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Can You Use Pledge Multi Surface on hardwood floors

Can You Use Pledge Multi Surface on hardwood floors

My wife almost killed me when I ruined our dining room hardwood floors because I used Pledge Multi Surface when she was at work.

Let me tell you a little story… relax, it only going to take 6 seconds!!

It was my wife birth day about two month ago.

When she went to work, I cleaned the house to impress her since it was her birth day.

So, I used Pledge Multi Surface on the dining room wooden floor.
When my wife came back from work, she immediately noticed that I did something on the floor.

So, what happened on the floor? Well, the Pledge left a huge residue and also made the floor look extremely hazy and dull.

Guess what? My wife was pissed, *she almost smacked me in the face*… I honestly have never seen my wife that angry.

So, to anyone wondering whether to use Pledge on wooden floors, DON’T DO IT.

I don’t hate Pledge as a brand but I wouldn’t recommend using it on hardwood floors because you are going to be very disappointed.

Using Pledge is not that bad but it will definitely ruin your hardwood floors over time.

So, what is the best cleaner that is safe and suitable for hardwood floors?

The only cleaner that I highly recommend that will leave your hardwood floors sparkling clean and shiny is the Method Squirt Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

Why do I recommend the Method Squirt?

  • It is extremely easy to use, you just quirt and mop... no need to rinse
  • It wont leave build up on your hardwood floors
  • It was made and specially designed for hardwood floors
  • It smells awesome, it has an extremely nice almond fragrance
  • It great for people who hate strong cleaners because it doesn’t have a strong smell
  • It has a mild smell that will make your home smell like a million-dollar home
  • It doesn’t leave residue on the floor
  • You won’t see any visible foot prints on the floor after applying it
  • It doesn’t make the floor slippery
  • It doesn’t make the floor look glossy
  • It safe on pets, it won’t make your pet sick
  • It works on both hardwood floor and laminate floors
  • It doesn’t cost a lot of money but high quality at the same time
  • It is way better than any other hardwood floor cleaner I have ever used
  • It is 100 times better than the Pledge Multi Surface
  • It won’t make your floor hazy
  • It won’t make your floor cloudy
  • It won’t make your floor dull
  • It doesn’t have wax
  • It doesn’t have any toxic ingredients

What I love the most about the Method Squirt is that, it makes cleaning the wood floor a lot easier, it doesn’t feel like a chore anymore.

How much does it cost?

Will this cleaner leave residue on your hardwood floors?

No, I have never had any problems with residue or streaks since the day we started using this cleaner on our dining room hardwood floors.

I use a microfiber pad, I have a Swiffer mop, the only thing that I do is to squirt this cleaner on the floor and then mop that area…

One of the things that I love about his cleaner is that *it doesn’t leave streaks or residue* and also doesn’t make the floor slippery.

Is the Method Squirt safe on animals?

Well, honestly speaking, this cleaner has never been tested on animals but I I’m 100% sure it safe on pets.

The reason that I’m saying it safe on pets is because I have two dogs and a cat in my house, this cleaner has never given my pets any issues.

I bought this cleaner after it was recommended to me by my mom.

My mom also has two dogs and she has been using this cleaner for over 2 years now and she also told me that it has never given her dogs any problems.

I didn’t buy this cleaner just because my mom told me too, I only bought it after reading the customer reviews because a lot of people were also highly recommending it.

CLICK HERE TO READ AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWS so you can hear what other people are saying.

You are going to be amazed by the reviews since most people who have hardwood floors and laminate floors are also highly recommending it.

The reason most people recommend this hardwood floor cleaner is because it doesn’t leave residue, it doesn’t leave streaks and it also makes the floor look extremely nice and clean.

What makes this cleaner different from other hardwood floor cleaners?

  • It is non toxic
  • It is natural
  • It safe for kids, elderly and pets
  • It is crazy simple to use *you just squirt and glide and you are done*
  • It has a very wonderful delightful smell
  • It doesn’t have any wax
  • It leaves the hardwood floor extremely clean
  • It makes your floor shinier without making it slippery

What are the things that I love about this cleaner?

  • What I personally love about the cleaner is that, it removes dog foot prints very easily
  • It doesn’t make our hardwood floor slippery
  • It makes our dining room smell wonderful
  • What makes me happier is that *my wife also loves this cleaner*
  • You can even use it on prefinished hardwood floor
  • Great for laminate floors as well, I have laminate floors in my home office and this cleaner does a very good job when it comes to leaving the floor shiny, on top of that, it makes my office smell really good

If I had to rate this cleaner, I personally would give it a 10 out of 10 just because it is 100 times better than pledge multi surface.

The only thing that I can promise you about this cleaner is that, you are going to love it, you won’t have any regret from using it on your hardwood floors.

Can you add this cleaner to a bucket of water?

No, don’t dilute it with anything, just quirt and mop… that is all

Where can you get this cleaner?

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