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About Me

Hey peeps, Durbany here…

I used to work for my dad, he is a hardwood floor installer… he also installs vinyl, laminate and bamboo flooring.

After working for my dad for like a year, I got inspired of starting this blog to help home owners fix or repair their floors without hiring professionals.

Please note: I’m not a hardwood floor professional, I just used to work for my dad.

I’m 28 years and I really love helping people fix their floors without spending a lot of money… basically I help you save money lol.

So, my job is to help you, make your hardwood floor, vinyl floor and laminate floors last longer by giving you tips and tricks on how you can protect your floors.

Eg. I wrote an article about, How to protect your vinyl floors from heavy furniture… I write about things like that, basic stuff to increase the life span of your floors.

What really inspired me to start this blog was when I was searching for the best carpet tape for hardwood floors and didn’t find an answer…

I want to write about basic information that people are searching for that are really hard to find on google.

Please note: we have a lot of articles that is user generated, I’m not the only one who is writing these articles.

Most of people who have hardwood floor, laminate floors and vinyl floors have written a lot of *how to articles* on this blog, to gives tips to other people who visit our blog.

I call this blog a dummy blog lol, because we are not writing about super complicated stuff, we write about basic stuff that can help make our floors look brand new and last longer.

If you have something that you don’t like about the articles on this website or have something you disagree with, than feel free to contact me here (durbanyfloors@gmail.com)

Do I pay people who write on this website?

Not really, the website doesn’t make that much anyways… the money that we make from the affiliate links pay for the website domain, hosting, theme and plugins…

I have tried monetizing the website with ads but people have complained that Ads are distracting, so, I ended up removing the ads, *this website is all about user experience*

I’m 28 years old, I have two dogs, two kids and a wife… our home has both hardwood floors and vinyl floors… my wife is planning on installing laminate floors in her home office.

This website is what keeps me busy, its kind of a hubby.

Thanks to everyone who visit my blog and thanks for all the support that you guys give me by writing articles and buying from my affiliate links… you guys rock…

James McGowan

Hey Guys! My name is James and at the moment I’m either designing a room, thrift shopping or DIYing something and then sharing them with you guys here on my blog. I post new blog post every Sunday so if you love DIYs as much as I do stay tunned.

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