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How to protect hardwood floors when moving a piano

How to protect hardwood floors when moving a piano

Today I’m going to share what I personally believe is by far the best way to move a piano without damaging your hardwood floors…

I’m only going to recommend this solution simple because it is what I did when I was moving my daughter’s piano from my dining room to my living room…

I’m not going to beat around the bush, ill just go straight to the point, the only thing you are going to need is Furniture Sliders by X-Protector.

Just put these sliders under your piano legs or casters and you are good to go…

Using these furniture sliders makes things easier because you just put them under the piano legs and push it around or move it around.

These furniture sliders will also protect your hardwood floor and also make it easier to move the piano around without using power or force.

Do furniture sliders make it easier to move a piano on hardwood floor?

Yes, I also used these when I was moving my daughters piano and they worked like magic, the furniture sliders made things way easier for me, I didn’t even need help… I moved the piano all by my myself without damaging or scratching my hardwood floor.

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS FROM AMAZON so you can hear what other people are saying who are also using these furniture sliders when moving heavy furniture.

You are going to be amazed by reviews because a lot of people who have hardwood floors are also highly recommending using furniture sliders when moving a piano.

Why do I recommend using furniture sliders when moving a piano on hardwood floors?

  • These sliders will protect your hardwood floor from getting damaged by the piano legs
  • These will prevent the piano casters from scratching your hardwood floor
  • Sliders makes it easier to move the piano around without using power or force
  • It good for lazy people such as myself
  • You wont even need help moving your piano… if you use these, you will be able to move the piano all by your self no matter how heavy the piano is.
  • These work even on super heavy pianos…
  • These were designed for heavy furniture
  • They work on all types of hardwood floor
  • These are good on vinyl flooring
  • Also good on engineered hardwood floors
  • These were designed for also sensitive hardwood such as laminate floors
  • If your furniture is too heavy and also could damage your hardwood floors when moving, buying these furniture moving pads is what you need to do because they make moving furniture safe and easy

How much do these furniture moving pads cost?


You really don’t have to worry about the price since these are cheap…

They are cheap but high quality at the same time…

Why do I recommend these sliders?

Because they are also reusable, you can always use them when ever you want to move your furniture without damaging or ruining your hardwood floor.

I have recommended these pads to two of my friends who have hardwood floors and they both told me that they worked pretty well when they were moving heavy furniture such as refrigerator, couch or piano.

If these worked for me and my friends then I’m very positive that they will also work for you too.

The only thing I can promise you about these furniture moving pads is that, you are not going to have a single regret from spending your money on them.

These are cheap but worth every penny that why I highly recommend them especially for people who have hardwood floors.

What are the pros and cons of these pads?


  • They are cheap
  • Easy to use
  • They make things easier for you whenever you are moving heavy furniture
  • They protect your hardwood floors from scratches
  • Safe to use
  • They are reusable


I honestly do not have anything negative to say about these sliders simple because they didn’t give me any issues

How much weight can these pads support, can they support a heavy piano?

These were designed for really heavy stuff… I honestly don’t know how much weight they can support.

The only thing I can tell you is that, my piano is freaking heavy and I didn’t have any issues when I was moving it.

How do you get the sliders under the piano?

Lol, you just lift each coner in turn and slide a pad under the piano leg.

If the piano is too heavy than get someone to help you if you can’t do it by yourself.

What if you don’t have someone to help you?

Then, you have to lift up the legs and slide them under with your feet.

How does the piano stay in the pad when moving it?

The simple answer to that is, gravity lol… I hope that answers your question.

It should hold on the slider since the piano is heavy…

How many sliders are in each pack?

8 sliders in a box.

Can does sliders work on top of the carpet?

Hell yes… these also work extremely well on carpet.

These were designed for hardwood but they also work on carpet as well… I also have used them on top of my very long area rug and I didn’t have any issues.

I highly recommend these to people who have carpet as well.

Where to buy?

Furniture Sliders by X-Protector

Furniture Sliders by X-Protector

CLICK HERE TO BUY THE Furniture Sliders by X-Protector FROM AMAZON.COM

Are these available offline?

I honestly don’t know… I bought them from amazon and I’m very happy with my purchase plus they were also delivered on time.

I have hardwood floors in my house, I used these pads to move my daughter’s piano, I didn’t need help, I also didn’t even have to use a good amount of effort to push the piano to the next room…

For me, buying these pads was a great investment because they are reusable.

There are a lot of ways to move a piano without damaging hardwood floors but I personally believe that buying these sliders is by far the best way to do it.

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