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How to make felt pads stay on chairs

How to make felt pads stay on chairs

Hey guys, today I’ll be sharing what I personally believe is by far the best way to prevent the felt pads from coming off the chairs.

Well, my kitchen chairs were leaving scuff marks on my vinyl floor than my mom told me to use felt pads than I took her advice and bought the pads.

But then, I faced another problem, the felt pads didn’t stay on the chairs…

So, after searching and searching for a solution to this problem I didn’t find a solution, all the YouTube videos I watched were kind of garbage including articles I was reading.

I came up with an idea a few days ago and it worked like magic… I still can’t believe that this actually worked way better than I expected.

I’m very positive that this solution will also work for you since it worked for me…

So, what is the best solution that will help keep the felt pads on chairs?

Well, have you heard of a double-sided tape? Guess what? That is all you need.

But not all double-sided carpet tapes can work, you are going to need a special double-sided tape.

So, which double sided tape do I recommend for this?

I only recommend the Xfasten double sided carpet tape simple because it is the only double-sided tape that worked for me.

I honestly don’t believe that I didn’t come up with this idea a lot sooner, I ended wasting my time watching YouTube videos that were recommending a lot of silly solutions that didn’t work.

I have told about two people to also try this double-sided carpet tape to stick the felt pads on chairs and both of these people have told me that this also worked for them too.

The only thing that I can promise you about this solution is that, it really does work, it will help stick the felt pads on chairs better than any other solution available online right now.

Don’t waste your time trying all these garbage solutions you’ll find on YouTube or else you are going to be very disappointed.

After wasting my time reading articles that didn’t provide me a solution, I just came up with an idea of trying a double-sided tape and I was very surprised and amazed that it actually worked.

To be honest, at first, I was a little bit skeptical about trying the double-sided tape, but I gave it a try simple because it didn’t cost a lot of money, it cheap and it works.

Where can you get this double-sided tape?

Well, this tape is available on a lot of online stores, why don’t you CLICK HERE TO GET IT ON AMAZON so you can get it for a much cheaper price plus amazon delivers on time.

What are the things that I don’t like about using this double sided tape?

Well, there is really nothing that I don’t like abut this tape simple because it does exactly what I needed.

This tape does way more than what I expected, it easy to use, it cheap and it works… the felt pads haven’t came off the chair legs since the day I started using this tape that is why I highly recommend it to anyone looking for ways to stop the felt pads from coming off the chair feet.

What are the things that I love about this tape when using it on felt pads?

  • This tape help keep the felt pads on the chair even when lifting the chairs while cleaning, mopping, sweeping or vacuuming
  • It really does prevent the felt pads from coming off even when pushing the chair
  • It is very sticky
  • It super strong but doesn’t cost a lot of money at the same time
  • It was made and designed for heavy duty
  • It will keep the felt pads on the chair for a long time
  • It doesn’t have a bad smell
  • It doesn’t come off even if the felt pad get wet
  • It is not toxic
  • It doesn’t have any dangerous ingredients that could make your kids or pet sick
  • It easy to use
  • Your kids won’t be able to take off the pads from the chair while using this tape
  • It is not just another cheap double sided tape from china, this tape is made here in the United State, I’m very proud of that
  • It doesn’t stick on your hands or fingers
  • It is easy to peel off when removing the felt pads off your chairs. You won’t need any special tools to peel it off
  • It doesn’t cost a lot of money but super high quality at the same time, how cool is that
  • This tape will keep the pads from falling of the chair even if your kids are pushing the chair around the house

How much does this double sided tape cost?

I’m really not sure about the current price since amazon changes their prices quite often…

CLICK HERE TO CHECK THE CURRENT PRICE ON AMAZON, it better to check the current price because I bought it a few weeks ago so the price may have been changed.

Will this double-sided tape really keep the felt pads from falling of the chairs?

Yes, this tape does work.

I have been using it for a few days now and it works like magic…

Please note: this tape was made for carpet and area rugs, its job is to help keep the areas rugs in place and prevent the carpet from sliding and pretty sure it will also work for you.

If it worked for me and the two people I’ve recommended it too than it should work for you too.

Give it a try, you are not going to have a single regret from trying this.

There are hundreds if not thousands of carpet tapes available on the market right now that you can choose from, but the reason I only recommend the Xfasten double sided carpet tape is because it is the only double sided tape that worked on the felt pads and it sticks to the chair legs every well.

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