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Can You Use Old English on Wood Floors

Can You Use Old English on Wood Floors

Do not use Old English on your hardwood floors, this is an oily product, it great on wood furniture but I wouldn’t recommend putting it on your whole floor.

it might work to fill a scratch but I don’t recommend it simple because It will not be able to withstand wear, pressure or damage, why? Because it wasn’t designed to work on the floor

Old English doesn’t work with any type of hardwood floor, it doesn’t matter if you have light or dark hardwood floors, “don’t use it please”…

What do I recommend instead?

You need to get the Rejuvenate All Floors Restorer simple because it was made and designed for hardwood floor.

Rejuvenate will restore and fill scratches and there is no sanding required… by far the best way to fill in those annoying visible scratches on your expensive floors.

18 reasons to not use Old English on your hardwood floor

  1. The Old English manufacture themselves have said that, they do not recommend using it on floors
  2. It is an oily product, only use it on furniture because it may ruin the floor finish
  3. It will make your floors slippery, not safe for homes with kids or pets
  4. It was only designed for kitchen cabinet, wood furniture or wood paneling, it definitely works on wood furniture but that doesn’t mean it suitable for wood floors
  5. It not a good product for laminate or hardwood floor, why? Because I’ve tried it on my colored engineered hardwood floor and it reveals a lighter wood color, based on my own personal experience it not a good product for hardwood floor or laminate floor
  6. It not durable for your wood floor, once you use it on your dark hardwood floor, you will need to constantly use it over and over to ensure that your floors look bright, which will cause a lot of issues in the long run
  7. You use it once, you will have to use it again and again, it won’t remain the same, it will require excessive maintenance, why? Because people will constantly walk over it
  8. It only works for small scratches, if you have large scratches on your hardwood floor than this is worthless, it will ruin the look of your floors, the hardwood floor will absorb the oil and the floor will look completely discolored
  9. It not suitable on both light and dark hardwood floors, it will definitely cover the scratches but it will also   darken your floor
  10. I don’t recommend it to people who hate strong cleaners or polish with a strong smell because this also has a super strong smell like varnish *it smells awful*
  11. If you want to use it on big dents than it will absolutely do nothing, it will basically polish the floor and not fill in dents
  12. It will fill in groves with black mark, but it won’t make your floor look any better, trust me, I’ve tried it.
  13. It totally useless for hiding floor scratches, it does fill in deep ones since that cannot be fix but the stain is too weak to darken surface scratches especially if you are trying to use on high traffic areas
  14. Poor advertisement, they don’t ell you that it wasn’t made for hardwood floors, they only tell you that it best for getting rid of wood scratches…
  15. If your hardwood floor has scratches and dents, applying old English won’t solve your problem, it oily and messy no matter how neat you are
  16. The only thing that it will do is, it will make your undamaged hardwood floor look polished instead of getting rid of the dents
  17. This is what I hated the most when I used old English on my floor, it remained sticky for quite some time
  18. It a waste of money and time when trying to use in on the floor, if your hardwood floor has finish, it will only look like you just rubbed Vaseline on the scratch of your floor which will leave that specific area a lot glossy

Why I’m against using old English on wood floor?

Because after using it, I felt like I was ripped off, it absolutely did not do anything for my hardwood floor scratches, I bought it after I saw some pictures online and was kinda impressed but absolutely did nothing on my floors.

It not a rip off though simple because I contacted the manufacture and they told me that it wasn’t made for floors… it works on wood furniture but wood floor. Let that sink in.

You need to try Rejuvenate , why? Because it what worked on my hardwood floor.

CLICK HERE TO READ AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWS so you can hear what other people are saying who have also used it on their hardwood floors.

The Rejuvenate is the only thing I recommend simple because it what worked for me, I also have recommended it to about two of my friends and they both told me that it worked on their wooden floors too.

What are the things that I love about the Rejuvenate?

  • It will restore your floor finish within minutes
  • It will fill all the ugly looking scratches on your floor
  • It a restore that doesn’t require any sanding, what more can you ask for huh?
  • It won’t make your floor slippery
  • It won’t make your floor look too glossy
  • It doesn’t have a strong smell
  • It safe for homes with pets or kids
  • It works on hardwood floors
  • It works on laminate floors
  • It works on engineered hardwood floors
  • It works on manufactured hardwood floors
  • It works on bamboo floors
  • It dries within 45 minutes
  • It works on any room that has wood floors. You can use it on a bathroom, dining, kitchen, laundry, hallway and also works great even on high traffic areas
  • It works even on large scratches, this can cover the whole room, believe it or not but this stuff can cover up to 650 sq. ft
  • This won’t just fill in the scratches, it will also protect your flooring in just one easy coat
  • It durable, it was made to withstand wear or pressure, that is why it works even on high traffic areas
  • It resist stains
  • It doesn’t have any wax build up
  • It will make your floor look like brand new
  • It safe for water and polymer-based floor finish
  • It super easy to use, in just one application, it fills in scratches and seals the floor

Where can you get the Rejuvenate?

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