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Can you wash a rug pad in the washer

Can you wash a rug pad in the washer

99% of rug pads cannot fit in a washing machine, and only about 2% of rug pads are washable.

Most rug pads are not washable, the only way to clean most rug pads is to spot clean them.

I also have a non-washable rug pad and the only way I clean it when I encounter a spill that goes through the rug is by doing the following:

  1. I peal back the rug
  2. Then I blot up the spill with a terrycloth towel
  3. After I have spot clean the spill, I let the rug pad air dry

That is what I personally do when cleaning my rug pads…

Please note: if you only looking for a washable rug pad that can also fit in a washing machine than I would highly advice you to get the TRU Lite Non-Slip Rug Pad


This is the only rug pad that can fit in washing machine, I would advise you to try it out because I also have tried it and it does the job extremely well.

Does the TRU Lite Rug Pad work will all floor types?

  • It works with hardwood floor
  • It also works with laminate floors
  • It great on engineered hardwood floor
  • It also works very well on bamboo floors and vinyl floors
  • Great thing about this rug pad is that it works will all types of hard surfaced floors, form tile flooring to concrete floor

Can the TRU Lite Rug Pad fit in a washing machine?

Yes, this is the only rug pad that can fit in a washing machine.

Please note: I personally don’t recommend washing it using a washer because it could rip.

I personally recommend washing it by hand in warm water with dish soap.

Does this rug pad keep area rugs from slipping?

Yes, this rug pad does exactly what it supposed to do, it helps keep the area rugs from moving.

It securely keep any rug in place on hardwood floors as well as laminate, linoleum, ceramic, tile, stone, vinyl, and more.

Caution: the only thing that I kind of don’t like about this rug pad is that, it doesn’t add cushioning like my other rug pads, this only keeps rugs in place.

The reason I bought this rug was because I needed a pad that was easy to wash since my other rug pad were non washable.

What made me buy this rug pad was because of the customer reviews since a lot of people were also highly recommending it on amazon.

CLICK HERE TO READ AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWS so you can hear what other people are saying about it…

What are the things that I love about this rug pad?

  • Simple because this rug pad is amazing its machine washable you can also wash it by using your hands, its keeps your rug in place no residue, streaks or issues with the laminate beneath I’m really happy that I purchased this product it really a great pleasure to use
  • One thing I’ve learned is that all rugs benefit from a rug pad, my area rug is less expensive but now it looks a lot more expensive it makes my home look stylish… I’m so pleased with this rug pad, I replaced a plain felt pad under my rug it feels like walking on a cloud, it hasn’t budged an inch since I installed this rug pad
  • This rug pad is safe for elderly people, kids and pets because they won’t get injured even the kids won’t fall on the floor when they are running around the house… once you have installed it won’t move causing your family members to trip so this rug pad is really safe, it also can be trimmed to the size needed I personally recommend trimming a pad at least 2 inches smaller than the rug on all sides to prevent people catching their toe on the edge of the rug, you can trim this pad with utility scissors
  • Once you have installed this rug pad your carpet wont slide at first I was worried that it would end up marking my laminate floors but so far there are no permanent markings on my floors, I do pull it up every couple of months and clean under it, I just do my normal mopping and it comes up and my floors look good as new, once I placed this rug pad underneath my area rug it was noticeably softer and cushioned what I loved the most is that I received this rug pad folded neatly covered in a plastic and when I unfolded it there were no wrinkles or bubbles and it very light in weight very good quality
  • This rug pad is definitely safe because there are no chemical smell that I have encountered with a few other pads I once used, there was absolutely no odor in this product I’m sensitive to smells and would have noticed any off gassing, I would definitely recommend this rug pad plus it is very affordable its sure a bargain for the price… I have also purchased another rug pad for the kids playroom, this rug pad is doing a great job of keeping the rug in place, it makes walking on the rug very stable and comfortable plus this rug pad is high quality I couldn’t be more happier
  • This rug pad feels so plush under the rug, there is no slipping on the floor at all and it feels like it won’t damage the laminate floor underneath it, it is a great value and the price is reasonable, before I purchased it I compared several different rug pad alternatives and I’m glad that I got this one
  • It is very east to cut if it too big for your area rug, it have much quality than the rubber waffle that I had before, when you cut it make sure to use regular scissors and it ads nice amount of cushioning, definitely keeps area rug from sliding on laminate floor
  • This rug pad holds my area rug like glue no more shifting and sliding
  • It is perfect, it not only stops the area rug from sliding on my laminate floors but it also protects the laminate floor plus it is machine washable, this rug pad saves the pile on the rug and life of the carpet because it’s not being crushed against a hard solid surface as you walk on it
  • This rug pad is working wonderfully well, it is really great you won’t regret buying it, I love it because it is not adhesive… highest recommendation

Where to buy this rug pad?

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