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How to clean grime off hardwood floors

How to clean grime off hardwood floors

There are a lot of ways to remove grime off your hardwood floors but you need to be very careful because most solutions that are available online can easily ruin your hardwood floors over time.

There are a lot of cleaners that were designed to remove grime, but most of those cleaners were not made for hardwood floors and some can even discolor your floors.

So, what is the best way to remove grime off your hardwood floors?

Well, I’ve tried a lot of things that dint work, I even tried vinegar but it also didn’t work.

But after searching and searching, I finally found what worked for me.

I’m only going to recommend what worked for me, if this worked for me than it should also work on your hardwood floors as well.

I also recommended this to my dad when he had old duct tape stuck on his hardwood floors that is why I’m very positive that this will work for you too.

The only thing you need is Goo Gone Adhesive Remover, it was made for removing sticky residue but it can remove grime extremely well.

Good thing about Goon Gone is that, it can safely remove grime without harming your hardwood floors… it safe and it works.

Why do I recommend Goo Gone for removing Grime?

  • Because I’ve used it and it worked
  • It cleans grime without ruining your hardwood floors
  • It won’t discolor your floors
  • It cheap but it works, you won’t need to spend a lot of money to get rid of grime off your floors, this stuff is cheap but it freaking works
  • It doesn’t have any chemicals that could harm your hardwood floors that is why I highly recommend it
  • It can remove duct tape residue, it can remove gum, it can remove grime plus this stuff can remove old wine stuck on your floors
  • It easy to use, you just spray it directly and then wipe the surface using a soft cloth.

Please Note: Goo Gone will leave a small amount of residue if you are using it to remove grime that is why you are going to need be sure to wash the surface with a Murphy's Oil Soap Wood Cleaner and warm water afterwards.

The reason I recommend washing the surface with murphy’s oil soap is because it was made and designed for hardwood floors, it safely remove the left over residue and leaves the surface sparkling clean.

CLICK HERE TO CHECK THE CUSTOMER REVIEWS ON AMAZON just to see what are the people are saying about murphy’s oil soap and why they highly recommending it.

You are going to be amazed by the reviews and see how they love this cleaner and you can also buy it for your house as well.

How much does the cleaner cost?


You don’t have to worry about the price this cleaner is cheap but also a high quality  and the only thing I can promise you is that you will love this cleaner

Things that I love about the murphy’s oil soap

  • I love murphy’s oil soap and polish to remove grime on the floor and it leaves my floor shining and looking brand new. The product as all natural since am sensitive to chemical smells I am satisfied with it.
  • It is very easy to use you just follow the directions, dilute the soap with a quarter cup of warm water and put it in a spray bottle with a mop and it removes the residues on the floor just like that
  • Compare to what I’ve seen and used before this is a great cleaner and affordable, I have used this cleaner for months now and I am very happy with the product and this product gives a great shine and does not make it slippery at all.
  • Murphy’s oil soap removes residues but firstly I use goo gone original top remove grime and it will leave residues and murphy’s oil does an extra job to remove sticky residues and shines the floor.
  • Murphy’s oil soap cleans off grease in my kitchen cabinets that has built up over years and removes grime on the floor and on the wall too. This is a great cleaner I will continue using over and over.
  • This is excellent for cleaning and polish my hardwood floors and it is suitable for any type of wood floors, it cleans the floor without discoloring or damage the floor but it cleans nicely and leaves a great shine with a beautiful look. I will not trust any brand this is the best cleaning product and removing tough stains and stickiness on the floors.
  • The great thing about this cleaner it doesn’t remove grime only or residues but you can use it to clean your old kitchen cabinets, car, bathroom sinks,  shower floors and kitchen sink without damaging anything and it has a fresh clean smell my daughter loves it so much.
  • The value of the price is affordable and it a good quality I also bought it for my grandmother to clean her old wooden floors and she loves it her floors are looking brand new and she use it to clean her wood furniture, base board and cabinets I highly recommending it.
  • There is not residues on the floors my house is smelling nice an shiny and I have received lots of compliments from friends , now they also ant to use this cleaner as well and the quickest ways to mop on your floors and leaves a great shine and welcoming look.
  • Murphy’s oil soap is far the best buys on amazon right now and it was a good purchase now there is no grime and sticky residues on my hardwood floors.
  • My family love this cleaning product so much it has save my cleaning life now I don’t have to scrub my floor trying to remove sticky grime on the floor.

Where to buy?

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