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Carpet stair treads for carpeted stairs

Carpet stair treads for carpeted stairs

Most stair treads have adhesive to keep the treads from slipping.

The problem with that, is, the adhesive that comes with the stair treads can easily damage your carpeted stairs over time.

I was searching for stair treads that were suitable for carpeted stairs but all I found was stair treads with double sided tapes.

So, after searching and searching I finally found the stair treads that are suitable for carped stairs.

These stair treads have a rubber backing, but the backing is very safe, it won’t damage your carpeted stairs over time.

The RainDecor Stair Treads are the only stair treads that goes well with carpeted stairs.

What are the pros and cons?


  • these are easy to wash and also machine washable, they fit perfectly on a washing machine, but make sure to only use cold water because hot water can easily damage the rubber backing
  • They are non-slip; they have a high-quality rubber backing that wont damage or ruin your carpeted stairs over time
  • These work on all types of carpet stairs; they work on both high pile and low pile carpet.
  • If you have thick carpeted stairs than these will also work for you
  • These are easy to resize, you can cut these easily so they can fit the size of your stairs, you can resize these using scissors…
  • They are good for homes with kids, my 4-year-old son used to slip a lot, he even injured himself when he fall off the stairs 3 months ago but that has never happened since I got these treads as they help keep the kids from falling down easily.
  • I also highly recommend these for homes with pets
  • They look good on all types of carpeted stairs; they match the décor of your home and also kind of makes your home look a lot more stylish
  • They come in 15 different colors to choose from in order to match the décor of your home

Will these treads match your carped stairs?

Yes, you have quite a lot of colors that you can choose from to match the look of your stairs.

They have beige, scroll brown, scroll burgundy red, scroll dark grey, scroll grey, scroll light beige, scroll taupe, trellis beige, trellis brown, trellis burgundy red, trellis dark grey, trellis grey, trellis light beige, trellis light grey and trellis taupe.

How much does these stair treads cost?

CLICK HERE TO CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE ON AMAZON you really don’t have to worry about the price though, these stair treads are cheap but also high quality at the same time. You are not going to have a single regret from spending your money on these stair treads…. They are worth every penny.

The only thing that I can promise you about these stair treads is that you, your dogs and your children are going to love these.

What are the things that I like about these stair treads?

  • I would recommend these treads because they protect your carpet stairs from wear and tear because they have rubber backing, what I love the most is that they are dog friendly… and they are definitely help with the sound of people walking up and down the stairs.
  • These stair treads have helped our senior dog to go up and down the stairs, before he was slipping and falling almost got injured so these work great, and I love that they have rubber backing.
  • These treads are great, we wanted to get them because the treads that we were using was damaging our carpeted stairs, I was unsure how they’d look on the stairs but they go perfect with them and their quality is great, our dog peed on the carpet and it was unnoticeable after going through the wash… I would absolutely recommend these treads to anyone whose dealing with the same issue.
  • These stair treads do just the trick, they have different colors enough to match light carpeted stairs and dark enough that is no going to show dirt, I like them enough to buy them again, their quality is good enough and their price is very affordable.
  • I love them, they are so soft and beautiful the treads don’t slip or slide on my carpet stairs as you walk up and down the stairs because they are non-slip and because of the rubber backing, they have a great secure grip exactly what I needed on my carpeted stairs.
  • These have been a great pleasure to use on my house I really love how comfortable these stair treads are even my 4 year old baby has fallen in love with these treads along with my dog… these are super easy to install, and look fabulous I am shocked how great they look and they even match the décor of my carpeted stairs that so amazing these treads really makes my house looks a lot more expensive and stylish.
  • These treads are a good product what I love the most is that they come in different colors so that it will accommodate every customer because in our homes we have different decors, nice colors to match any kind of décor in your home, cleans easily if you are lazy just like me you can easily put these on your washing machine and they will look good like new from the box and they are also non slip these stair treads are better than what I expected.
  • These are well made and look beautiful, their colors are really pretty and the texture looks and feels great, the choice of colors that are available are perfect and can match the décor of your home or carpeted stairs, they actually give an upgraded look to your stairs.

CLICK HERE TO READ AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWS just so you can hear what other people who have carpet stairs are saying.

You are going to be amazed by the reviews since most people who have carpet stairs are also highly recommending these stair treads.

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