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How do you remove ingrained dirt from vinyl flooring

How do you remove ingrained dirt from vinyl flooring

In order to remove ingrained dirt or deeply embedded stains out of your vinyl flooring, then you are going to need two things

In order to loosen the ingrained stain, spray rejuvenate cleaner in to the floor and then gentle scrub.

If this doesn’t loosen the dirt, than spray rejuvenate cleaner on the floor, wait a few seconds and then use the brush again.

You need to rub the dirt until it frees from your vinyl flooring.

10 reasons to use Rejuvenate cleaner to get rid of ingrained dirt

  • Finally, a product that cleans without leaving a sticky residue on my vinyl planks, it didn’t alter the shine or texture.
  • Great product! Easy to use spray bottle, cleans great and it brings a fresh pleasant smell.
  • Perfect vinyl flooring cleaner, best I’ve ever used so far! It gets rid of all the foot traffic marks especially by the front door.
  • I refuse to use any product other than this particular one, no-rinse and it leaves no surface residue.
  • This works great, you just spray small amount of the cleaner and your brush then you are good to go it dries well and really refreshes your floor.
  • Excellent product, works great on my vinyl and wood floor, no streaks and cleans super!
  • I’m glad that I purchased this cleaner it truly cleaned my vinyl floors and left a great streak free surface.
  • I’m so happy with how well it cleans my floors, I just lightly spray an area then wipe it up, it leaves no residue but you do have to let the floor dry before wailing on it.
  • It easy to use on floors, it makes your floors shines petty good, it dries fast… I recommend for vinyl plank flooring.
  • I like the convenience of this product, it works great in my vinyl floor, the floors get clean and don’t have any kind of residue build up.

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You are going to be amazed by the reviews since a lot of people are highly recommending this cleaner.

10 reasons to use Unger Professional Hydropower Wash Brush

  • Also used it to clean vinyl siding, it worked well the bristles are flexible enough to clean around the siding including the narrow undersides.
  • So far this looks like a sturdy brush, it really a great pleasure to use, I use it on my vinyl floors and my car I look forward to using it for similar cleaning jobs around the house.
  • I also used it to scrub some paving stones and concrete outside and it was very affective, it is definitely worth purchasing the Unger pole to go with it.
  • The varying angle bristles do a good job for pushing twigs rather than   riding over them, the weight is a bit much but manageable and the width lets me clean a wide area with fewer strokes than other brushes I’ve tried.
  • Excellent scrub brush, large and heavier duty than expected, the brush is some what rounded to allow full use from one angle when scrubbing with a long handle to do floors, well made and should last a life time!
  • A high-quality soft brush head that works really great on my vinyl floors.
  • Great product very well designed with quality materials this soft bristle head works great for washing your car.
  • The long and very soft bristles do not scratch and the rubber edge guard protects delicate surfaces you might bump into.
  • Very affective scrub brush, the bristles are stiff and quickly removed dirt and mold residue on my floors.
  • It easy to clean and rinse I highly recommend.

What are the things that I love about this cleaner?

  • This works better than anything else I’ve ever used it gets dogs slobber, muddy pawprints and other messes of the floor easily without much scrubbing.
  • I love this product because it dogs friendly, it cleans and picks dirt fast, its dry’s quick after sweeping and it leaves no residue on the floor.
  • I also highly recommending this cleaner to people who have pets such as dogs or cats simple because it doesn’t have a strong smell that could make your pets sick or get weird reaction over time.
  • It also good because it doesn’t make the floor too shiny and also won’t make your floors slippery, it great for people who have pets, elderly people and kids because they won’t get injured while running around the house.
  • This cleaner is good on tough stains, dog urine and dogs poop you need to get this if you want your floors last longer without putting your dogs in danger, buying this cleaner was really a good investment for me I do not have a single regret buying it, in fact buying this cleaner was worth every penny.
  • This product cleans without leaving a sticky residue on my vinyl planking, this works perfectly! I’ve tried Aqua shine, Bona, Zep, water and vinegar, plain water, Pine sol they all would show footprints after drying and urine of my dog would still smell under the planks of my floor, rejuvenate left my luxury vinyl floors beautiful and smelling nice.
  • This cleaner gives a great shine on my vinyl floors, no streaks and a nice shine not too shiny but enough to look beautiful, this product is exactly what I’ve been looking for I wish I found it sooner this cleaner does magic to my vinyl floors.
  • This cleaner left my floors to shine, smells good and clean, this is the product you need to get, easy to apply on the floor and it works best on vinyl floor and real wood surfaces.
  • This product is great just make sure that you clean your floors to get all lint, hair and dirt so it doesn’t get sealed in, and make sure that you follow the instructions, and let the floor dry for an hour before walking on it.

Where to buy rejuvenate cleaner?

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