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How to train a dog to walk on hardwood floors

How to train a dog to walk on hardwood floors

You don’t need to train your dog to walk on hardwood floors, the only thing you need is to get dog pads for hardwood floors.

If you want your dog to walk with confidence like a winner than getting Pad Grips is definitely what you need to protect your dog from slipping on hardwood floor.

What Pad Grips do I recommend for hardwood floors?

The only high-quality safe pad grips that I recommend for people who have hardwood floors is the LOOBANI PadGrip Dog Paw Protector Anti-Slip Traction simple because these pads a nontoxic and also won’t scratch your hardwood floors.

Why do I recommend these dog pads?

Because I also have tried teaching my dog to walk on hardwood flooring but nothing that I tried worked…

Trying to train your dog to walk on hardwood is just a waste of time.

Will these pad grips work for any dog?

These pads work for any dog, as long as you have hardwood floors in your house than you need these pads to keep your dog from slipping.

These pads are also effective for:

  • Post-surgical dogs
  • Dogs with IVDD
  • Dog with hind end weakness
  • Dogs with hip dysplasia
  • Arthritic dogs
  • And very good for senior dogs

These pads will provide your dog paws with more traction, excellent extensibility and also very easy to use… your dog will never slip if you get these pads… these work even for super slippery floors because the thick rubber spots increase the friction and grip.

Are these pads only for hardwood floors?

No not really. These pads work for any slippery surfaces such as tiles but were specially designed and made for hardwood floors. The only thing I can promise you about these pad grips is that you are not going to have a single regret from spending your money on them… these pads work like magic… worth every penny.

Are these pads easy to use?

Hell yes, the only thing you need is to just paste the sticker on the bottom of the paws and you are done…

Things that I love about the LOOBANI PadGrip:

  • It protects your dog from slipping on hardwood floor
  • It was specially made and designed for dogs that cannot walk on hardwood floor
  • It is toxic free
  • It also protects your dog from hard surfaces
  • It protects dog paws from hot pavements
  • It protects dog paws from harsh gravels
  • It prevents the dog from slipping on hardwood even when it running or playing
  • It will prevent all sort of injuries
  • This will protect your dog paws from getting burned
  • These pads were made using hypoallergic certified adhesive nontoxic and environmentally friendly substance
  • These pads are very strong but soft at the same time and also breathable
  • These pads are also comfy, no discomfort and definitely wont cause any mess on your hardwood flooring
  • Your dog cannot lick these pads off the paws
  • These pads are super high quality
  • They won’t damage or scratch your hardwood floors
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t cost a lot of money, anyone who have a dog can afford buying these dog paw pads

CLICK HERE TO READ CUSTOMER REVIEWS FROM AMAZON so you can hear what other people are saying who have also bought these paw pad grips for their dogs.

You are going to be amazed by the reviews since a lot of people who have hardwood floors are highly recommending these pads which means they do work.

The reason I recommend reading the customer reviews is because there are a lot of garbage dog paw pad grips available online, reading customer reviews will help you avoid getting ripped off.

Is training your dog to walk on hardwood floors impossible?

I wouldn’t say it impossible… nothing is impossible in this world but I wouldn’t waste my time if I was you. I also tried teaching my dog to walk on hardwood but nothing that I’ve tried was effective, hardwood flooring can be extremely slippery that why you need to get paw pads.

Please note: there are a lot of dog paw pad grips that you can buy available on amazon but do not waste your time and money on those pads because you are going to be very disappointed.

I have tried more than 5 dog pad grips and the only pads that worked for me were the LOOBANI PadGrip for hardwood floor that why I highly recommend this brand simple because my dog has been wearing these pads for over 4 months and I haven’t had any issues with these pads.

I have also recommended these pads to two of my best friends who have hardwood floors in their homes and they both told me that buying these pads was the best thing they did for their dogs.

What are the thing that I don’t like about these pad grips?

This may sound too good to be true but I honestly do not have anything that I don’t like about these pads simple because they do exactly what my dog needed and these pads haven’t given my dog any issues so far plus the dog seems to enjoy wearing these days.

There is no such thing as a perfect product. yes, these pads are also not perfect but if you want to protect your dog from falling or slipping than buying these pad grips is the best way to keep your dog from falling or slipping on hardwood floors.

How much do these pads cost?


I bought these pad grips about 4 months ago. So, I’m really not sure about the current PRICE because amazon kind of changes their PRICEs quite often that why you need to check the current PRICE yourself because I don’t want to mislead you.

What I mostly love about the LOOBANI PadGrip is that, their pads are extremely non slip on hardwood floors plus my dog paws don’t get burned even when running on hot pavements plus it protect my dog when walking on hard gravels. What more can you ask for? These are worth every penny.

Caution: Do not waste your money on training videos that will promise to TEACH YOU teach your dog to walk on hardwood floors…

I also tried quite a lot of different training videos and non-worked.

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