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How to remove paint from hardwood floors

How to remove paint from hardwood floors

After searching and searching for the best paint remover, I ended up wasting a lot of money trying different paint removers and still none of them worked.

Today I’m going to share how I managed to remove paint from my hardwood floors, this method will shock you because you won’t have to buy any thinners or paint removers.

After trying different paint removers with no luck, I took my wife’s Equate Cleansing Pads and tried them, well these pads removed the paint within a blink of an eye… I was shocked and amazed by this because it freaking worked like magic.

The reason I’m recommending Equate Cleansing Pads to you is simple because I also told my brother in-law to try them out and he told me that these pads also removed the old paint from his hardwood floors.

If this method worked for me and my brother in-law then it will probably work for you too, just give this a chance, you are not going to regret it, you really don’t have anything to loose since this stuff is super cheap.

Please note: The Equate Cleansing Pads were definitely not made or designed to remove paint from hardwood floors, but they worked plus they don’t have any harsh chemicals that could damage your hardwood floors.

Are these pads really safe to use on hardwood floors?

Hell yes, these pads were made for human skin which means they are super safe to use on your hardwood floors, I’ve used them three time and they have never damage my floors and also have never gave me any issues.

Things that I liked about these pads:

  • They don’t damage or remove the hardwood finish
  • They worked after trying a lot of things that didn’t work
  • They removes old paint within seconds
  • This product doesn’t cost a lot of money, it is super cheap… even a homeless person can afford buying this stuff
  • Super easy to use
  • Not toxic

Things that I didn’t like about these pads:

They kind of irritated my hands when I first used them but the irritation went away within a few seconds, I guess it was because I have super sensitive hands.

I wanted to buy another pack just in case we accidentally spill paint on the floors but getting these pads locally can be a pain in the ass, you need to buy them online from amazon because they are not available on most local shops.

I honestly do not have a single regret from trying these pads because they worked exactly as I hoped and they removed the paint better than any other paint remover I tried.

Caution: There are a lot of acne clearing pads available on the market right now but please only buy Equate Cleansing Pads simple because it what worked for me…

What made me really try these pads?

Well after wasting a lot of money switching from different paint removers I got pissed and saw these pads on top of the table, I took one and scrubbed the paint and it worked just like that.

How to make sure that these pads doesn’t damage the finish on your hardwood floors

I’m definitely sure that these pads wont damage the finish on your hardwood floors but I would advise you to first test it in an inconspicuous spot first before using it on your hardwood floors.

Don’t buy any paint remover when trying to remove paint from hardwood floors.

No matter how careful you are when painting your home, you are definitely going end up with drips of paint on the floor and using paint removers can sometimes damage your hardwood floors or remove the finish since most paint removers were not specially made for hardwood floors.

Don’t waste your time and money on these:

When I was searching for a solution online, a lot of people were recommending using vinegar and baking soda but do not waste your time on those because you are going to be every disappointed.

I also tried baking soda and vinegar and none worked, plus I’ve heard from a lot of people that using vinegar on hardwood floors is bad.

There are a lot of people on YouTube who recommended SOY-Gel paint remover, well don’t buy this because it will remove the finish from your hardwood floors, I also tried this and I was very disappointed and would highly advise you to avoid it.

Other people on YouTube recommended trying Citri-Strip paint remover, well this product was the worst, this was made to remove paint but it is definitely not for hardwood floors.

There are a lot of methods you can find online for removing old paint from hardwood floors but please take my advice and buy the Equate Cleansing Pads, I know that it is not for removing paint but it what worked for me.

I hope this article was helpful, if you have any questions then please feel free to ask me by leaving a comment bellow and I will answer you as soon as possible.

Reminder: getting Equate Cleansing Pads from local shops is a pain, so make sure to buy it online from amazon.

After finishing my wife’s acne clearing pads, I also bought them from amazon and they were delivered on time and I’m happy with my y purchase.



Dude this freaking worked for me too lol, at first I wasn’t sure whether to buy it but a bought it anyways since it was cheap, I’m happy to tell you that this worked for me too. I would advise anyone to also try these pads because they do remove old paint from hardwood floors.


I bought these pads as you recommended and my wife called me crazy, well they did remove the paint and my wife called me a genius… thank you very much for sharing this method.


After using vinegar with no luck, I stumbled upon this article and immediately bought these pads, I was really sceptical about these but I’m glad that I took your advice because your method worked for me as well. I highly recommend these pads to anyone who want to remove paint from hardwood floors.

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