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Office Chair caster wheels that don't make noise

Office Chair caster wheels that don't make noise

I hate noise… I really enjoy my quietness especially when working.

I have a herman miller office chair and it used to make some really annoying squeaky noise.

The noise was coming from the caster wheels, the wheels used to really annoy me when gliding the chair.

So, after searching for replacement wheels that don’t make noise, I found Heavy Duty Office Chair casters By Lifelong and they are freaking awesome. Love these wheels to death.

There are a lot of things that I love about these wheels but what I love the most is the quietness, I can’t even hear them when moving the chair while working.

These wheels are quite as a mouse and on top of that they glide smoothly plus they are also safe for all types of sensitive floors.

My office has laminate floors and the original wheels that came with my Herman miller chair was leavings smudges on the floor but that has never happened since the day I started using the lifelong wheels.

My office has a lot of noise proof equipment because I need to focus whenever I’m working… so replacing my old wheels with these new ones really helped a lot.

My doctor diagnosed me with (Minisopnia) which simple means (noise sensitivity), I just hate noise especially when working.

I have recommended these to about two of my friends and they both told me that these were by far the best chair caster wheels they ever used on their office chairs…

If both my friends loved these wheels than I’m pretty sure that you are also going to enjoy the quietness that they bring.

There are hundreds if not thousands of caster wheels available on the market right now, some are garbage and some are great but 99% of wheels make a lot of squeaky noise and finding quite caster wheels can be a pain.

Are these caster wheels really quiet?

  • They are very silent, these are by far the best silent wheels I have ever used on my chair
  • The reason these are super quiet is because they are not plastic, these are high quality rubber, they were made for heavy duty, they are made from industrial grade steel
  • They have durable precision ball bearings
  • They glide without making a single sound and on top of that they can support loads up to 650 pounds

I was starting to hate my office chair because of the noise that was coming from the caster wheels, I almost bought another chair but my mom told me to try replacement wheels.

So, after talking to my mom, I went to amazon and I tried a few wheels that had a lot of positive reviews but all the wheels I tried were not quiet enough.

After browsing around on amazon, I stumbled upon the lifelong wheels so I gave them a short.

The reason I bought these wheels was because of the reviews since a lot of people were also highly recommending them.

Most people were saying that these were the best quiet caster wheels they’ve ever used so I immediately bought them.

Well, I have been using these daily for a few months now and they are still quite… that is why I highly recommend them.

CLICK HERE TO READ AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEWS so you can hear what other people are saying.

List of the things that I love about these wheels

  • They are rubber, which means they wont ruin your floors over time
  • They have precision ball bearings, which means, they won’t make squeaky noise
  • They are made of high quality industrial steel, which means they are probably going to last you for a few years to come
  • They can withstand up to 650 pounds, they work very well even on super size people
  • They are durable, they work on all types of floors, these won’t wear even when using them on graveled concrete
  • You won’t need a chair mat since they do not leave smudges on the floor
  • They wont leave marks on both light or dark floors
  • They glide smoothly
  • They are great on sensitive floors too, great for hardwood, laminate, vinyl, bamboo, engineered wood floor and a lot more
  • They are good even on super slippery floors such as marble floors… they glide nicely but don’t slide easily that is why they do not come with locks
  • They are also good on both low pile and high pile carpet, they also wont pick up any carpet hair
  • Great for people who have pets, these won’t pick up any pet hair… the original wheels that came with my office chair kinda picked up my dog hair which caused a lot of issues, they began to get stuck when trying to glide the chair

What are the things that I personally didn’t like about these wheels?

The only thing that I do not like about the life-long wheels was that they didn’t fit my wife’s IKEA chair, but other than that, they are awesome... I don’t have any complains.

8 benefit of using these caster wheels

  1. You are going to enjoy the smooth gliding
  2. You are going to enjoy quiet gliding
  3. They will relieve the stress of rolling on your office chair
  4. You will never get frustrated again
  5. They glide from lower to higher surface easily, you won’t need to put any effort when gliding or moving the chair
  6. My office has laminate floor but also have two large area rugs, I roll from laminate to the area rug with an ease
  7. They have a heavy duty rubber design, they are the strongest office chair wheels available on the market right now

Please note: these come in a set of 5…

Where to buy the wheels?

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