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Caster wheels that fit in the embody chair by Herman miller

Caster wheels that fit in the embody chair by Herman miller

Buying the Herman miller office chair was by far the best decision I ever made but the original caster wheels that came with the chair was ruing my laminate floor.

If you have a Herman miller chair and looking for a high-quality replacement caster wheels for the chair than you came to the right place.

Today, I’m going to recommend the exact caster wheels that I bought for my Herman miller office chair.

These casters are got to be by far the best replacement caster wheels available on the market right now, they are super high quality, they glide smoothly and they are very quiet.

The caster wheels that I’m talking about are called Heavy Duty Office Chair casters By Lifelong and they work great on my Herman miller chair, buying these replacement wheels was a good investment simple because they are 100 times better than the original wheels that came with the chair.

I really love my office chair, it comfortable, it soft and it great for daily use but the wheels that came with the chair was ruing my office laminate floor that is why I decided to look for replacement wheels.

After searching and searching, I finally stumbled upon these wheels on amazon. Before buying these wheels, I first checked the reviews just to hear what other people were saying.

What made me buy these wheels was the fact that a lot of people under the reviews were also highly recommending them for the embody chair by herman miller.

Buying these wheels was a really good investment for me, I do not have a single regret from buying them, in fact buying them was worth every penny.

What shocking about these wheels is the price, they are very cheap but very high quality at the same time, I’m definitely going to buy them again for my next office chair.

How much does these costs though?

I bought them 3 months ago, so I’m really not sure about the current price since amazon kinda changes their prices almost every day.

But, you really don’t have t worry about the price, these are affordable, you’ll love these wheels.

The only thing that I can promise you is that, they will work on your herman miller office chair, they fit perfectly and they glide smoothly.

There are a lot of different caster wheels that can fit on the herman miller chair, but the reason I’m recommending these ones is because I personally use them myself and they do the job pretty well.

Will these work on other types of Herman miller chairs?

  • They work on the embody herman miller
  • They also fit on a herman miller aeron
  • They are great on eames herman miller too

I don’t know about other herman miller chairs, but these work on almost all types of office chairs… so just try them out, you can always return them if they don’t work on your office chair.

CLICK HERE TO READ AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWS so you can hear what other people are saying who are also using these wheels on different types of herman miller chairs

Out of all the caster wheels that you can choose from, the lifelong wheels are what you should try, these have a lot of 5 star rating on amazon which means they do the job very well.

I’ve been using these daily for quite some time now, they fit perfectly on my embody herman miller chair, they look good and they are somewhat stylish, the design of these wheels is spot on, it matches almost any type of a chair.

If you care about the look of your office chair than you better get these because they look amazing.

Top 8 reasons to get these wheels for your embody herman miller office chair


  1. They fit perfectly on my own embody herman miller office chair and they also have never given me any problems
  2. never made any annoying noise and I move the chair quite frequently when I’m working
  3. they also do not pick up pet hair, that is what I also love about these wheels, the original wheels that came with my herman miller chair was picking a lot of dog hair since my dog is always in my office
  4. they are easy to assemble, you won’t need any special tools to install these on your chair
  5. another thing that you should get these wheels is that, there will be no need to buy or use a chair mat to protect your expensive floors
  6. they do not add too much height on your office chair, I hardly notice the difference, they are a little bit bigger than the original wheels that came with my chair
  7. very affordable, they look expensive, they feel expensive, they are high quality and extremely durable but they are surprisingly very cheap
  8. they are not plastic, these are super high quality rubber wheels with industrial grade steel, I’m pretty sure that these will last me for a few years to come

Are these wheels suitable to use on sensitive floors

  • yes, they are suitable on laminate floor
  • great for vinly floor
  • also work on all types of concrete floors
  • wont ruin or damage your engineered hardwood floor over time
  • they do not smudge tile floors
  • they glide easily even on high pile carpet
  • if you have bamboo floors in your office than these will also work just fine
  • it really doesn’t matter what type of floors you have, these will work just fine and also wont scratch or damage your floors over time
  • they are great for very sized people as well, they can support up to 650 pounds… nothing can beat that.

Where can you get these wheels?

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