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How do you clean gunk off hardwood floors

How do you clean gunk off hardwood floors

Removing gunk off your hardwood floors can be a pain.

I’ve tried a lot of solutions that didn’t work, I even tried using vinegar but it also didn’t work.

After searching and searching for a cleaner that could remove gunk off my hardwood floors, I finally found what worked for me.

Please note: if this worked for me than I’m pretty sure, it will also work for you too.

I’ve recommended this to two of my friends and it worked for both of them that is why I’m very positive that this will work for you as well.

In order to remove gunk off your wood floors, you need to get Goo Gone Adhesive Remover.

The reason I recommend Goo gone is because it can safely remove gunk without harming your hardwood floors.

I’ve used it on hardwood floors and also have used it on laminate floors and it does the job very well, it doesn’t discolor the floors and also doesn’t damage the floor over time.

Goo gone can remove all type of sticky residue stuck on your hardwood floors without harming your floors, it safe and it extremely cheap.

Things that I love about Goo Gone:

  •        It can remove gunk off your hardwood floors
  •        It can remove all types of sticky residue stuck on your hardwood floor
  •        It doesn’t have a super strong smell, it good for people who hate strong cleaners
  •        It won’t discolor your floors over time
  •        It easy to use
  •        It doesn’t cost a lot of money but it works
  •        It cheap but high quality at the same time since it doesn’t discolor the floor
  •        It can also remove grime of your hardwood floors
  •        It can remove old duct tape residue stuck on your hardwood floors
  •        It doesn’t have any chemicals that could damage your floors when using it to remove sticky gunk off your wood floors

How to use Goo Gone to remove Gunk off your hardwood floors?

You need to spray it directly to the surface that has gunk and then wipe it off after a few seconds.

Please note: Goo Gone will easily remove gunk but it will leave small sticky residue behind when using it on hardwood floors.

You need to wash the surface with a Murphy's Oil Soap Wood Cleaner and warm water afterwards in order to safely remove any residue left behind.

The reason I recommend using Murphy’s oil Soap is because it was made and designed for hardwood floors, it leaves the floor residue free.

Why do i recommend Murphy’s oil wood cleaner?

  • I love this product simply because it does a great job on my hardwood floors, this cleaner protects the finish of the hardwood when you apply it every 2 weeks, I’m happy that I found this product because ever since I started using hardwood flooring nothing else would clean my floors and make them shiny… other cleaners were slowly but surely damaging my expensive floor but this product makes my floors look very beautiful and smell nice.
  • This cleaner gives a great shine on my hardwood floors, no streaks or residue and a nice shine, not too shiny though but just enough to make them look beautiful and look brand new… this cleaner is exactly what I’ve been looking for all this years I’ve wasted my money to garbage cleaners that were damaging my floors I wish I found it sooner but nonetheless I’m happy that I have finally found a cleaner that works like magic on my hardwood floors.
  • I’m very relieved that this product actually worked because I thought I was going to replace my hardwood flooring since nothing would actually work and I was really worried because already I have waste so much money busy buying garbage cleaners plus hardwood flooring is expensive, but this cleaner has been a good investment to me and a great pleasure to use, the price is great this cleaner really brought back the life to my hardwood floors… I highly recommend
  • If you want your floors to shine, smells good and clean this is the cleaner you need to get, easy to apply on the floor and it works best on hardwood floors in fact is was designed for real wood surfaces, I have used this product for a month or so and I have no regrets because it does an amazing job on my floors I get lots of compliments from my neighbor’s.
  • This cleaner left my hardwood floors so shiny and clean! No streaks, no residue, no film and absolutely no footprints when you walk on it… I will personally say make sure that your floors are free of dirt and dust before you apply it I really love this product it smells great, cleans well and is 98% natural.
  • I’m sensitive to chemicals and strong scents, I’m much prefer a product that’s all natural, this cleaner is probably the closest that that I came across, the bottles were well-packaged too, no leaks or damage, great value for money on a fantastic product! Fresh clean smell I use this product all over my house to clean lots of things, especially wood tables, floor even my chairs.
  • I really like this floor cleaner, everything else I tried was just nit working well with my hardwood floors but this is perfect, this cleaner cleans very well! You can use it on any wood furniture, baseboards, walls, cabinets and any type of flooring… I love it and recommend it.
  • I love this cleaner it leaves my house smelling nice and leaves my hardwood floor cleaned, shiny, moisturized and not dry and ashy looking with a white residue left behind like Swiffer… this product works great it gets rid of grease from kitchen wood cabinets I highly recommend this cleaner it really a great pleasure to use.
  • This product leaves a high gloss shine, it beautiful and it seals so well, it last longer than the cleaner I was using, I purchased this cleaner because of the reviews it really does make my floors look like new and smells nice.

Where to buy Murphy’s oil Soap ?

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