turn it on while you are at your job, I usually turn it on while I’m at work using my phone.

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