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How to remove emulsion paint from laminate floors

How to remove emulsion paint from laminate floors

The safest way to get rid of emulsion paint from your laminate floors, it to pure the Eternal 100% Pure Acetone on the surface that has old dried paint and then use the Cotton Balls to wipe it off.

For those who have never heard of Acetone, it was made and designed for removing old dried nail polish, if it safe on the skin than it should be safe for laminate floors as well.

Please note: the reason I personal believe that using Acetone is the safest way is simple because I have used it myself on my dark laminate floors and it didn’t discolor the floor.

Caution: Acetone is extremely safe but it is also flammable, so make sure to never use it near an open flame.

Great thing about Acetone is that, it doesn’t just remove Nail Polish, this stuff can easily remove old dried paint within minutes and it safe that is why it is suitable for sensitive floors such as laminate, vinyl or hardwood floor.

Is Acetone really safe on laminate floor for removing dried paint?

Yes it is very safe, you really don’t have anything to worry about, this stuff works and it super cheap.

This is the only thing that can easily remove dried paint without damaging your expensive laminate floor.

Make sure to wipe it off using cotton balls because they are SOFT and GENTLE to the floor…

Laminate floor is very sensitive that is why I personally recommend using cotton balls.

Please note: after using Acetone, there will be residue left on the floor and a little bit of buildup that is why you are going to need to wash the floor using Better life floor cleaner. To get rid of all the buildup or residue that was left by Acetone.

Make sure to read customer reviews on amazon just so you can hear what other people are saying that are also using better life floor cleaner

What are the things that I love about better life?

  • This product is amazing! Because it has a nice light minty scent, which does not affect my allergies because I’m allergic to strong scents but so far this is by far the best cleaner… I’m not a fan of chemicals based product as they are not only toxic to humans and pets but also the environment, that not the case with this cleaner I really like the scent because of the natural ingredients… what I love the most is that I use it around the pets and children with no side effect, this product leaves my home clean and my floors shiny the best wood floor cleaner that I have found… I highly recommend this product and company!
  • This floor cleaner makes my floors shine and makes my house smell good all the time, my floors are looking awesome, this cleaner is well worth the money, this is the very best floor cleaner I have ever come across! I use it on my hardwood floors after using this cleaner my floors always comes out clean with lots of shine
  • If you want your floors to shine, smells good and clean, well this is the cleaner you need to purchase, it easy to apply on the floor all you need to do is to make sure that your floors are fee from dirt before applying the cleaner on the floor, this cleaner works best on different types of flooring such as laminate floor, hardwood floor, vinyl floor, bamboo floor, ceramic tile floor and other sealed floors, I have used this product for a month or so and I have no regret or whatsoever because it is what I have been looking for it removes every type of dirt on the floor… highly recommend
  • This cleaner left my hardwood floor so clean and shiny! No streaks, residue, no film and absolutely no footprints when you walk on it! I will personally say make sure you apply it evenly do not put too much and make sure that your floors are free of dirt and dust before you use it change water after each room… I couldn’t be more happier because finally I have found a floor cleaner that leaves my floors look amazing after wasting so much money on garbage floor cleaners that were slowly but surely damaging my expensive floor
  • What I love the most about this product is that the price is affordable and I’m very happy with the results of finally having a shiny hardwood floors after only one coat, you will not regret buying this because this cleaner is really a great pleasure to use, this product is really great just make sure that you clean your floors to get all lint, hair and dirt so it doesn’t get sealed in and after you have applied it let the floor dry for an hour before walking on it because WOW, this cleaner holds a shine, just make sure you don’t clean the floor after using this cleaner other than dry mopping and the shine will last longer
  • This product cleans without leaving a sticky residue on my hardwood planking I’ve been using better life for almost 2 months, it’s an easy product to use, I wouldn’t use another brand, it easy to pour and covers the floor thoroughly with little mop effort I really love this floor cleaner, everything else I tried was just not working well with my hardwood floor but this cleaner is perfect its cleans my floor very well!, I highly recommend this product
  • I love this product simply because in my hardwood it does an amazing job it removes tough stains on the floor, paint and other dirt from the floor, this cleaner gives a great shine on my hardwood floors, no streaks and a nice shine not too shiny, but just enough to look beautiful, this product is exactly what I’ve been looking for I wish I found it sooner, this cleaner works like magic on my hardwood floor
  • This product leaves a high gloss shine, it beautiful and it seals so well, it last longer than the one that I was using before purchasing this one I’m in love with this cleaner
  • I’m very happy with this purchase! The cleaner is affordable, high quality that remove tough stains… I highly recommend!

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