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Carpet stair treads for spiral staircase

Carpet stair treads for spiral staircase

I have spiral staircase in my house, and finding the stair treads can fit spiral staircases can be a pain.

There are no stair treads that were made and designed for spiral staircases since spiral staircases are very different.

Spiral staircases have different sizes and sometimes even different designs, so finding stair treads can fit perfectly is not easy.

So, after searching and searching, I finally found stair treads that fit my spiral staircases perfectly but I had to resize them myself.

Most stair treads are not easy to resize, if you have spiral staircases than you are going to need to cut them yourself in order to fit the design or the size of your spiral staircases. 

The Eden non slip carpet stair treads are the only stair treads that goes well with spiral staircases because they are extremely easy to cut to fit your stairs perfectly.

What are the pros and Cons:


  • They are machine washable, to be honest, I’m extremely lazy, the only reason I bought these treads is because, they are machine washable, on top of that, the washing machine  will not damage the smooth back surface
  • They are non-slip, they stick to the surface of your spiral stairs, the adhesive is safe for all kinds of floors… if you have hardwood floor or laminate floors, the adhesive won’t leave residue or discolor the floor, that is why I highly recommend these to anyone looking for high quality treads for spiral stairs
  • These are easy to resize, you can cut these to fit the design of your spiral stairs because there are no treads that were specially designed to fit spiral stairs… you can easily resize these with scissors
  • They are safe for homes with young children, or pets because they are no slip, they don’t slip…
  • They match all types of stairs, if you have dark floors these will match perfectly and if you have light floors these will also work
  • They look good on any stairs, another great thing about these is that they will also make your spiral stairs look a lot more stylish

Will these really match the design of your spiral stairs?
Yes, they come in four different colors that you can choose from, they have beige, brown, gray and red

How much these stair does treads cost?

CLICK HERE TO CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE ON AMAZON you really don’t have to worry about the price these carpets stair treads are cheap but also a high quality and strong at the same time so you won’t have a single regret from spending your money on these stair treads

The only thing I can promise you is that you are going to love these treads and they will fit perfectly fine for your spiral staircase.

CLICK HERE TO READ AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWSand see what people are saying about these stair treads on the reviews and you will want to have one for your home as well.

You are going to be amazed by the reviews since these are far the best buys on the market and everyone are highly recommending them and you won’t have a single regret.

What are the things that I love about these stair treads?

  • The stair treads are awesome, I bought them to design my spiral staircase although on the market right now the stair treads for spiral staircases are not available I didn’t have a problem with it because I can cut them  by myself.
  • I love the spiral staircase they are stylish and different from other stairs so they vary slippery the stair treads will help very much.
  • What I love about these stair treads they are non-slip so it safe to walk on them and my dogs used to fall because of slippery and they were scared to climb but now they have no more fear to climb.
  • I am incredibly surprised that these stair treads are so easy to install and once you put them they don’t move at all.
  • I needed stair treads for my spiral staircases buy u couldn’t find once that are designed for them but I asked myself why not buy them because I can cut them buy myself and they fit perfectly fine.
  • My dogs and I have been going up and down the steps several times and never moves or slides I am really pleased to have these carpeted stair treads.
  • They are very easy to wash on the washing machine and when you are installing them on the carpeted stairs you just peel the backing off and put into places and when you want to remove them they won’t leave any residues or streaks on your carpeted stairs. I highly recommend these to people who have small kids and pets or you just want to minimize slip and falling risks on wood stairs.
  • If you have spiral staircases in your home you need to have these treads for safety reasons and to make your home looking stunning and welcoming, another thing I love about them they are easy to cut using scissor.
  • If you have pets in your home like me these stair steads are what you exactly looking for my dogs loves them so much and there are no more accidents in my house.
  • If you are a lazy person like me you can use vacuum to clean them or wash them on washing machine and my helper loves them to too because she won’t have to pull them off when she is sweeping but instead she will use vacuum.

What are the things that I do not like about these stair treads?

  • For now the stair treads for spiral staircases are not available you can buy the other ones but you need to be careful when you are cutting them because they will be wasted and be forced to purchase another set, but this is not a negative thing that can stop you from buying these stair treads.

Where to buy?

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