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Can you use pledge on hardwood floor

Can you use pledge on hardwood floor

No, don’t use pledge on your wood floors simple because, it will make your floors slippery which is not safe for households with pets or children.

Another reason to not use pledge on your wood floors is because it will leave streaks and residue… pledge is great on wood furniture but that doesn’t mean it suitable on hardwood floors, so don’t use it or else you are going to be very disappointed.

I also have tried it on my dark hardwood floor and it caused quite a lot of issues over time, my dog got injured after he slipped on the floor.

Pledge does really make the floor shine but it makes it too glossy and very slippery that is why I don’t recommend it to people who have pets such as dogs or cats.

Please note: I do not have anything against pledge as a brand, I also use it daily but only on the furniture because it was only made and designed to be used on furniture not on floors.

There are a lot of high-quality cheap polishes that you can buy which were made and designed for hardwood floors, so don’t use pledge.

So, what is the best polish that is suitable for hardwood floors?

Based on my personal experience, the only polish that I use and recommend is the Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer, simple because it has never given me any issues and it makes my floors look a lot better plus it also doesn’t make the floor slippery.

This cleaner is the perfect daily cleaner for hardwood floor, I personally recommend this cleaner because it removes dirt unlike other cleaners that leaves chemical residues behind. This cleaner makes my floors looks like new and I’m very satisfied with this product simply because my floors are always clean and smells nice.

This cleaner is not just for floors but even if you own pets in your house such as cats or dogs like myself that urinates everywhere in the house then this article is exactly what you’ve been looking for, because with this cleaner no pet urine will affect the protective coating.

CLICK ERE TO CHECK CUSTOMER REVIEWS ON AMAZON just so you can hear what other customers are saying.

You are going to be amazed by the customer reviews since a lot of people who have hardwood flooring and who are pet owners are also highly recommending this cleaner.

Is this cleaner safe for people or pets with sensitive smell?

Yes, because it doesn’t have sensitive scent, this is safe… they didn’t add too much perfume, the smell is mild but it will make your home smell like a million-dollar house.

This is also great on people who hate strong cleaners like myself… my husband also hates strong cleaners such as Jik, but he really loves Rejuvenate as it removes grim, tough stains without making the house smell horrible.

Buying this cleaner was really a good investment for me… I do not have a single regret buying it, in fact buying this cleaner was worth every penny!

I will absolutely recommend this to anyone who have hardwood floor or who have pets… and purchase again when the time comes.

What are the things that I love about this cleaner?

  • First of all, I love my daughter and my dog so I’m really happy with this product simply because it doesn’t injure them when they play on the floor the cleaner is not slippery… so if you have kids or pets you should really consider getting this cleaner because even if they lick the floor they won’t get sick.
  • Great thing about the Rejuvenate cleaner is that, it doesn’t have a strong smell it smells nice, it really good for people who hate strong cleaners such as myself and dad… some cleaners are also not dog friendly so you should really get this one if you own a pet.
  • It also good because it doesn’t make the floors too shinny and also wont makes your floors slippery…it great for people who have pets and kids because they won’t get injured while playing on the floor… also this cleaner was designed for wood floors so its wont damage your floors over time.
  • I also highly recommending this cleaner to people who have pets such as cats or dogs simply because it doesn’t have a strong smell that could make your pets sick or get weird reaction over time.
  • Also, if you are interested to keep your hardwood floor looks like new, then this cleaner is exactly what you need in your house plus this cleaner doesn’t leave residue on my floors.
  • This cleaner leaves the floors shining but not too shinny and it helps to clean up every speck of dirt on my floors without scrubbing the floors too much… I absolutely love this product because it cleans nice and makes the house smell fresh and clean and its removes tough stains.
  • This cleaner works better than anything else I’ve ever tried and used before… it gets dogs slobber, muddy pawprints and other messes off the floor easily without much scrubbing, this cleaner is a great pleasure to use in your house.
  • I really love this product because it dogs friendly, it cleans and picks dirt fast, its dry’s quick after sweeping and it leaves no residue on the floor.
  • Greatest of them all is that this cleaner fills in scratches and it protect wood floors, my floor was really damaged by my dog and this cleaner has virtually restored them!
  • It easy to use with a micro fiber mop… its works amazing, you just apply a small amount of a cleaner and wipe you will be very amazed by the outcome.

How much does it cost?

CLICK HERE TO CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE ON AMAZON you don’t have to worry about the price though, it very affordable but also high quality at the same time.

The only thing I am going to promise you about this cleaner is that you are going to love it… its works like magic mark my words!

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