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How do you secure a rug on laminate

How do you secure a rug on laminate

There are a lot of ways that you can secure your area rugs from slipping on your laminate floors.

  • The first solution is to use a double side tape
  • The second option is to use a rug pad

A rug pad is the best way to secure a rug on laminate floor but it is an expensive solution.

Rug pads are expensive these days, so if you can’t afford it than just use a double sided tape that was designed for laminate floors such as XFasten Double Sided Tape.

Please note:  double sided tapes are only for short term, if you are looking for a permanent solution than you need to get a rug pad simple because it will help prevent your rugs from slipping for years to come.

Caution: not all rug pads are suitable for laminate floors, some rug pads will ruin your floors over time.

There are lot of rug pads you can choose from these days and choosing the best rug pad is very important simple because not all rug pads will be suitable for a laminate floor.

So, what is the best safe rug pad that is suitable for laminate floors?

The only rug pad that I recommend for laminate floor is the RUGPADUSA Premium Comfort Rug Pad simple because it was made and designed for sensitive floors such as laminate, engineered hardwood floor and bamboo floors.

And since I installed laminate floor in my house I am very careful on what I use or put on the floor and this RUGPADUSA is safe to put it on my floors and after browsing on the internet they highly recommend this one.

Great thing about this rug pad is that, it won’t discolor your laminate floors over time, it won’t leave marks and also won’t leave residue in the long run.

This rug pad won’t just secure your rugs but it will also makes your rugs a lot more comfy and soft.

It adds about 1.3 inches to your rugs to make them soft and comfortable without adding too much height, you will hardly notice it.

What kind of surprised me about this rug pad is that, it makes my area rugs look a lot more expensive and bit more stylish and the beautiful colors has make my house more decorative.

It also adds the softness and comfy on the area rug and look more attractive, the thickness with good quality as well.

Is this rug pad for laminate floor only?

No it is not for laminate floors only and don’t feel very bad if you don’t have laminate floors in your house it can fit any hardwood floors because it helps to prevent your area rug from moving.

If you have kids and pets this rug pad is for you to ensure safety in your house and there won’t be any accidents happening.

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You are going to be amazed by the reviews since most of people have laminate floors in their homes highly recommending this rug pad especially people who have kids and pets.

How much does it cost?

Trust me you don’t have to worry yourself about the price thought this rug pad is cheap but also a high quality and strong and it is worth the price.

I promise you that you won’t have a single regret from buying this rug pad and you are going to love it.

What are the things that I love about this rug pad?

  • This rug pads really helps to make the rug more comfortable and soft and it non slippery since my laminate floor is slippery   but with this rug pad I put it once and it doesn’t slide at all.
  • The good thing about this rug it makes you safe and I highly recommend it to elders, kids and pets and the reason I bought is that my daughter almost broke her neck because of slippery and having rug pad is such a life saver and I don’t have worry at all about their safety.
  • This rug pad has a rubber that is non slip and the other side is soft and the softness makes me heavenly walk on it with barefoot and feet will feel the comfort on it.
  • This rug pad is durable and nice quality and it makes the area rug more luxuriant under feet and it helps your floor from being damaged or have scratches.
  • This rug pad quality is excellent I really love it and it worth the money because it does a great job protecting your floor and it very easy to cut using scissor.
  • My kids loves to play on this rug because of it comfy and also my dogs loves to lie on it when they are taking a nap and it doesn’t slide because of the pad underneath.
  • The pad has helped my area rug feel much softer to work on and it holds everything in place much better.
  • This rug pad offers the most cushioning underfoot and I have tried different rugs and this is far the best and it a good choice for high traffic areas because it doesn’t slide or move.
  • I love the thickness of the pad and it does not leave any residues on my laminate floor when I want to move it from different area.
  • I also bought another piece for my kitchen when am cooking I will stand on the rug and it is soft and warm and the rug pads helps when my kids are washing dishes they will pour water on the floor and with this pad it helps to absorb water from going underneath.
  • I love the design with beautiful colors on it and patterns and it add a little decoration in the room and it has brightens the room as well with the welcoming look on the door step.

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