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How to remove paint from laminate hardwood floor

How to remove paint from laminate hardwood floor

There are a lot of ways to get rid of old paint stuck on your laminate hardwood floors.

In today’s article, I’m going to recommend what I personally believe is the best safe way to do it.

Please note: I’ve also done this a couple of times and this method has never given me any issues such as ruining my floors.

You need pure Klean-Strip on the surface that has paint, wait a few seconds and then wipe with a soft cloth.

There will be a little residue left behind, after that you need to wash the floor using the Bruce Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner to get rid of the residue that was left by the Klean-Strip.

Some people recommend rubbing alcohol to remove paint from floors, but that doesn’t work on old dried paint, Klean-Strip is VERY strong and a bit more expensive than rubbing alcohol.


Also rubbing alcohol is usually isopropyl and Klean-Strip is ethanol, it removes even super dried paint stuck on the floor without damaging the color of the floor.

There are a lot of ways to get rid of dried paint but you need to be very careful on what you use because some product can easily damage your laminate floors.

Laminate floors or hardwood floors s are very sensitive, most paint removing products were not designed to use used on sensitive floors like hardwood that is why I prefer klean-strip simple because ive used it before and it didn’t discolor my floors.

Why do I recommend Klean-Strip for removing paint?

Because it will never damage your floors and also won’t discolor your floors after the paint is gone.

  • It will remove paint without discoloring your floors
  • It is safe, it won’t ruin your floors over time
  • It doesn’t have a super strong horrible smell, it great for those who hate strong cleaners
  • It easy to use, you just pure it to the paint and then use a soft cloth to wipe it off
  • It cheap but high quality at the same time
  • It is denature alcohol but it won’t burn your floors when using it on laminate r hardwood floor

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Make sure to use the Bruce laminate floor cleaner in order to get rid of the residue that was left by the Klean-Strip.

Things that I love about Bruce laminate hardwood floor cleaner?

  • Simple because this works better than anything else I’ve ever used it gets dogs slobber, muddy paw prints and other messes of the floor easily without much scrubbing… I have an older dog and she is prone to sneezing and coughing from time to time, this cleaner makes them disappear fast in one spray and swipe from dust mop, I will certainly continue to purchase this product after my sample runs out.
  • I love this product because it dogs friendly, it cleans and picks dirt fast, it dry’s quick after mopping and it leaves no residue on the floor… I highly recommend this cleaner to people who have laminate floors or pet such as dogs and cats simply because it doesn’t have a strong smell that could make your pet sick or get weird reaction over time.
  • Also if you want to keep your laminate floors looking like new, than this cleaner is exactly what you are looking for it doesn’t leave streaks nor residue on the floor and it was designed for hardwood laminate floors so it protects the floor giving it a beautiful shine, it helps to clean up every speck of dirt on my floor… I absolutely love this product because it cleans nice and remove tough stains.
  • This cleaner is great for people who have pets and kids to their home like myself because this cleaner doesn’t make the floors too shiny and also won’t make your floors slippery… kids won’t get injured while running around the house or playing on the floor.
  • Great thing about Bruce hardwood laminate floor cleaner is that it doesn’t have a strong smell, it smells nice, it good for people who hate strong cleaners such as my husband and some cleaners are not dog friendly this is the one if you have pets in your house… this cleaner has been a great pleasure to use I highly recommend.
  • This product cleans without leaving a sticky residue on my laminate planking, this works perfectly! I’ve tried Aqua shine, Bona, Zap, Vinegar and water, Plain water and Pine sol they all would show footprints after drying, some of these floor cleaners would damage my floors but Bruce left my luxury laminate floors beautiful and smelling nice.
  • I love this product simply because in my laminate floors it does a great job, this cleaner protects the finish of the laminate when you apply it every 2 weeks, I’m happy that I found this product because ever since I started using laminate flooring nothing else would work on them to clean my floors most of the cleaners were slowly ruining my expensive floors… this product makes my floors look very beautiful.
  • This cleaner leaves a great shine on my laminate floors, it beautiful and it seals so well, it last longer than the lundmark wax I was using, I purchase because I was so impressed with the customer reviews… it really does make my laminate floors look like new.
  • The shine last long and instead of discoloring when the floor gets wet this product repels water, the water beads, I have a dog when she peed on the floor, it easy I just mop it up with this cleaner and the floor keeps it high gloss shine and no discoloration or film on my laminate floors
  • If you want your floors to shine, smells nice and clean this is the stuff you need to get, easy to apply on the floor and it works best on laminate floors and real wood  surfaces, this cleaner left my laminate floors so shinny and clean! No streaks, residue, no film and absolutely no footprints when you walk on it, I will personally say make sure you apply it evenly and make sure that your floors are free of dirt and dust before you use this cleaner… I have no regret or whatsoever because this works like magic.

Where to buy the Bruce?

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